Victory on Crunch: 12-1-1

Chrisi saying Nachos were bigger than us the whole event and we only had 12?

Hai ACP,

Today we crushed the Nachos on Crunch as the Nachos averaged 10-15 while we averaged 20-25. Our tactics and size were not at our best but they were bigger than the nachos who claimed they were “Bigger than us”.  Although we did win this battle, our sizes were poor and our tactics needed work as a group of people were AFK for a lot of the time in the middle of the event. The Nachos also logged off first (42 minutes) meaning they didn’t last the whole hour which the rest of the events did :). As the Nachos have yet again been suborn in not admitting defeat; the ACP will deploy our Plan which will be revealed soon to crush the Nachos. The Nachos asked for it.

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