Time To Be Active / Review of Emotes / Who Do You Think Is Suitable For Temp 3ic

Hai ACP,

It is time for everyone to be more active. You, me, the members ,mods, owners. That means getting on Club Penguin more, posting more, and being on chat more.

All owners should be on at least 3-4 hours a day. You guys are one of the more important people. First of all you can help moderate chat and ban LT spies AND more importantly you can lead! For example, I go on usually from 4:something EST to 5:00 PM EST. After dinner I come back about 7:something EST and stay on till 10:00 PM sometimes. I know owners need to be more active when I am the only owner on from 7:30 or so EST to 10:00 EST. There should be around 2-3 owners on.The only North American owner I have seen from yesterday and today was Slider. He just got on around now.

The British owners are fine in my own opinion. Ek and Funks have been doing  jolly good as they say. So I do not really have too many issues to talk about. Some of the mods can also be a bit more active. Capn, Emp Stew, Asd all did a pretty good job of even getting troops online today. But some of the rest can be on chat more perhaps. As of 8:57 EST there are on maybe 4 active mods in the ACP on chat. Come on guys we should have more! Even SWAT has more mods. All we have is mostly retired people hanging on chat. I also noticed many of the mod ranks have been inactive, so I will do a quick active count soon after the promotions. Fia has even suggested that one should make all mods who NEED to get active and make them members so they can earn their rank back. If there is a serious problem then it might be considered after some consultation.

The members can also get on chat more but I do not think you members are such a big part of the problem. All we need the members to do is be active and go to battles. Now we have a nice post by Snaily. New recruits should really read it!

Club Penguin Keyboard Shortcuts

By Snaily

If you participate in a CP army, chances are you are very familiar with keyboard shortcuts for use in tactics during a battle/event. It is a crucial skill to know your keyboard shortcuts and act upon them quickly, on command, when you are in ACP, Army of Club Penguin.
ACP, Army of Club Penguin Tactic
ACP, Army of Club Penguin Tactic
The emotes shown on the chat bar at the bottom of your screen in Club Penguin also have a keyboard shortcut. The shortcut is a lot faster than clicking your mouse, plus it’s easier to display the emote in battle repeatedly
For those penguins who aren’t familiar with Club Penguin keyboard shortcuts or those who could use a quick review or a great cheat, here are the keyboard shortcuts.

Last thing, since Flipper has still not recovered, in my opinion we should have a temporary 3ic to do the join page and lend an extra helping hand. Do you think any of the Generals, Stew, Capncook or Jcapp are worthy candidates? Or do you also know someone who you think  should be temporary 3ic? State your opinion in the comments below! You all have 2 days!


52 Responses

  1. grabbing pills

  2. that awkward moment when you mispell “anti cp” in a tactic…

    Edit: That awkward moment when you got beat today and you’re commenting on the post because you’re butt hurt about loosing.

  3. I am suitable for 3ic. Why? I have no idea. (WARY)

  4. Hey guyz… how you doin’?!?!

  5. I agree, owners need to be more active.

  6. Not just owners need to be more active, certain mods too. 🙂

    • I agre. There are a buttload of members who do more work than some mods. Like Monsoon, she’s my best friend, but she probably won’t see this comment because she doesn’t check the site anyway. All she does is sit on chat, same with some others.

  7. I don’t like any of the choices.

  8. I am suitable for temp 3ic because I know how to do Join pages because of ACPTR. Also I am active and am involved in a lot of ACP groups like Senate, ACPTR, and a few more. Also I have been in ACP for a long time and have worked as hard as I could to get to the point I’m at right now and getting even farther will be even better for me. Although I’m only a master general and not a General I think I am ready for the job and everything that comes with the Jpb of Temp 3ic

  9. I usually can’t be on at 10pm EST until the summer. I’ll offer some prizes to the most active members (temp-mod *hint* *hint*)

  10. I have a couple suggestions for possible temp 3ic people. If it needs to be a UK person, I highly recommend either Bunkerbumble who is quite active and has shown excellent leadership qualities in events and chat or Purple Slime who really takes the reigns and shows tremendous enthusiasm, leadership, and organizational skills.
    If it needs to be a non-UK person I highly recommend Jcapp. I have looked at the list of possible people and he is most active with great leadership qualities and control skills in the chat, he’s respected and people listen to him. The other day (and other times) he really jumped in during the LT raid and took control to get the job done.

  11. Hock or Asd would be good for temp. 3ic.

  12. By the way, thanks Kenneth for posting my Club Penguin Keyboard Shortcuts. I hope they will be helpful for those who need them. 😀
    I have many ACP posts at snaily5.blogspot.com
    Thank you

  13. asd should be 3ic

  14. Woop Woop!

  15. I think either Asd or Stew

  16. I think Asd, Foldez or Purple Slime

  17. 3-4 hours is a bit much for being on chat isnt it for owners, especially as it is getting nice for UK people (weather) people will want to go out and hang out with their mates rather then being stuck inside on a computer on a chat for 3-4 hours a day.

  18. 4 words: Raise the mod line. We have got many active members around here, so they are definitely worth mod rank 😀

  19. Idk who will be temp 3ic, someone who comes to many events and helps with leading/tactics… I absolutely don’t know, either Capncook or Asd or maybe Emp…or moi.

  20. =D LOL, I KNOW A SHEEP , jk jk D=
    or Snaily , mr waffle, or pete vance?
    Pete Vance was in ACP during the start, he was a temporary leader when ACP forums was removed (oagal made him)
    IDK =D

    • Pete Vance might get active again, I’m working on it. I think he should come back and be leader again! He needs to be inducted into the ACP Legends Page still Kenneth. He earned it, he deserves it.

      Thanks Fluffy Sheep for the kind compliment. Baa!

  21. Either Asd, Stew, or Purple

  22. Either Asd, Jcapp, or Capn I think would be best.

  23. just to let the ACP owners know *cough*im retireing*cough* and that noka should be 3 ic

  24. I think whoever the owners want are fine choices. But I am also a great choice(wary)

  25. On the temp-3ic topic, I think one of the Generals, probably Emp, Asd or Stew; they’ve all been very active and awesome.

    As for the activeness, I’ll admit I haven’t been on chat that much. I’m usually on for about 15 minutes actually active, and about 30 minutes American times, because during inter-event times I play with my friends. I’m setting myself a goal now of 1 hour UK, 1 hour EST, every day, to start with June 😛

  26. I’d say Asd should be temp 3ic, or maybe stew.

  27. SWAT have more mods because that’s what half their ranks are. In ACP, you actually have to WORK to get to mod.

  28. Purple,Stew, or Asd

  29. but I am BELOW the mod line!

  30. Well Jcaap

  31. yea this is why i cant be a mod, first of all i just dont want the job, second is cuz i CANNOT be on here for 2 straight hours, i got other stuff to take care of… and cool post snaily

    • You don’t need to be on for 2 straight hours,, I’m only on an hour a day non-AFK (I usually leave it on) and spread out. Well, 2 hours at most.

      • Soldiers should spend a few hours on ACP chat outside battles when they can.

        • A few hours, maybe, but if he’s this busy constantly I don’t see a huge need for him to be on for more than 1-2 hours.

  32. Splashy should be moderator, because Funks trusted Splashy for 30 minutes with mod, Splashy was happy, Splashy is tired now, Splashy will stop typing because Splashy has no more to say. :mrgreen:

  33. i think i should be a temp 3ic because i have been doing well in acp and i am active and helpful to the owners

  34. You know who I want, hopefully.

  35. Unban me from ACP chat or im starting a rebellion

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