Tips in Battle

Hai ACP,

In recent battles I’ve noticed that some things need to be changed in the war. Please read this post and take in the tips that are given because we really need to get these things sorted out. If only five people actually take in the tips from this post and use them, I will be happy because we need to do these things to make a difference.

Table of Content

1. Spreading Out

2. Sitting Duck Tactic

3. Waterfall/Rake


Spreading Out

This is the key issue that was picked up during our last victory over the Nachos. When we form a line we are far too compact and almost always there are groups of five people sitting on each other. Also, some people want to be at the top of the line for some reason, and sit on other people to get this position. People on the top of the line don’t get privledges or glory. You should try and spread out as much as possible, but not so much your not in the line. Here is an example of clumping:
There are seven people wasted in that small circle in the top left corner. In that picture we had 25 but it looked like we had 15-20 because we were clumped together, with people standing on top of each other, to form a circle with 25 it should look like this:

Even if the first picture was meant to be a C, it could have been more spread out and a more elegant and huge C instead of a clumped small C. The Light Troops did this well in their war against us. When they had 20+ in a battle they would spread out a lot and make a circle and then claim they had 30+ because it looked on first sight like that. It gave them an advantage in claiming victory. If we want to step it up we must spread out more.


Sitting Duck Tactic

Some of you may be thinking “what is he on about” when I say sitting duck. This is the tactic were we sit on the enemy and use an emote (usually Farts [E+T]). In my opinion this tactic is poorly executed and needs to be done properly. If we weren’t at war, I would have a tactic sessions especially made for spreading out and using the sitting duck tactic. Here are the problems with when we usually use this tactic:

[1] Half of the army doesn’t use the tactic unless Icey Cold27 orders it which is a total lack of respect for the third in commands and myself. If an owner orders you to use E+T while sitting on them then you MUST do so, this tactic is very bad and makes you look small if you don’t keep on using the tactic.

[2] A lot of people decide to cover the same soldiers (like clumping) and it isn’t as effective. Sometimes five people stand on one person which losses the effect: you lose four soldiers to the tactic. You must spread out as this is needed to have an effective sitting duck.

[3] Some people go AFK which links back to not doing the tactic. If you go AFK you are useless and actually hinder the sitting duck tactic as nobody can cover the space you are AFK over. If you are about to go AFK or BRB during the sitting duck don’t go in the line and sit away from it.

So that is what needs to be changed. If it doesn’t change and this still happens I will schedule a sitting duck tactic training session just so everyone gets this right and I will do this until it is good.



This tactic is the tactic that needs changing the least out of the three mentioned. The Waterfall is when you run up and down the room, and the rake is opposite (you run from left to right). The problem with this tactic is that 5-10 people aren’t going in the right direction and treat this tactic as an ordinary bomb. It ruins the effect of the tactic and just makes it look messy, like a bomb. In this tactic, after 5 seconds there should be no reason for anyone to be running across a waterfall or rake. That is about it for this just remember that you need to either go

UP AND DOWN for a waterfall

LEFT TO RIGHT for a rake


I hope these tips help us win the battles in the future or train the ACP troops to be as best as they can be and help our tactics in the future. If I see anything stated in this post again I will be making another post with rage so be prepared :mrgreen:. Bye for now, ACP!

-Kingfunks4 // Head General [2ic]

23 Responses

  1. First wooo

  2. grabbing pills

  3. Ek is a pro sitting duck 😀

  4. 1 YAY but thx

  5. The “clumped” picture wasn’t suppose to be a circle, but a C.

  6. im sorry there was a nacho comment

  7. I like to sit…. *ME GUSTA*

  8. I’m really big on spreading out (wary)

  9. I have a tip for the water fall. when your runing up and down. go all the way to the top and all the way to the bottum. dont go almost to the top. dont go almost to the bottum. to remeaber that. just say Some times I get hight. some times I get low. 😉

  10. Great tips, great post! (redface) I learned something. I must say that when there are a lot of penguins in the room, as there are in ACP battles HA, I experience a lot of lag and end up sitting on someone that I cannot see. There’s a huge gap so I go there and then someone in chat tells me I’m sitting on someone. I can’t see them. This happens often probably from lag. So make sure to tell me if this happens, WHERE exactly to stand if you can.

  11. This requires a tactic session.

  12. mmmk

  13. Heard of a summary Funks?

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