Pictures of Mountain: 10-0-1

Defence Of Mountian! ACP Vs Nachos

It was decided on a meeting chat that ACP won.  If the rooms were to be in a one-point system the score would have been 2.5 ACP: 1.5 Nachos.  This was agreed by Ekpenguin9, Puckley, and myself.  ACP won the cove and the dojo, with a tie in the boiler room.  Nachos won the dock, with a tie in the boiler room.  I’m completely aware of our sizes recently and I completely apologize for it.  There is nobody else to blame but me.  We all need to work harder and prepare more often now.  I’d really appreciate it if people started recruiting more often.  If you can show valid proof of your great recruiting skills and getting people to join ACP (example, chat recruiting or recruiting on CP) then you will be awarded clovers.  To be eligible for promotions in ACP you must have thirty to thirty-five clovers.  Stay forever strong and never give up the will to fight.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Supreme Commander

Victory on Crystal for Boblsed: 9-0

Hai ACP, 

Today we managed great sizes for the time of day. The UK had just came back from school and many USA were still asleep from a long weekend. We managed to max 35-40 and we averaged 30-35 on CP. Although the Nachos only maxed 25 on CP with an average of 15-20+ they still claimed victory again which made me very annoyed. They then said we should admit defeat for once, even though we crushed them in most battles? I was very impressed with our tactics and size and this was a very good performance.

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