British/Euro Invasions

The LT are a screwed up army aren’t they? They even claim to own the Nacho capital! Please note we are only invading LT’s part. The LT idiots also claim to be owning Ice Box which we took form them the last war so we will show them who really owns it.

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Last Straw of Belligerent Acts [WE DECLARE WAR]

Hai ACP,

Things have not gone as well as we hoped lately. The LT have now just declared war and started invading us. They are the ones looking to pick a fight not us. This is why we cannot ever trust LT and their scumbag leaders. If you guys have to win we must fight hard. They have taken our number one spot. Yes, it is true. I am not going to quit until the Light Troops are reduced to an incompetent fighting force. In your opinion, before Flipper and I leave, do you think it is appropriate for the ACP to actually try and kill LT or at least make them very small? That is reasonable and humane isn’t it?

They have been bothering us for so many wars and most of the time nowadays it isn’t even the ACP trying to pick a fight. The LT are the bad guys here. We are the ones who must reclaim our spot and avenge what they did to us. I am tired of their stupid attempts to try and take us down. They always failed and always will. Ioio and Rob just do not know when or how to stop losing.

The bloody idiots have also declared war on SWAT. It looks like it might be a team effort then.¬† We don’t need SWAT and SWAT probably do not need us but two armies are better than one to destroy and army despicable as LT. I know some of you still do not like them but don’t you think they have been acting rather nice? Ganger even modded me on SWAT chat without me asking so I reciprocated. Look, the ACP’s goal is to get big. But in this war our goal is to weaken LT greatly. The more help the better. If you all thought SWAT was bad, the LT make the SWAT look like saints.

This war will be a major test for me. And a major test for the ACP. Will we pass or fail? (For any LT haters obviously we will pass just saying.)

We Need People To Defend The Empire! Answer The Call Of Duty!