July 2012 Promotions ***UPDATED***

Funks: http://cparmycentral.com/2012/07/30/operation-repopulate-mammoth/

❗ All clovers for today and tomorrow go towards next month ❗

Hai ACP,

I had some spare time on  my hands so I decided to do the Promotions a day early as a treat. There were over 100 comments on the promotion post and many of you earned a promotion for this tough month with many events. We also had two open general spots which were very hard to decide upon, please don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get General because I’m sure more spots will open up in the future.

If you check the promotion post and find you don’t have a promotion, please comment answering the following question:

  1. What is your CP Name?
  2. What is your Rank?
  3. How many Clovers do you have?
  4. Why were you unfairly denied a promotion?

We are sorry if we miss you out, but there are so many troops in the army and it’s hard to keep track of everyone. Now here are the promotions that you have all been waiting for:


How to find your rank:

For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your CP Name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a Find window. Type in your CP Name (the one on the ranks). Click the “Next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks. Then just check what rank you are listed under.

Green = Handpicked Mods

Bold = Single or Double Promotion

Gold = Three Promotions or more

Supreme Commander: Kingfunks4 (F U N K S)

 Head General (2ic): Ekpenguin9, Capncook

 Commander General (3ic):  Empoleon7667, Stew20,

——Owner Line——

Division General (7): Antant98 (ACPTR), Asdfghjkl888 (E*), Casiusbrutus (E**), Obiwan4321(D*) , Purple Slime4 (A**), Swimmerboy01 (A*), Tes7 (D**)

Master General (11): Coolto5, Foldez, Holly8857, Lorenzo Bean, Monsoon, Mosh345, Obama81000,  Penny91, Smsm3, Splashy, Yellowie

——Mod Line——

 Field General: Agent233, Ajman9011, Buritodaily, Etac14Freddy257Hwhwk, Khimo, MrgpvMr Waffle45, Snow Jedi6, Step Up 646Thestriker20, Totojess1, Xcheeto

 Lieutenant General: Ajman9011Buritodaily,  Chapa23, Floppy50611, Galaxie3, Ironhide24, Kdawg16, Kenneth1000, KieranfbLucario 564, Pengy1220Pinkgirl3919, QwertyReece, Solraida, Slashtheduke, Snaily5, Superjay99, Swirly 7, Thomas0270, Wenny

 Major General: 77Hockey, Alyassa1, Ericgarfield, Firemanhg, Jack, Jujuflower, Leafpool51, Magic077, Mew2red,  Mocho, Mustapha10, Np3000,  Rocky2070, Shadowhero99

 Brigadier General: Agentrds, Bob27557, Boofgall1, Camplazlo3, Chrisi Blule,  Hunger124, Jcm21, Master KyL, Mattg0874, Maxy 777, MestirSeñorz, Olympus 104,  Pachi Pachi1, Pengy38088, Pufpuf103, Redwingum14, Rico57816, Snowbud322, Surferboysc, Taz2012, Xiunkown

 Colonel1223344a, 12cooldude14, Bingoradar, Btime6, Drath1, Duncanbh, Ederan, Gadunka345, Ikaiyosaurus, Kerouaz, Legoboy612, Liy7890, Mini17059, Moe85, Rodgahs, Ronaldy3, Simply Leave,  Superaalden, Super Paco24, Swat Bandit, Swirly 7, Tylund1, Zipyman

 Lieutenant Colonel: Akon133, Chatosush, Cian130, Coolie887, Dqtx, Frigido, Glove23, Gold Cow, Khris, Levandoski, Megatron267, NicWin100, Penny550, Spo910, Sundae Wadd, Tred17, Weatherboy1

 Major:  Aerwghy, Agentrds, Alex Mac3, Chika Athena, Darwin Huxly, Fireblaze50, Free 8, Jackpot88, Louie76433, Metfan519, Mini Buffalo, Pie 65, Quesini, Raymondsix, Sccot43, Seer2345, Server man10, Smallpengi12

 Captain: Alby Nator, Bigdd3, Crazy 186, Da Main Cat, Elimz, Gary,Interwebdude, Max43810, Megamoney6, Ninja Shodow, Ower123, P1696454908, Paytonspeng, Sonic11352, Tmw12, Tootsiepop 6, Trainpower10,

 1st Lieutenant: Ben 92763, Cawasky2, Doc Flame, Epicorange1, Fillax, Ginter2003, Jim7733, Leoblue33, Nich55555, Penguiny3212, Stuffy Glove

 2nd Lieutenant: Chuddy9, Creeperstew, Ibiki, Idealrussian, Igor1117, Matty6177, Money Guy 6,  Nikky14, Pengu9010, Pengy7778, Shadowaj, Slippykicky, Taken321, Twilight851, Wewe709, Xeilic

