Fighting Fire With Fire


Like many armies, the Light Troops better known as the loser troops have been chat recruiting which is the only reason why they were able to get the numbers that they got. But now due to the LT’s raids and everything, recruiting on Club Penguin conventionally is not much of an option anymore. To be honest I hate chat recruiting but right now it might be the only way to surpass LT’ sizes. Trust me after the war we are doing this the good old fashioned way.

Everyone from members to mods to owners should be at least spending 1-2 hours recruiting on xat chats. First you should PC someone and get to know them. Then you should link them to the ACP join page and ask and teach them to join the ACP. They is way easier and to some extent more effective then conventionally recruiting on Club Penguin. Please do not be lazy about it. Would you rather do this on Club Penguin ? I want to see results. Our join page should have lots of comments EVERYDAY. That is when I know we got results. Our tactics on Mountain today were not that terrible but our sizes surely can get really better.

So remember to chat recruit as much as possible. Everyone soldier and recruit you get, you are making a difference. I am not joking, every soldier counts. Get chat recruiting guys. We should take advantage of it.



12 Responses

  1. Kewl

  2. First, Booyah! :D:

  3. Okie-dokie. Seems like we’re finally getting in on the action of chat recruiting.

  4. 4th .. (wary)

  5. 5TH, IN THE TOP 5 🙂

    I will try

  6. Sounds good.

  7. Listen ACP im a Nacho Soilder and i helped the light troppers win the battleand why are you calling them loser troppers if you lost to them?

  8. As long as we don’t constantly do this before battles I’m fairly ok with it.

  9. to much stuff to do ken, cant chat recruit my man, sorry

  10. I’ll try an hour or so every other day, I’m not particularly keen on chat recruiting, the noobs kinda wear my patience thin with all their inexperience, but I suppose it’s good for us :mrgreen:

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