Cloudy Results: 1-0 [#1]

Hai dere, ACP!

This Tuesday would be the start of the ACPNacho war.  Nachos decided to make the first move in invading Cloudy, an old Nacho server.  Cloudy has been a war server between the ACPNacho rivalry for a while now.  It seems like both armies attack it to begin the war between the two.  We all really wanted to win this to prove that we still got our mojo.  And, well, we definitely still got it.  Please comment for your THREE CLOVERS/MEDALS only if you attended this event!


^ Before the event starts we make a great circle and show off our clover pride. ^

^ A news site, after much deliberation, decided that ACP wins Cloudy.   Click to enlarge. ^

^ Do click to enlarge as this is an important picture.  None of the people in the picture, disregarding Boomer 20, were ever in ACP.  Even Mach, the creator of the anti-ACP black alliance of four times, thought that ACP won.  One of the names was crossed out due to him (A DIFFERENT PERSON) wanting to stay unidentified. ^

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