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Hai ACP,

ACPTR is our training regiment for ACP. We turn recruits into soldiers. To join you must be between the ranks of Corporal-Captain. We hope to get lots of new cadets for this upcoming month of June. ACPTR has trained many cadets that have become ACP legends now. Kenneth1000, ACP’s current leader was at one time in ACPTR. We will teach you many useful things about CP armies such as Leadership, Tactics, and History. So if you are between the ranks of Corporal and Captain and you want to become the best soldier you can be I highly recommend joining ACPTR.

The ACPTR is an ACP Brigade devoted to the teaching Club Penguin Warfare to new recruits of the ACP. ACPTR stands for ACP Training Regiment, and is currently lead by Coolto, Tes, and Icey Cold27. It was created in June 2008 by Omega39 and was originally called ABC (ACP Boot Camp). In the ACPTR, you attend events and classes to achieve Credits. At the end of each month, depending on how many Credits you have, you earn a rank and a promotion in the ACP.

If you have any questions about joining ACPTR or anything about it you can find either Coolto, Tes, or Icey Cold27 on ACP’s chat and we will answer any of your questions. We are always willing to help you  out or answer any of your questions so feel free to ask us! If you cant find us on chat then check out ACPTR’s website (located in the link above) you can find pretty much everything about us there. So if you want to be the best soldier you can be join us, we wont let you down!!

Sign-ups (leave in a comment):

  • What is your CP name?

  • What is your ACP rank?

  • Are you UK? When are you usually on (days and times)?

  • Will you promise to be active?

16 Responses

  1. First Comment!!

  2. Nice post coolto

  3. I bet Asd made that signature for you

  4. 2nd!

  5. hello
    im from ther light troops
    those pictures are fake
    you are trying to cheat just so you can win
    try one more time and LT will crush you
    that is all

  6. Nice post Coolto. Great to have you on the dashboard team 😆

  7. hey coolto i didint even know you existed

  8. Am I allowed to join again

  9. Haydria
    No, and I usually get on between 1pm to 3pm
    Yes I promise

  10. 1. Bluesmoke2
    2. 2nd Leuitenant
    3. No, 4p.m- 9p.m
    4. Yes

  11. I think I know who we should pick.

  12. What is your CP name? Sportboy500
    What is your ACP rank?corporal
    Are you UK? When are you usually on (days and times)? no
    Will you promise to be active? yes

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