Victory on Tundra 14-1-1

Hey guys! I am Antant98, currently an ACP General and ACPTR Leader. We had a battle today on Tundra and really showed the Nacho Alliance. The leaders that lead were Kingfunks and Empoleon.  I helped leading a bit when the leaders had to do something really quick. The ACP’s Alliance were victorious in the Battle of Tundra.We won again! Keep up the good work soldiers. If you made this battle you will get 4 clovers/medals.Now without a farther to do , here are the pics of this battle:

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Victory on White House: 13-1-1

Hello ACP! This is Asd, your bestest and most favoritest General talking you to, and this is going to be my first Battle Result post. Here goes!

We logged onto White House to have a little fun a little more than an hour before the battle started. Capncook, our 3ic, suggested that we play connect four, so we did 😀 However, just before the pre-battle began at 4:30 EST, some Nacho bots logged on and started telling us to log off. Oh you Nachos, you’ll never learn that the ACP will never log off because bots tell us to. So, anyway, here are some awesome pictures of us pwning the Nachos.

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