An “Overcast” Victory on Cloudy

Hey ACP!

Today we had our defense of Cloudy, and it was overcast. During the pre-battle, we really didn’t do very well. LT was beating us. However, when the battle started at 6:00 EST, the tides were turned. LT shrunk during the battle, and we grew. So, bottom line, we won. There were NO owners on the entire battle. This was frustrating to the troops and mods, but you are forgiven from me. The mods who led this battle were: Emp, Asd, myself, and Capn. So thank you to all people who came, you get 4 MEDALS.

Tactics: 10/10: I have been to many, many, ACP battles, but NEVER have I been to one where the tactics were so PERFECT! We would tell the troops to form a line, or type something in, within 10 seconds, it would be done. Great job!

Size: 8/10: Well, it wasn’t the best of size for us today, but remember, it was 3-4 mods that led the entire time! So, pretty good job in this category, too!

Chat: 8.5/10: Again, our chat wasn’t fantastic as well. There was a lot of AFK people, so we had to use the power bump to “wake them up”. However, the troops that were active during the battle payed attention on chat, and listened to what the leaders said. Great job!

I don’t have many pictures, I actually only have two that were given to me! COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY OTHER PICTURES!


An awesome clover at the end of the battle

© ACP Intelligence Service

So, I gotta admit, it wasn’t the best battle, but we got the job done!

Great job!

27 Responses

  1. I was there

  2. Came. Only 2 pics?

  3. I came for most of it

  4. I came for the end since I was doing my homework.

  5. 1st!

  6. lol u only had 19 on club penguin LT had 29 stop lieing

  7. atleast admit defeat, you got 1 picture not even showing LT and LT has around 10 showing us with 35+ and you around 15. gosh stop being cry babies

  8. Desperate enough to lie? You guy’s can suck a fat one. LT totally won…
    Edit: Sorry, we’re as straight as a line. By the way, proper grammar should be used when you insult someone. *guys

  9. you acp clumped together and bombed all the time in event

  10. I came to the battle. 😀
    I’m not on the ranking yet though. 😦

  11. That was a fun battle. Hay, did anyone know who came up with the DONT BE A FELLOW OF THE YELLOW, well I did. I decided to rhyme a little today. But I know that was not the tactics supposed to be done that battle. I knew though that the line never existed until I thought of it. I know for a fact I wasn’t following exact tactics at the time, so I blame myself for once again failing in a battle. If only I could get the job done right. But what I have learned from 2 leaders (Icey and Slider) is do not be so hard on myself and never give up.

    • oh yeah and if you did not understand that, yes, I came, so I get 4 medals. I have evidence because, well it is a long story. First I could only log on 13 minutes before, due to internet connection. Then when it said to go to the town, I went from the gift shop, where I started, and headed to the town. But no one was there, well there was only 1 other ACP soldier. Then I went to the nearest and a common room in battles, the snow forts. When I saw that the LT were lined up at the bottom of the screen and lining up to the top. Wi’ll ACP was in the clock tower corner. Then I joined them. Eventually like not even 5 minutes, we charged out into the battlefield. I remember the emote was either the music note or the lucky clover, but I remember that it was green. So after we started grouping into a fort in the bottom of the screen. Then I think I remember charging out with telling some jokes. Then I remember the LT going to the ice berg. When I got there, I found the ACP all pilled on the auqa grabber. Then we charged maybe like with the straight face, music note, or lucky clover. We lined up in the middle of the screen going horizontal. Then, well I cannot really remember what else happened at the ice berg. But I am telling you I was there. Because I remember the LT running back to the town. Then I forget what happened, but please, I am telling you, that I DID COME.

  12. I was there early and promoting it in chat (in my name) for everyone to be there since the previous 2 days with LT raids, hardly anyone in chat came(wary). When Eric Garfield announced in chat at 2:10 that LT was already assembling in the Town I charged in immediately to help out what I could. At 2:35 I logged out and got my brother successfully logged into CP and into the Town to take my place, since he was to do the actual battle. Come on…when someone calls for troops to get into CP for something important, we ALL need to immediately! This is gonna cost us if we don’t take all claims seriously and get active on a moment notice. Good job Eric Garfield, I can always count on you!!

  13. I came, was active for most the part but was busy and my adobe kept crashing later on, meaning I didn’t do tactics on time after about 11:15 or something.

  14. I’m sorry I didn’t come, I had my brothers baseball game. I’m sorry (I didn’t want to go to the game).

  15. LO.L Go to the LT site to get the real story. ACP can you say, “only pic we have,because Lt logged off and then we looked big.”

  16. Nice Fake story Stew, You could’ve convinced me IF I wasn’t there. Like Ana said LT site for real story

  17. dude honestly the LT are just little nerds trying to be tough on the computer, but i really think we lost this one

  18. Lt was pretty big man i was there for myself

  19. Sorry I could not be there.

  20. I came. I saw. I defended.

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