Victory on Crystal for Boblsed: 9-0

Hai ACP, 

Today we managed great sizes for the time of day. The UK had just came back from school and many USA were still asleep from a long weekend. We managed to max 35-40 and we averaged 30-35 on CP. Although the Nachos only maxed 25 on CP with an average of 15-20+ they still claimed victory again which made me very annoyed. They then said we should admit defeat for once, even though we crushed them in most battles? I was very impressed with our tactics and size and this was a very good performance.

At the start we had about 30+ in the plaza, then we had about 35+ in the Forts and again in the Dock. Although we only had 30+ in the ice berg, the Nachos had 20+ and claimed they won that room? This event was led my Emp during the pre-battle and Capn during the end of the battle, with myself leading throughout the whole battle and pre-battle. Here are the pictures from the battle:

Pre Battle, with sizes of 25-30.

Good Clovers with sizes of 30-35!

This wasn’t the best picture from the clover bomb – but it did cover them! :mrgreen:

What an amazing E+8 Sick Bomb!

True question – but the nachos still think they are winning?

Perfect Spit Emote.

There were always more war faces than spit faces in those bombs.

The Nachos are hidden under our Farts.

Good upside down T with 😐 faces. The Nachos used Cakes but only about 10 did it.

The Nachos asked “WHY SO SMALL?” in that picture despite the fact we were twice their size…?

The Nachos retreat to the worst room possible and our Clovers cover their Joke Bomb.

ACP spreading out and using jokes = Destruction.

We “Hello” bomb the nachos because they don’t move.

A good circle as we fart on the Nachos again.

Still bigger than the Nachos as we use Pizza Emotes!

I still don’t see how Nachos won in the Ice Berg…

Come on Capn, that typo is not a nice comment 😦

We surround the Nachos and use the “?” Emote. Still any idea to how they won?

We use a “NACHOS TO FJORD” bomb to try and get Asd and others in.

Perfect Pizza emotes and as far as I can see, we are still bigger than them. 

Nachos destroyed by our Joke Bombs.

The line is almost fully green as the Nachos are covered by our War Faces.


! vs Pizza and I think that the ! wins.

Nice size comparison. 21 Nachos and 30 ACP.

Yeah, they are tired of losing. 

Great clover bomb and we still outnumber the Nachos.

The Nachos say we lost because we logged off first, even though it had been over an hour and the Nachos always logged off first in the rest of the battles. So according to the nachos it’s an auto-win for the rest of the battles to the ACP? Our tactics were great and our size was amazing for the time of day so make sure you comment for your THREE CLOVERS. Here’s how your clover rewards work out for today:

  • If you were only on for the Dock fight: ONE CLOVER
  • If you were only on for the Forest fight: ONE CLOVER
  • If you were only on for the Ice Berg fight: ONE CLOVER
  • If you were on for the Dock and Forest fight: TWO CLOVERS
  • If you were on for the Forest and Ice Berg fight: TWO CLOVERS
  • If you were on for the Dock and Ice Berg fight: TWO CLOVERS
  • If you were on for the Ice Berg, Dock and Forest fight: THREE CLOVERS.


Sorry if that is too complicated but make sure you comment if you came to the battle!

-Kingfunks4 // Head General [2ic]

48 Responses

  1. First. BOYAH!

  2. First” I came

  3. stupid funks

  4. Came at the start and end. Not the middle (wary)

  5. I came. I was at the Dock, Forest, and the Berg. But my Shockwave player kept on crashing at the Dock and Forest, so I wasn’t at those places for long, before it crashed. So.. What do you think?

  6. i came at the middle of the docks and ended when the battle ended

  7. I came and I was at every room but I was only at the Iceberg for most of the time then I had to go off. Wish there was 2.5 clovers, but I think it’s a 3, since I was at the Iceberg for a while.

  8. i was there! But the nachos said they won. I admit, they outnumbered us at the end of the battle at iceberg but i know we still won. It was a pretty close battle but I know we won

  9. I was on for all.. Ice Berg, Dock and Forest fight! Now I have 6 clovers 😀

  10. i was asleep

    i just finished breakfast right now!!!!

  11. Huzzah. Note to people-highest gained today is 3 medals. :O

  12. Hey there, I came again.

  13. i came to all dock, berg, forest, plaza

  14. I came. i fought. WE COUNGERD!!!!! oh and I was there for the hole battle. we won.

  15. To the dockI was in all the rooms. I nearly didn’t get in the dock, but. I got into the room befor the last tactic.

  16. I came

  17. I was there for the end.

  18. Driver’s education.

  19. I got 33 clovers now!

  20. i was there for 50/60 mins of the war! i have 10 pics and 1 video, how many clovers do i get?

  21. i was there

  22. Everytime you lose you claim victory. Thts very funny

    • I believe you meant to say,

      *Everytime NACHOS lose NACHOS claim victory. Thts very funny

    • Be reasonable. Take tactics and size into the equation in battles and you can see we’ve won the majority.

      • We clearly won bobsled while you guys probably took victory at mountain. Im being VERY reasonable

        • If you “clearly” won Bobsled, then you would have taken more than two CP pictures and put them up on your site. You don’t have the proof to provide you won. You’re not be reasonable at all because, once somebody goes against your opinion you typically call them a noob.

  23. Look I think Nachos won this I am not sure about the other battle though the looked liked a tie (TO ME)

  24. I made the Dock and some of the forest fight. I lost connection and CP wouldn’t load anymore D:

  25. Icey Cold, sorry my brother and I could not make these events today. We are trying to make as many as we can but these doctor’s appts are so many. We just finished logging in over 1,300 miles worth of riding in the car (just to and from the doctor’s) and over 35 doctor’s appointments in ONE month! Things will hopefully settle down soon and we will attend lots more. Thanks

  26. i came

  27. How many medals is 3 clovers?

    • Medals and clovers are equivalent, just a different name. Clovers is used because it is unique to the army, which is green. Basically, 3 medals is 3 clovers.

  28. Heres the Pics!

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