Victory on Ice Palace: 18-3-2

Hai ACP,

Today we had to fight the LT and Nachos combined by ourselves. The LT had about 5 and the Nachos had 15, while we had 25. The Nachos let the LT be crushed by us in the town for 20 minutes, while we also won in the 20 minutes following. This was led by Emp, Stew, Swimmer, Antant and I over the battle and we did very well. We beat the Nachos again but they couldn’t admit defeat once again (not to mention they logged off before the hour mark giving us an auto-win as we are the invaders)

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ACPTR Graduates of July 2012


This is what all of the cadets were waiting for. At the begaining they were wondering if they would graduate with a good grade or not. They have been wanting the month to go fast to this day. After hard work and determination, our cadets are finally graduating! Read more to find out who are our graduating cadets.

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Late Night Victory 2 on Breeze! 17-3-1

Well ACP, yet another astounding victory at 12:00 EST. Although, I have to wonder why the Nachos are invading at such late hours for a kids game?

Here are the pics:

The Nachos also pulled a fast one and invaded Mammoth with only five people. How pathetic right?