I Say Old Chap, What’s Going On?

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So, what’s going down in ACP? We’ve just completed the first set of recruiting sessions that we’ve had in quite some time. Hopefully we have plenty of new soldiers in time for the Summer festivities that we have planned(hopefully). Remember to keep recruiting your friends and fellow penguins to help us have a growth spurt for the Summer. The months of June, July and August are well known for normally showing an armies true potential. The ACP can grow to phenomenal sizes about this time so we want as many people to join in and enjoy this season with us.

Asd, just one of our fantastic General’s has organised “The ACP Olympics”. As the Olympic Games are being held in London this year he decided It would be fun to have our own. Of course, we can’t be lobbing a javelin or sprinting on Club Penguin so the games provided on the island shall be used along with a few others. We shall have quizzes on ACP chat, games on Club Penguin(Sled Racing, Mancala, Hide ‘n’ Seek etc) and loads more of generally fun activities. Prizes will be up for grabs like xats. There is currently a donation going on so you can talk to Asd on chat for more details. So far there has been around 2000 xats donated to the games which should make them even more fun.

A major change is about to occur in the ACP. Kenneth1000, our loyal leader has announced he may step down in June. Ken has worked extremely hard as leader over the past year or so and we owe it to him and Flip that they’ve kept the ACP running. I don’t know If Flip will stay on but the ACP needs to be prepared for whatever shenanigans this cause. We get new troops everyday so quite a lot of you are used to Ken and Flip’s leadership. Different people have unique leadership techniques so get ready for some possible changes to the army.

Recently SWAT and the Light Troops have shown signs of wanting to attack us once more. Light Troops, an insult to this whole army community needs to be punished along with SWAT so I’m sure we’ll be up for the job. If they’re so eager then we presume that they won’t mind us starting early. Read up on Funk’s coverage of the situation here. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll hear more about that later on from the leaders. We don’t want these scoundrels to ask us for an alliance and then try and destroy us(again with another fail). We hopefully wouldn’t accept one either way due to our history. What should we do about both the SWAT and the Light Troops?

Hopefully Summer 2012 will show us rise to our best sizes yet, host contests, join tournaments and spend even more time with Funks. Enjoy your day. Ta Ta.

ACP Commander General

20 Responses

  1. Spiffing.

  2. 3rd

  3. Positively ripping, old bean!

  4. I can’t wait for summer because school was the main reason I was missing events

  5. 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it

  6. 8 and proud

  7. If Flip stays, we might need a US leader, idk. AKA Slider

  8. i really dont want ken or flip to leave, but if they do i say the 2ic’s take their places, or two other generals that are mad loyal: MARIOSATR, AND FOLDEZ

  9. Mario is, but Mario and Foldez has gone a long way since they came back/joined around January 2012 and were all proud of them.

  10. thanks for all that stuffs guys ^^ MORE time with funks, il pass on that. Anyways great post ek, i think we are ready for whatever gets thrown at us .-this is a huge comment ..for foldez that is ..-

  11. Oh no… foldez no…

  12. I don’t even want to think about Kenneth and Flipper leaving (should Flipper leave in the future). However, it is something that we will be dealing with very soon unfortunately (cry2). I personally think IceyCold and Slider should take the lead and would work great as a team. Changes will be happening and this transitional period in leadership styles and qualities will be difficult for all of us to adjust to. Whoever replaces our OUTSTANDING current leadership will have huge shoes to fill and I’m hoping we will all encourage and support them and show lots of patience during this adjustment for all. New leadership or not, we ALL stand together and prevail in the end!
    May ACP’s values, beliefs, and standard of excellence reign forever!

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