Results of Flippers: 6-0-1

Hai dere, ACP!

We won the battle again.  It was a good battle and to decide the verdict it had to be handled on a meeting chat.  Pretty much it was just constant yelling and swearing.  After a while I got fed up, showed the judge our pictures (Nachos doing the same), and he decided we won.  Once a little debate after that announcement it was all pretty much over.  We can’t let this win be taken lightly though or let it get to our heads.  Our enemy wants some big-time revenge.  Since I promised if we’d win this battle I’d give out more clovers: comment for your FOUR CLOVERS/MEDALS if you were at Flippers!

^ Thanks, Austin. ^

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A Blizzard of ACP Victory 5-0-1

Hello ACP, we’ve successfully taken the server Blizzard  from the Nachos. Good job! You guys did your tactics flawlessly and creamed the Nachos within minutes. Our size was great, and our leaders did amazing tactics, so props to the entire ACP for winning this server.

Speech time:

Friends, ACP, countrymen… I come to you today to announce our awesome victory against the Nachos on the battlefields of Blizzard. We have, with great effort, beaten the Nachos on every corner. We haven’t let them have a single breath of air this entire war. We have been crushing them with an iron fist. They are the challengers, and we have proved we are superior. To show mercy, Mchappy, Funks, Flipper [WHO IS IN FACT A NOOB] (Shhh, he’s just jealous of my spying skills), and myself decided to make the war one of the best. We will never want to surrender, however we just wanted to have a mutual argeement because the war stupid/boring and it’s caused by absolutely nothing reasonable. However, when the Nacho leaders came to the chat we had the meeting on, they were hypocrites and they were very immature. Some examples of this include them saying we had bad sportsmanship. This is completely false! I decided to ask them of an instance they could explain when we had bad sportsmanship and they had absolutely nothing to say! So we’re locked in a war with a bunch of immature people who don’t feel like accepting mercy. How rude! ACP, I urge you not to take the Nachos lightly anymore. It’s about time that we end this war, but we will end it without peace! If the Nachos continue with their horrible attitudes, we will take all fifty of their servers! We may even take them faster than we thought. This could sound cocky, but you know what, we’ve won the first five battles of the war without any doubt, and I went to all of them so I would know. The Nachos have no chance and they’re only hurting themselves. So I say we wait for the Nachos to come to us, or we prepare for a total war! ACP forever!      -Capncook

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