Pictures of Mountain: 10-0-1

Defence Of Mountian! ACP Vs Nachos

It was decided on a meeting chat that ACP won.  If the rooms were to be in a one-point system the score would have been 2.5 ACP: 1.5 Nachos.  This was agreed by Ekpenguin9, Puckley, and myself.  ACP won the cove and the dojo, with a tie in the boiler room.  Nachos won the dock, with a tie in the boiler room.  I’m completely aware of our sizes recently and I completely apologize for it.  There is nobody else to blame but me.  We all need to work harder and prepare more often now.  I’d really appreciate it if people started recruiting more often.  If you can show valid proof of your great recruiting skills and getting people to join ACP (example, chat recruiting or recruiting on CP) then you will be awarded clovers.  To be eligible for promotions in ACP you must have thirty to thirty-five clovers.  Stay forever strong and never give up the will to fight.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Supreme Commander

30 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Sorry, I just got on. I had to go out to eat dinner. Good job though.

  3. Moo. 😛

  4. i was there

  5. i was there

  6. Whhaaa, we need never agreed on anything. xD

  7. im sorry i couldnt make it icey

    i was having trouble connecting on to cp

    ill try to make it to as many battles as possible but my my computer is starting to become slower

  8. Had to go half way in. D:

  9. no mention of the guy who lead the battle for 20 minutes with vinny and 122334a. What ever its fine

  10. I was there

  11. I came!

  12. i was there 😀

  13. Icey Cold, my brother or I could not make any events today. These doctor’s visits are taking over our life! We just finished logging 1,300 miles worth of riding to doctor’s offices and over 35 visits in only one month! We are doing our best though as we can given the circumstances and things will get better so we can come to more events soon.

  14. I made it. Beforehand, Funks chose Bur, Vinny and 122334a to lead the battle as I wasn’t on. I got Stew, Mario etc to help and they all chipped in.

    P.S- Sorry I couldn’t post, I needed to go after the meeting with Nachos.

  15. I was there.


  17. i came

  18. I made it. for chat recruiting before the battle, anyone who took pictures probably has me screaming my head off to get on mountain.

  19. Sorry I wasn’t there. Uh I don’t know if this was the morning or the afternoon one, but I was sleeping in the morning..

  20. Sorry about not making the events lately, School just started for me, and most of these events are at 12-5 am in the morning, so I can’t come to most 😦 only the ones on the weekend.

  21. Sorry I was not there. I was on a air plane.

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