Warrant Officer: 313f1, Ace Army, Cooly 8880, Envirodude1, Fuzzle60272, Horntail555, Joeymaster12, Joshg1, Loki5652, Mcw3Pingugreen6,  Rockarmy, Roojer, Tomsa7

 Staff Sergeant: Anna125, Bacara, Basloo1, Danger29, Gatorfan999, Hawk Eye 28, IceMarine6, Ipodplayer20, Jason3515, Jbfa, Jedipenguen, Like Or No L, Lime Pumpkin, Lklkkklllkkl,  Loui8796, Mario73323, Rocky24568, Masa65, Matt205, Mattie599, MikadoYoshi, Ninjacrazy4, Pengwen6, Police 501, Rock4 , Ryakylkri, Suhaib99127, Tdude160, Xavier2466 25,  Yiannis789

 Sergeant: Bluemartind, El Rey, Gaplego, Good Mcgood, Icey20115, Lucien1234, Matt2k9,Pakerz, Randomperson123, Red Guy2111, Riley 2002, Rookie93, Sandy1689/Harry78561, SapperMedic, Seansonic1, Secret j, Skipper2429, Starfox9774, Suay, Superp103, Taffy PengiWobble1586,Yiannis789

Corporal: 1337gee, 92335o, Aaliyahlaa1, Aarya12, A Funny Guy, Ale69994, Alexander 9, AliasBleubel, Antonio220003, Arceus1296,  ArcticEvan7,  Armyguy8165, Big Foot 25, Braves25, Bren2315, Cardiff 1, Caseys Pal, 11Chase20, Chowder90188, Cjminiman, Clone1625, Cody Clay, Cole8543, Colt12348, Cool82228, Coolagent1, Coolmanzty1, Crazzy0325,  Crys 6, Cybermat, Dallas12490, Dannyboy, Daxterman828, Dejay Replay, Diger 605, Donkey Kong, Dragoboy232, Dragonic999, Epf Agent67, Exult, Farkle99, Fart4089, Fatso37, Fred4805, Fred96769, Firemen21, Fun Fun 503, Funnyclown87, Funnypeyton, GRANT 1 2 3, Grassy52479, Gravity135, Gringaminga, Giant mike, Godzilla 218, Green Day104, Green9992, Haydria, Hcofunny576, Hedwig828Herbert 2337, Herman20258, Homer098. Hydra18, Icebeam222, Icey79651, Iceycold30, ldrago125, Icecle Rat, Invisiblepoo, Jacob8069, Jude43909, Kilts3, King Afrow, Kitty262, LeeSuel, Le Zak, Lewis4005, Lion504, Maks442, Mario988, Matt205, Mattbrad6130, Matthew10326, Metaknight82, Natethecool, Nebawesome, Next Guess, N I C K Y1, Noelz, Oarca, Obiwan65, Odisidum 255, Ollie super, Orange99114, Oringe10, Packer2003, Pampos2, Pengu90495, Penguina964, Penguin Aus, Pickle Head1, Pingo7000, Pinguin 5017, Pinky86352, Pinwheel4926, Pizza Duck, Polarbear295, Porsche 918, Ptyszo, Purpleroisin, Rakib9876, Randomness9, Ratedrko118, Ratukicat, Redman81, Rhps1, Robocop181, Rock Aries10, Rodny232, Safetyhero50, Saragh6, Sayeem111, Scenehog, Secret135, Shadowbolt65, Shawn20009, Short Eagle, Snoogie, Sparkles215, Speedo5456, Squidgy2005, Squirt28241, Stegerain, Stoked90, Swinub1, Tazboi jr 2, Teertha21, Thebeyblader, Thebigguy10, Thdor, Tomh2000, Tokyoguy, Tostipotato, Truestar9068, Turtle face2, Twitchy543, Vchgfdytubdy, Yung4

Creator: Oagalthorp


Congratulations to all who got promoted and I’m sorry if you didn’t get the promotion you wanted.

-Kingfunks4 // Temporary ACP Leader

39 Responses

  1. 1st woo

  2. 1st boo yea:mrgreen:


  4. Woot, Double Promo. 2 in a row *wary*

  5. What is your CP Name?= Quesini

    What is your Rank?= Captain

    How many Clovers do you have?= 58 clovers

    Why were you unfairly denied a promotion?= I posted my comment right before the Promotions post came out, i wasn’t able to post my comment before because of some family issues.

