Back to 35+ – Great Training Session

Great sizes of 35+ with an almost perfect war face.

Hai ACP,

I must say, we haven’t had an event like this for a while. The end of the war has sparked a surge of great size, as we maxed 40 on CP today in replace of our invasion of Marshmallow. Our tactics were also amazing and this showed how the end of the war was crucial, because I know everyone was tired of the month long war. Now we will focus on we building and wining the Legends Cup for the first time. This event was a huge success and I hope we continue with these great events from now on.

This event was led by the full set of owners; Stew, Capn, Ek, Emp and I. We were very impressed by the responses and size of the event and how we responded to the need for a rise in the army. Here are the pictures of the event:

Good sick faces with sizes of about 25-30.

This statement is obviously true!

We start to improve as we reach 30+ on CP and show off the clover.

This proves we had 35-40 max.

Decent shocked faces with sizes of around 30.

We are ACP and proud (and you know it :mrgreen:)


We spread out across the whole berg and use toots – which was a huge success. 

We do the same with Jokes, again it worked very well.

This was about 20 minutes after the event, so we probably had about 10 more.

Today’s event was a huge success and was the last chance for you to earn clovers before promotion day, which will be on Tuesday. For our amazing performance you have earned THREE CLOVERS. Although Mch is still missing, we are improving and doing better than we have for one to two weeks. Our next events will be recruiting and training and then the Legends Cup – which I will do an in-focus post on for the new troops. Comment if you came to this event!

-Kingfunks4 // Temporary ACP Leader

16 Responses

  1. First, Booyah :mrgreen:

    Just filling in

  2. Came. Empsville Amusement Park is now open :O

  3. 3rd, Booyah!

  4. 4th to comment and im not a at leader 2ic or 3ic yea!

  5. Well done everyone there were some good sizes today it’s great to see people are still commited for the event I come back to

  6. I was there, and good event everybody! We had good unscheduled sizes today.

  7. Where the heck has Mch got to.

  8. Too bad you couldn’d do this during the war.

  9. why are there links to chats

  10. I twas there

  11. I came I was there the whole event


  13. funks your such an idiot half of that is rouges and your like oh they have green shoes there ACP imma multiply 20×2 thats 40 ACP ._.

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