The Breezy Evening And More

Funks: None of the big armies leave declaration of war comments anymore; not even we give notice.

Hello ACP

I am Jcapp64, current Lieutenant General for ACP. I do behind the scenes work for ACP, and I have extended knowledge for ACP, so as part of the agreement, I monitor the site to make sure nothing bad is happening. Now, onto the evening post.

SWAT, our recent war enemy, was getting bombarded by many Light Troops on one of their servers. Being the nice person I am, I decided to see if they needed help. They said help was fine, but I couldn’t get a leader’s permission to do anything. Only when the Light Troops started to raid Breeze, did I have to take action. SWAT willfully came in and offered as much assistance as they could, even though it wasn’t a lot. We did have low numbers and we ended up going off the server because of  bad logistics and timing. 

I’ll go ahead and say it, ACP AND THE TACTICS THEY USED WERE NOT ENOUGH, WHICH MADE US  LOSE, however, ACP still won a little bit, because even with a raid, LT didn’t have the 24 hour rule, meaning they could not claim the server as their own. No matter what attempts they made on Breeze, they didn’t get to claim it as their own at the end of the day.

However, we must be more active. Activity is down, and we all know it. Just because we don’t have stuff going on doesn’t mean we can just drink soda and watch the computer at nyan cat or whatever. Ask a leader to start an event up. Do whatever you want with friends on chat. Make some recruiting sessions.


One can come and bring up false claims against us, like the fake chat use to impersonate some people, and the comments taken from the ACP site, however, through a few checks and intelligence scans, their declaration for war is BOGUS. Take a look:

Take a look at that. The first sentence, which would be all I needed to check for the comment left on the ACP site. Where is it?

Oh well thank you Billyhiggaz. You’ve provided us with grand information.

So, should we go full force attacking? Let us know in the comments


18 Responses

  1. 1st!

    • I don’t think we should go to war with LT. As Ken said, we’re at a point where we need to build up our strength. Granted, LT has been a rather rude army, but so has SWAT, and we’re working just fine with SWAT. Well, sort of, but you get the picture.

      • Well, I guess we’re staying the course and going to destroy LT. Oh well. Forget what I said, then. LT is going down.

  2. 2nd

    • Beat Mch!

      • I think full attack is a good and bad idea. It is good because the war may end quickly which is good cause of the ACP Olympics. It is bad because We need strength like Kenneth said (I know I’m repeating Darwin, but I agree).

  3. @ the pic, i was talking about something else

  4. Interesting.

  5. im thinking we completley tear the LT apart

  6. LT is goin down

  7. As a staff sergant I have encountered them plenty of times on Mammoth. If there was one word to describe them it would be… cheap. I chose cheap because they used cheap shots on me. One time I was the only ACP patroling Mammoth, and I was fighting against three or four of them (not to mention a couple of SWATs too, but that is another story…). As you can tell, I am saying that we terminate them. There is already too many armies, so this may help a lot of armies at the same time. Also, quick question. Are the Light Troops a major armie or a minor armie?

    • World power broski

      • You’re only world power ‘cuz people are impressed with your streak. It’s a streak. Remember when SWAT beat ACP in a tournament and everyone knew that SWAT was #1 until SWAT got beaten by the Ninjas? That was a streak. This is also a streak. ACP is coming back this week. LT is going to fall, and fall, and fall, and fall some more, to the point where people think of it as an army of the past. No, this is not an ACP viewpoint. It is what I think is going to happen, regardless of whether I’m ACP or LT.

        Now, if LT can keep up their sizes for two more weeks, then I’ll be impressed. Get back to me then.

  8. Nice propaganda. I’m not in LT and ACP, but that is good bro.

  9. Full force, count me in! EXTINGUISH THE LIGHT!

  10. I feel like this was a private post lol.

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