Mammoth Defended

Hai ACP,

Sorry about the late post. I had to go right when I was going to post. Anyways, we did well! This battle was mainly lead by Swimmer, Monsoon, and Antant. They did a fantastic job.

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Q&A With Stew

Hey ACP!

If you saw my last post, I said I would be answering questions and stuff. So, I will now be answering le questions. So, the first question came from retired 2ic Slider568 who asked:

“What is your favorite sports car?”

Well, I really don’t know many sports cars, but I am a fan of Ferraris, especially the red ones O:

The next question on here comes from … Empoleon7667? Hm never heard of him. He must be one of those newbs. But, he asked:

“What is your CP/Chat name Stew?”

Well, I’m known by many names … Stew, and some people call me Big Stew O:, Im also known as Guilbert. (SHOUT OUT TO THE WILD BOYS :D)

Next question is from Corporal Jackal624 who asks:

“What is your favorite ice cream flavor?”

I like vanilla a lot, I also like chocolate and peanut butter, YUM. I like Dippin Dots (If you know what they are) they are little small balls of ice cream that melt in your mouth. So good. This is making me hungry D:

The final question comes from Cul, who asks:

“Where do you live?”

I live near Area 51, its a nice neighborhood! Nah, I live in New York … such a boss place.

Thanks for submitting your questions, I liked reading all of them!

Poll of the Week

Last week, I asked “What is your favorite fruit?” and you all said:

Apple, with 31 votes. Sorry about forgetting fruits, I kept thinking about as many as possible, but I couldn’t remember!

So, please vote on this week’s poll, which is below!

I hope you liked the post!

Thanks for reading!


DING DONG-Promotions August 2012

Breaking News:


Thank you to the troop who showed me this. Thats all.


Hey ACP!

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Unscheduled Tactics Session

Hai ACP,

Today we had a short unscheduled tactics session and we did pretty good. We averaged about 10 and maxed 15+. We are still in a rebuilding stage, so it’s alright for now. Not many pics since this was unexpecting. Ek was like “Deep Snow” over and over again, like a crazy bot.

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Alpine Defended [1-0]


The defense of Alpine against the Shadow Troops turned out to be a success. The US division pulled off numbers of around 15 soldiers which is great as we’re still building up. There should be some Euro events scheduled soon for other troops to receive reasons for a promotion.  Continue reading

ACPTR Graduates of August 2012


This is what all of the cadets were waiting for. At the begaining they were wondering if they would graduate with a good grade or not. They have been wanting the month to go fast to this day. After hard work and determination, our cadets are finally graduating! Read more to find out who are our graduating cadets.

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Defense of Mammoth Results

Hai ACP,

Today we did fairly decent. We averaged about 10 and maxed at 15+. Our tactics were very good at times, so good job on that 😀 I heard we we’re winning at the start while I was logging back in. Then I heard ST was winning at the middle of the battle, then it started to be a tie at the end I believe. Onto the pics.

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Upcoming ACP/ST Battles

Hey guys! This is Antant98. As you know, we are now war with the Shadow Troops. The ST have scheduled some event and are invading ACP Territory. We must defend our nation at all costs. I hope all of you can make these events. Here are our defenses:

Defense of Flippers

When: Saturday, September 1, 2012

7:00 pm EST

6:00 pm CST

5:00 pm MST

4:00 pm PST

12:00 am GMT

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Do you deserve a promotion?(August 2012)

@Owners:- When you do your join page, add soldiers to the drafted promotion post.

[Read Galaxie3’s great ACP story here!]


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Results of Recruiting Session

Hey guys! I was not there for this event unfortunately, but Ek told me to make a results post. I am assuming we did really good today. I do not know how many medals were awarded at the end, but I will give 3 medals/clovers anyways. Well here are the two pics Tori gave me:


Comment for your 3clovers/medals!!!