ACP Defends Breeze

Hey ACP!

All LT troll comments will be deleted, so don’t bother …

Today (or should I say tonight) was our defense of Breeze. The battle was led by Swimmer, Antant, Cas, Asd, and Myself. It was a very evenly matched battle. Blizzard sent purple bots … yeah I don’t get it either. So, I don’t know if LT will invade us again, I’m hoping this “war” ends fast, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of wars =P.

Pictures below:

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Retirement of Master General Bird Pingu

Hello ACP. As of today, July 30th 2012, I , Bird Pingu, will be retiring from the ACP. Although I have had fun, all good things must come to an end. The reason i’m retiring is because ACP used to be fun for me, but isn’t any more. After all, isn’t that always why penguins in ACP retire? ACP to me is now more of a inconvenience for me then it is a fun activity. When battles would come along, I used to be like, “Oh yay, an ACP battle!” but now I’m only ever like, “Uhhg! An ACP battle?” I’m not going to give some full life story of all my time ever involved in CP armies, but I will give some-what of a summary.

Some point in 2007 I joined ACP after seeing an event online. I decided to look it up and join. Although I was never really “In” ACP until about mid-2010, I usually attended all events. In September of 2009 I joined the ACPTR and graduated A+. From then on, I was on and off until Summer 2010.In October 2011, I joined the ACPTR as a staff member and was placed as a volunteer, but was shortly after made History teacher and green Drill Team leader. In late February, I retired ACPTR as I couldn’t fit time in for it because of my blog, school, and regular ACP. In November 2011 I was promoted to General (Now named Master General) and have remained that rank since (9 months total). So that is it. Now I will thank a few people.

Oagalthorp: Thanks for making such a fun army.

Flipper7706 & Kenneth1000: You were great leaders and great help when I officially joined ACP. Also great friends.

12Declan12: My best friend ever in ACP. Great friend and great leader. It was an honor to work with you in ACPTR.

Buck: You are just awesome in every way. You also gave me my First ever Xat power which was name glow. You rock for that.

Carter: Your such a great friend. My first real ACP Friend.

Flyer AKA Mew2red: You are one of the best ACP friends I could ever ask for.

Iceycold27: Iced, you’re a great friend, a funny person, and a great leader. Good luck in ACP!

Asdfghjkl: You’re a very great friend. Good Luck in Acp. Thanks for posting this.

All other ACP soldiers that aren’t below : Goodluck guys and i wish the best of you!

Thanks so much for all the good times! I will miss you all so much! 😥 Goodluck and Farewinds!

Your Buddy,
~Bird Pingu

Lastly, Ladies and Gentlemen, Huey Lewis! HERE


There are purple bots from Blizz, ignore them.

July 2012 Promotions ***UPDATED***


❗ All clovers for today and tomorrow go towards next month ❗

Hai ACP,

I had some spare time on  my hands so I decided to do the Promotions a day early as a treat. There were over 100 comments on the promotion post and many of you earned a promotion for this tough month with many events. We also had two open general spots which were very hard to decide upon, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get General because I’m sure more spots will open up in the future.

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