Why the SWAT and LT aren’t trustworthy.

Hai ACP,

Recently the SWAT and LT asked myself and other owners if they would like to be allies to this wonderful army. If you are a new troop, the LT and SWAT have both been at war with us in the past and have been very mean and rude to us. However, I am under the information that BOTH armies are planning on backstabbing us. 

First, let’s start with the Light Troops. They have been expressing their interest in becoming allies with us and to end all arguments between the armies. This was asked by Roberto returning LT leader. The LT are one of our most disgusting rivals in history and the aggression shown is one of the worst in ACP history.

This picture was taken after Roberto asked myself if they would like to be allies with the ACP. They also plan on taking down the SWAT but would then back stab the ACP as allies and try and take us down. Do all of you remember when we made LT fall out of the top ten? The LT have not been very thoughtful in their secret plans and this picture has been around the army for a few days now. This wouldn’t have been posted about but SWAT’s plans have also come to my attention by a good old friend:


That guy who hacked and doxed many people :). The SWAT have had an even stronger exasperations to be allies for reasons I cannot tell you as it is top secret. To be honest, the ACP don’t want to be allies with this army nor do we want to go to war with them due to the “contract” we agreed on due to NO HOSTILITY (SaW :roll:) Let’s look at what SWAT had to say about the ACP:

Red blocks block out SWEAR WORDS.

This “plan” that SWAT have, ACP probably won’t be joining in on it, because of this act of stupidness. Also, it looks like that soldier is new and he is exposing him/her to swear words and to behaviour that a child shouldn’t be acting. He also found it funny. Again do you all remember when ACP made SWAT fall out of the top ten. The SWAT will not trick the ACP with any sly plans they have up their sleeves.

The LT and SWAT are trying to get us to be allies and then invade us and take the trust away. They want to use our power and stature to defeat the other army in their war and then invade us to take the number one position. LT and SWAT, fight your own wars and win your own wars for once because you don’t deserve any help from us. We aren’t not to be used and you need to stop being hypocritical in anything you say. Also Blizzard, I used to like you but SWAT changed you. When you say sorry a person normally means it.

-Kingfunks4 ACP Commander General

26 Responses

  1. Too busy talking to Erica on chat to be 1st, mch? 🙂

  2. I was going to get started on a post similar to this, but I guess you beat me.

  3. Just beaten!

  4. That’s SaW not Blizzard. 😛

    • Exactly. SaW doxed many people with hacking groups, much, much, much more than Blizzard; he’s supposed to be banned forever, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. Funks, these pictures are fake. Numerous pictures of me and ioio saying a bunch of BS have been going on, did you ever take notice how that pictue was taken by Jerry. SWAT OWNER, Jerry is banned forever oo\n our chat there is no way he could of tooken that picture. Obviousbly this was set up and just SWAT trying to get ACP back on us.

  6. Without the “Why” in the title, the title sould say it all. The SWAT and LT aren’t trustworthy of becoming allies with us.

  7. So much lies and truths thrown around.

  8. Ah, the idiots. I’m going to be captain obvious now, but ACP are the superior army. We are dominant. It’s obvious that it’s extremely difficult to beat us, and during a long term war, we win. It’s simply because we don’t cuss (as much, specific mods cuss from time to time) and we don’t abuse other armies. It’s just jealousy.

  9. another bias post from funks.

  10. this is why acp is always the 1st

  11. Couple of typos and grammar issues here. Apart from that, I agree completely. Even if those pictures are somehow fake, the LT and SWAT are responsible for some of the worst (for want of a better word) propaganda in Warfare history. It’s like PR asking for an alliance.

  12. its fake because
    1. alfrondo isn’t owner in LT(hes member)
    2. Scargo and Roberto never talk with that kind of good grammar
    3. Jerry took the picture but hes banned forever at LT chat

    it’s probably ganger and jerry impersonating us like they did a few times during the war. they’re desperate, you know.

  13. Acp nachos ally if this does happen? :D?

  14. I would like to kill LT again

  15. acp dosent have a chance. LT will destroy acp

  16. be honest, i hat the LT cuz theyre full of ignorant losers like iolo thinks hes such a tough guy talkin smack iver his computer, like yea why dont u stop hiding then show what u think ur made of. and SWAT the most i can say about them is that they cant admit defeat, but no army can, so it dorsnt say alot. i mean i like SWAT to some degree, but when ACP duty calls to fght them,i cant ignore it ya know?

  17. No trust no ally to “Low-Blow LT” who don’t have the courage to schedule an event with ACP because they know they would lose with the full force of ACP on their heels. Cowards.

    No trust no ally to SWAT because they stand for nothing positive and good in CP and they have repeatedly proven that in their actions, chat, and their website.

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