Asd’s Guide to Armies: Determining the Battle

Every day, Club Penguin Warfare is entertained by battles that are located all over Club Penguin. It’s fun and intriguing when you attend, but it only gets frustrating after the battle. The two armies of the battle (especially during a war time) take pride in their accomplishments and [usually] declare themselves the victors. I’m here to sort things out, for the soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, and hopefully for the rest of the CP Army Community.

The Retreating Rule

In Club Penguin Armies, a retreat is classified as leaving a room in which the other force is in. For example, if Army A and B are both in the Forts, and Army B moves to the Plaza, Army B has retreated. It does not count, however, if Army A is in the Town when Army B moves to the Plaza. The losing army retreats more than the winning army.

EXCEPTION: If the battle is an invasion, the rule only applies to the defending army. The invading army may move wherever they like.

The Goodbye Rule

The losing army logs off first. No matter what the conditions are [unless an army has complete obliterated the opposing force], then the army that logs off first loses. [If Army A logs off first, then Army B wins based off of the Goodbye Rule. However, if Army A has succeeded in claiming most of the other rules and logs off first, then Army A wins because they believe they shouldn’t spend any more time on Army B]

The Tactic Rule

The winning army performs better tactics. Better tactics includes-

  • More tactics [if Army A performs 10 tactics, and Army B performs 9 tactics, then Army A wins based on this part of the Tactic Rule]
  • Better percentage of performance [If Army A has 40% of their soldiers perform the tactic, and Army B has 90%, then Army B wins based on this part of the Tactic Rule]
  • Complexity of the Tactic [If Army A does a runs around in a circle while doing the tactic, and Army B stays in spot, then Army A wins based on this part of the Tactic Rule]
If you were to judge an army based off of the Tactics Rule, I’d judge it with Percentage of Performance counting for the most, More Tactics as the second most, and complexity of the tactic being the third most.
The Size Rule
The winning army usually has better size. For example, if Army A has 10,000 troops and Army B has 1 soldier, then Army A wins. However, if both armies are matched in size [given a moderate range of 5 or less troops, then they are considered equal and the result is a tie based on the Size Rule][Size should be based on averages, not max of the entire battle]
The Formations Rule
The winning army will usually have better formations. [If Army A does a chat bar line, while Army B circles around the room, then Army B wins based on this part of the Formations Rule].
Personally, I’d like to see who actually agrees with this. If any army agrees with this, have an owner put their “signature” on it. Someday, battles will be determined by the use of this system!
Signature Example: x_____Asdfghjkl888
Here’s something for you guys to try out! Find out who wins this battle!
Army A started out in the Town, while Army B started out in the Dock. Army A recruits for a while before moving to the dock. Once they saw Army B in there, Army A moved to the Beach. Army B chased after them in the opposite direction and ended up in the Plaza after going through the Town, Dance Club, Boiler Room, and Pool. Army A grew a little bit in size and then mapped themselves to the Plaza. Both armies are equally matched in size by now. They fight and fight. Army A has better percentage of performance, but Army B has more complex tactics and is doing more. Army B decides to retreat to the Forest, and Army A follows. Army B retreats again into the Cove, and Army A follows. They battle it out there, but in the end, both armies drown, except for 1 nooby soldier from each army. They’re trying to figure who wins.
Army A Statistics of the Battle of all of the Servers of Club Penguin 
Max Size: 40
Average Size: 30
Tactics Performed: 20
Average Percentage of Performance: 85%
Complexity of Tactic Range [Out of 100]: 50
Formations Used: Line [Five times] Circle [Zero Times]
Army B Statistics of the Battle of all of the Servers of Club Penguin
Max Size: 50
Average Size: 30
Tactics Performed: 25
Average Percentage of Performance: 70%
Complexity of Tactice Range [Out of 100]: 75
Formations Used: Line [Six Times] Circle [Three Times]
Tips for determining the victor:
  • Are there any rules that would automatically determine the victor?
  • Which rules did each army win?
  • Use the Overall Battle Description to learn about the retreats.
  • Remember the conditions and exceptions to the rules!
  • A tie is possible!
  • Each of the rules are counted equally against each other.
Which army won? If you find out, correctly, you’ll be entered in a raffle for 100 xats!