Hello Cadets of August 2012. I am currently the ACPTR Leader and ACP General Antant98. I remember the time when I join ACPTR as a cadet and got an A+. I ACPTR helped me get a boost start in my ACP Career and it would help you, too. If you guys want a really good boost in your careers, then you would have to work for it. With hard work and determination, I am sure you will do well in this Boot Camp. I am hoping to get a lot of cadets who pass with an A+. I really want to see a lot of A+ Graduate as I have seen this month. If you are planning to join or don’t think you should join this boot camp, I urge you to join. You must be a rank of Corporal-Captain to join. Join ACPTR today to get a boost in your ACP Careers! Sign ups will began on August 1. I have an ACP General and a form ACPTR Staff Member who has something to say to you low ranked soldiers about ACPTR:

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Back to 35+ – Great Training Session

Great sizes of 35+ with an almost perfect war face.

Hai ACP,

I must say, we haven’t had an event like this for a while. The end of the war has sparked a surge of great size, as we maxed 40 on CP today in replace of our invasion of Marshmallow. Our tactics were also amazing and this showed how the end of the war was crucial, because I know everyone was tired of the month long war. Now we will focus on we building and wining the Legends Cup for the first time. This event was a huge success and I hope we continue with these great events from now on.

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Rebuilding The Empire

Kingfunks4: LT have declared war, I don’t want this to last too long and we probably won’t fight back. We will crush the LT in our defences and leave them be. If they ask for more, we may attack them.

❗ Defence of Breeze ❗

➡ Monday, 30th July

➡ 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST,  2am UK

❗ Defence of Mammoth ❗

➡ Tuesday, 31st July

➡ 4:30am EST, 3:30am CST, 2:30am MST, 1:30am PST, 8:30am UK, 4:30pm  WEST AUS, 6:30pm EAST AUS

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The End of The War

Good afternoon ACP,

“We are gathered here, representatives of the major warring powers, to conclude, a solemn agreement whereby peace may be restored. T’is my earnest hope, and indeed the hope of all mankind, that from this solemn occasion, a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past…” -Former United States General Douglas MacArthur

On the eve of June 30, 2012, the Nacho army decided to amass their troops onto the empire of the Army of Club Penguin and for almost no reason declare what has been titled as one of the most unnecessary and immature wars to date in the history of the Army of Club Penguin and Club Penguin warfare as we know it.

The Army of Club Penguin defended themselves well, winning the first portion of the war. They went on the offensive and fairly and justly took many of the Nacho servers. However, unfortunately for the Army of Club Penguin, the leader Icey Cold27 (Mchappy) had gone missing towards the end of the war. The Nachos scheduled too many invasions for the Army of Club Penguin to keep track while the Army of Club Penguin decreased in size, and the Nacho army increased. The Army of Club Penguin fought every battle they could (And valiantly for that matter), including some that were scheduled to when most people would be asleep.

In the end, the agreement was that the Army of Club Penguin would relinquish four servers to the Nacho empire and the war will be over for two months (At the very least). As for the allies of the war, the Army Republic and the Light Troops remain at war and neither the Army of Club Penguin or the Nacho empire are allowed to interfere with either of said army’s battles.

If you’re wondering who won the war, the Nachos will claim victory (As it would seem they can’t get by with their miserable lives without the satisfaction of winning) and the Army of Club Penguin will declare the war a stalemate (Much like the current conflict between the United States and North Korea). So it is in my greatest honor that I show you all evidence of what I call the conclusion to the “The Great ACP/Nacho War”. <— Click this link to see the result.

The Army of Club Penguin gains every server back lost in the war and relinquishes



-Snow Globe 😦


to the Nacho empire.

May both armies decide on rationality and peace from now on rather than barbaric and immature wars that benefits no one.

-Capncook, ACP Commander General