Late Night Victory on Mukluk 16-3-1

Fantastic job ACP! This battle on Mukluk was astounding, we averaged 20 and it was very late so good job and we annihilated the Nachos and cleaned up our server Mukluk. Five clovers to all who came!

I was the only true leader on. However, I had help from Carter157, Buritodaily, and Vinny (Ar leaders who are in the ACP/AR did not attend this event).

Here’s the pictures! 😀

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get these pics to be anything but links. But we still dominated! 😀

—-We did the same bomb as the Nachos accidentally—


—PUCKLEY (Nacho leader) ADMITS DEFEAT———–

Wool Socks 15-3-1

Hey ACP!

Today was our invasion of Wool Socks from the Nachos. We logged on in the Town 15 minutes in advance whilst the Nachos took the Casa Fiesta, near the Ski Village. The battle begins. Continue reading

The Alliance of Mammoth

Hey guys! I am Antant98 and I am currently an ACP General and ACPTR Leader. As you guys know, the war has turned out to be an alliance war. other armies would be allowed to join our alliance. Our alliance would be called: The Alliance of Mammoth!

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Victory on Hockey: 15-2-1

Hey ACP!

Yet again, the world is over. Stew is posting. GET TO THE SAFE ROOM! Well, anyways ACP won yet again. We averaged around 30 and maxed 40, while Nachos averaged 25 and maxed 30. It was a fun battle. So I have pictures below:

^ACP Intelligence Source^

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