In The Clover, There Is Power

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Hello ACP!

After a few losses and a few close calls with the Light Troops people are feeling down and everyone’s moral seems to be low, and thats not how it should be. This is the beginning of the war, no one should feel like they need to throw in the towel this early, ACP has never thrown in the towel and to this day it’s whats kept us strong. ACP is and always will be the everlasting army. We have something the LT will NEVER have and it’s what will bring us up again, and thats good soldiers. We have you guys out there fighting for ACP every day, you’re dedicated and with the right help you can be a dangerous force to recon with. Forget about Ken’s retirement plans, forget Flipper was ever inactive, and think about now. Ken and Flipper are here leading now, and whenever their time comes to retire we need to stay strong, if this is really Ken’s final war, make it a memorable one we can all proudly look back on.

Theres no easy solution to stuff like this, you think we won our war against the Night Warriors overnight? It took a lot of hard work to get back on our feet but we’ve done it before, so we can do it again. Recruit on Club Penguin, get your friends to join anyway you can help is much obliged. If you’re retired and have some extra time, recruit with some of the members or come to a few battles here and there. Things like this can really help. We’ll also be giving awards away like temp mod and temp owner again, for example this weekends events *hint hint* We’ll be picking only people who came to the battle and the ones who listened to orders and gave the best effort will be chosen. Next time you’re on late at night with nothing to do, go do a little recruiting on a larger server of ours, you’ll certainly be rewarded when the time for promotions comes. 😉

Don’t lose faith in ACP, whatever those scumbags the Light Troops like to lie about, it just shows how much class they really have and what the kind of people they are. ACP can have a bad week like any other army, but we’ll always come out the next week on top. We might not have won a battle, but the war isn’t even close to being lost and we need to take LT’s cockiness and shove it down their throats, lets show them the power of the clover, what do you say? Make us proud. Flipper, I know you’re hurting but we need you asap bro, if you’re going to retire, make it worth it.

20 Responses

  1. Got back home. Good post Slider!

  2. flip willl come back when hes ready… and at least we admit when we lose, those wannabe tuff guys never admit to any loss

  3. 1st!

  4. Slider is right,Let’s focus on the war,and make Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 Proud!May The Clover Be With You All!(I made it XD)

  5. that awkward moment when you don’t realize the Sun(which gives light) is way more powerful than your little clover.

  6. This is the only beggining of the war. Plus this fall happens every year in May, due to exams and stuff. Just keep a good attitude and we will prob. rise up in the middle of June. Recruit too, but don’t chat recruit like LT

  7. Slider, you are right. I am also sad about this. But this is only the start. Yes, ACP has been dealing with alot of stuff just this spring. But Sliders words say 1 word to me


    Because hope means:

    Hold On Pain Ends

  8. Great post slider, lets do our best

  9. Shshshshhhh I’m not really reading posts, just the first sentences.

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