Hello Cadets of August 2012. I am currently the ACPTR Leader and ACP General Antant98. I remember the time when I join ACPTR as a cadet and got an A+. I ACPTR helped me get a boost start in my ACP Career and it would help you, too. If you guys want a really good boost in your careers, then you would have to work for it. With hard work and determination, I am sure you will do well in this Boot Camp. I am hoping to get a lot of cadets who pass with an A+. I really want to see a lot of A+ Graduate as I have seen this month. If you are planning to join or don’t think you should join this boot camp, I urge you to join. You must be a rank of Corporal-Captain to join. Join ACPTR today to get a boost in your ACP Careers! Sign ups will began on August 1. I have an ACP General and a form ACPTR Staff Member who has something to say to you low ranked soldiers about ACPTR:

The ACP’s Training Regiment (ACPTR) is a an honor to be a cadet in, especially if you pass. You, the cadets, will be the future mods and owners of ACP. Your hard work will pay off in faster promotions and you will be better known by people. Take it from me, I never joined ACPTR and I joined ACP a YEAR ahead of Slider, and he got to 3ic when I made it to moderator. Do not take ACPTR for granted, because it isn’t “Here I came give me a medal.” You have to put some time into events, and pass tests, and I will occasionally give a free medal or two to any soldier who has done an act of bravery (stood up for a friend, didn’t lie, told about a raid, etc.) This month is almost over and a few people will pass, and some will not. I am telling you now as a friend, if you do not pass, do NOT give up in ACPTR or ACP. Giving up is worse than failing (unless if you fail multiple times in a row). ACP needs your bravery, courage, time, and effort to stay on it’s feet and alive. Now remember, all members and staff in ACPTR must be:

  • Loyal
  • Active (I need to work on)
  • Brave
  • Members of the Army of Club Penguin
  • Ready for duty upon calling

“All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers”


Although you are a low ranked soldier, you have to gain yourself up the ranks by hard work and determination. ACPTR will help you accomplish that. Once you join ACPTR please be active and show your hard work and determination to get a good grade or A+ in this Boot Camp. Even though you are a low-ranked soldier, dont give up! You will be a high-ranked and respected soldier some day. I HOPE MOST OF YOU GUYS JOIN ACPTR FOR AUGUST 2012! If you have any questions, you can ask our ACPTR Staff Members or make a comment on the help page.

Antant98 //  ACP General & ACPTR Leader

41 Responses

  1. Good Post, and remember to join new cadets! 😀

  2. 1st, hooray

    • Oh by the way, I am quitting acp. Please take me off the ranks. It has nothing to do with being mad at ACP and ACPTR. I am not by the way. It is the fact that alot is happening so sudden in my life, that I can’t make time for ACP anymore. I hope this doesn’t make anyone sad. I was never really good at repution, so I don’t think that matters. It is just one soldier leaving. I won’t be joining ACP or ACPTR again forever. I will try to visit this website again in any of my free time. Im sorry for this.


  3. i’m joining for sure!

  4. i’m joining again

  5. Empsville is cool

  6. im gonna join

  7. I am going to join btw first tim

  8. I was thinking maybe I want to join.

  9. amazing and great

  10. I must retire sowwy 😪

  11. Dear Acp, I know you are allies to DCP, which recently dropped dead. I am so sad. I would like to join!!

  12. how do i even join?? and what do i do o.o??

  13. I have joined I am in the Nacho army I joined just put me in private1!!

  14. I want to join!

  15. im not gonna join srry 😦

  16. hi Can someone add me to the acp army because I waited 2 days.

  17. Guys can i join ACP my club penguin name is stilltipindaticeburg and i want to join. Btw i am gay so i don’t appreciate the way waterkid treated me and i don’t like homophobes so please don’t hate. I just want to have a fabulous time on this army.
    Taa taa

  18. I already joined the only differents is thatim playing it on a phone

  19. I’m a former rpf colonel and DW gunnery seargent, I would like to join the ACP. I’m usually busy so off I’m not always active please don’t consider me gone, I’m just usually really busy.
    Cp username Jack78613

  20. its amazing :*

  21. how do we join?

  22. Im Joining, and im LegoShane

  23. Im Part of Whales and SP both 5ic and I will join 🙂

  24. SP = Smart penguins btw


  26. Hello, I am Oagalthorp and I am wishing to rejoin the ACP as the leader. I recently went on the chat and I found to my shock that I was back to being a member. I tried to alert the staff present at the time to make me an owner again but they didn’t believe that I was Oagal

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