Noka’s Last Battle: 8-0-1

Hai dere, ACP!

This was the closest battle of the war yet.  We pulled off the victory though.  [1] Nachos were smaller than us; [2] Nachos tactics were never better than ours; [3] Nachos logged off first when invading it.  I apologize for not taking that many chat pictures as much as I use to.  Typically after a battle I have to fight my way through many private chats.    Comment for your THREE MEDALS/CLOVERS if you made the event!


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Victory on Aurora: 7-0-1

Hai ACP,

Today the Nachos were far too stubborn to admit defeat once again. We had 35+ average on CP throughout the battle whereas the Nachos averaged 25 during the first minutes and 15 during the last thirty minutes. Using this logic the Nachos decided they won the battle with better tactics, despite the fact our tactics were sharper and well executed. They also said we didn’t move rooms enough and stayed in the same room. As far as I can remember Nachos didn’t move in ANY of their invasions. Anyway, our size was good and our tactics were great and this was good for an hour long battle.

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