  6. I got nothing… yet i have 33 clovers and highest member…

  7. 1.What is your CP Name? Step up 646
    2.What is your Rank? Lieutenant general
    3.How many Clovers do you have? 39
    4.Why were you unfairly denied a promotion? Cuz I made every event of the nacho/ACP war, why should I not be promoted? Also I’m active

  8. Chrisi Blule
    idk but i’ve been to every event *wary*

  9. Oh yes! Thank you Funks! I won’t let you down :mrgreen:


  11. Congrats to all promoteees. You deserve a cookie but for the rest, a lump of coal. I kid. Keep trying 😀

  12. 1.What is your CP Name?
    2.What is your Rank?
    3.How many Clovers do you have?
    4.Why were you unfairly denied a promotion?
    I’ve patrolled Breeze everyday until the Nachos invaded it, patrolled it a few times after we got it back, I’ve also patrolled Mittens recently, and I’ve been on chat a lot, and made every event I could.

  13. And, I’ve also commented on a LOT of posts. AND, last night on chat, I asked Snaily wether I should stay in ACP or quit and join another army, and, after I talked about it with my mom, I told her that I was going to stay.

  14. I’m really happy that I’m handpicked but felt I could have deserved a promotion too:
    Lt. General
    I counted up and had 37
    I was at about every defense and couple of other events. I really hope that you re-consider a promotion but if you don’t feel I deserve one it’s fine as handpicked moderator is a dream!

  15. Well done to everyone who got Promotion

  16. What is your CP Name? Mr Waffle 45
    What is your Rank? Lieutenant General
    How many Clovers do you have? 30
    Why were you unfairly denied a promotion? Although I went to over 35 doctor’s appointments from the car wreck, I managed to attend LOTS of the events and was very focused and active in them. I also helped the leader/s of many events because they asked me to PC people in the chat to get people into CP and encourage them to pay attention to the tactics and get in line, etc. They relied on me and I was proven effective and dependable. I also patrolled and reported any Nacho activity on our servers during the war. I helped new recruits with questions they had or guidance they needed. I earned 30 clovers too which was a requirement for promotion. I was active in chat and read the ACP web page and commented daily. When there was a raid or unscheduled event, I was always immediately logging in to CP to help out and encouraging others in chat to do so too. Icey Cold requested that I “back seat” mod to build up my mod skills and for the good of the army, which I did continuously and successfully. Please, I really deserved a promotion and I hope after you read this that you will grant that to me. If you do, I would be Field General and would like to be given hand-pick mod as well. I know all the rules of being a good mod and I would never abuse this power. Thanks for your reconsideration=) ACP FOREVER!

  17. What is your CP Name? Mcw3
    What is your Rank? Staff Sergant
    How many Clovers do you have? 5
    Why were you unfairly denied a promotion? I did not post that I needed a promo.

  18. Thank you for promoting me. But I thought I shouldn’t get one because I wasn’t very active, but you’ve made me really believe in myself now and I will try my very best!!

  19. thanks for the promotion!!!

  20. Thanks for the promotion, I hope to make y’all proud 😀

  21. No promo 😦 i did go to most of the events, even the US ones

  22. awwwwww, no promo even though I went to most events including the US ones 😦

  23. stupid double commenting

  24. Thx For Promotion King Funks

  25. Dqtx
    Lt. Colonel
    Around 30
    I went to a ton of events, I even stayed up late a few times to go to the 5 am events for me.

  26. What is your CP Name? Obama81000
    What is your Rank? Master General
    How many Clovers do you have? Got extra from other events 23
    Why were you unfairly denied a promotion? I’m on vacation since my grandmas house got no internet. I made many events to try to get a promotion and I patrol cp. I also come to chat alot.

  27. 1.What is your CP Name? Aerwghy
    2.What is your Rank? Captain
    3.How many Clovers do you have? 20+
    4.Why were you unfairly denied a promotion?

    Im not sure, I tried to make as many as possible I went to most. Its hard when the family computer is broke, mym mum wont let me use hers so Im stuck for computer access. Please read this someone then someone might consider giving me a promo.

  28. who would want to get promoted in ACP

  29. Thank you so much Kingfunks for promoting me and giving me hand-pick mod! 🙂

  30. No promo:(. I have participated in every battle, maybe absent for three please update them. I don’t want to stay captain for a year:(

  31. 1.Fireblaze50
    4.look at the comment above this one 😦

  32. Yay! TY 🙂

  33. Thx guys now im a staff sargent now its time to go for warrant officer then join the… acp training team… where i could have been a officer in a week :l lol so any way ill join that and see what i get

  34. lol u need to update the ranks page to match this lawl

  35. Yay I got promo but when are you gonna add it to the rank site?

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