Retirement of Kingfunks4 – Aetas Vergit

This is what many of you wish, it is earlier than planned and not how I would have liked to end but I cannot stand the abuse and hate from troops within and outside of the army. For those who have supported “DWF”, you should all be ashamed. Granted, most of that was from outside the army but that does not make it any better. You should treat every person with respect and you should treat them how you would want to be treated. Yes, I’ve made one or two mistakes in my leadership but how would you like it if most of the people you saw on this online game were against you. Something you have been in for three years and you are basically forced out by the community. There are many people who have lost my respect. I know that I have lost a lot of other peoples respect, but that does not make you any better. I may have lied to my own troops, but I did it for the good of the army and all of my decisions have been for the good of the army. It may not have helped the army, but the intention was always good and it was to help us. All of you who hate me for little reason, I hope you are happy.

I will talk about my exit at the end and how the actions of other armies are beyond ridiculous. I joined the ACP, my first army, on the date of February 10th 2010. I did not find ACP on Mammoth or Breeze and was infact chat recruited by Floppy/Jake. Many of you will probably not know him, but he was a great guy. Just a few days into my story in CP armies and Shab and taken over from Dry and Saint. Then, ten days into my leadership, the puffle party inspired my to create the Puffle Warriors. This army was my favorite army to lead, far exceeding the experience of leading the ACP. After four days of thinking about it, the army was finally open and we did not know what was going to happen or how it would do. This brings me onto the tale of the Puffle Warriors.

They were created on the 24th of February, 2010 and we started of with small sizes. We were near the bottom of the small army top ten on SMAC (at the time, SMAC had a small and medium top ten).

At the time, this army basically had little potential and we didn’t think it would get as far as it did. In the first generation, we did hit the medium top ten but we didn’t get too far. Eventually, we merged into an army called Team Red, which was basically a copy of Team Gold. This was not a popular decision, but I knew if the army agreed we could reach the top ten or medium top ten. They didn’t and eventually Floppy recreated the PW. I still loved the army and asked to return. I was only given the rank of 2ic and this is when tensions rose. As the creator, I was an admin on the site and couped Floppy. I then made a loyal PW soldier, JJ, leader with me. Over the 2nd and 3rd generation there was basically a power struggle over who should be leader. Eventually, we all talked on my chat and agreed that we would all be leader. It was the only thing that would work in this situation and we created a good leadership. A few generations occured that were not worthy of mention but I think it was the 6th or 7th generation that was the best.

We reached the top ten, maxing around 20-25 and firstly got 9th. Many believed that we would fall straight back down but we maxed 25+ with perfect tactics and hit 8th on the top ten the following week.

 photo MMpng-9.png

This was great for us, but we quickly fell to 13th and eventually we ended the generation. This was basically the best generation of the PW, we reached 12th or 13th in the 10th generation but most were not focused and mainly didn’t last long. We lasted for two years, often dominating the SMAC medium top ten. The best point was when we formed an alliance with the Purple Heads, who were also dominating the medium top ten.

We also won a CPAE tournament, in a four way final beating some strong medium armies including the Purple Heads. However, the main highlight was when faced the Roman Fire Warriors in the CPAC Legend Cup. This was the original Legends Cup. This was not when we hit our best sizes and we did not win, but this was one of our best events in our history at the time as we maxed 15-20. One of my favorite pics has been lost, when we did an awesome E+H tactic. The best thing about the PW is that we were a family. We were like no other armies. Most of our troops were only in the Puffle Warriors and there were very rarely arguments  It was the total opposite of leading the ACP.

Then, from arguably my favorite section of CP armies to another. CPAC has often been my home and I loved working at CPAC. CPAC didn’t come without controversy, such as blocking the Light Troops from CPAC. I suppose I had my reasons as the images were very offensive and some law breaking (Ok, maybe a bit too far but they weren’t good) but I do regret doing what I did to the LT. Some people say I was a rubbish CPAC head, but most people agreed that I was better at CPAC than I was at the ACP. I think my reporting posts were good, with more than enough detail. My top tens were OK, people said they were a bit biased and maybe they were, I don’t know. I just know that my top tens were always on time and I was never inactive at CPAC. I loved working with Blue2 and have always preferred him over Blue1. The problem with Blue1 is that he seems power hungry. I liked him as a Secondary Head but his reign at CPAC seems like an attempt to gain reputation through the media and I often see a lack of posts and bad top tens. Sorry if that was offensive, but I tried to be constructive with you and you were often none responsive. Apart from the Blue brothers, I spent longer than all of the CPAC staff members at CPAC and was head of site for about a year, being a reporter/head reporter/secondary head for a lot longer prior to this. Overall, it must have been about two years at CPAC.

With that being said, I apologize to the Blue brothers for my attitude to CPAC in the last month or so but have generally been annoyed at CPAC’s attempt to get at ACP. For example, a lot of other armies have made worse mistakes than the ACP did this week and it was not even reported on. For example, some armies have been the center of Ddosing and hacking which is a lot worse than lying. Did CPAC and the army community condemn them when it happened? Why is everything the ACP done blown out of proportion? I know what we did was bad, but this is what I have seen from CP armies.

There are other armies I have led other than the Puffle Warriors. These include the AR, DCP, Pretzels, WV, UMA, EK, TR, CPST, Tacos and probably others that I can’t remember. I also had other owner ranks in armies such as SWAT. I got ‘legend’ in WV and Pretzels and am proud of that. I love the WV and Pretzels and led the Pretzels near the start and have always been with them. I also remember the Sun Troops (CPST) who I got to the top five with Wenny and Boofgal. It was a great leadership team and we never argued. But then, there is the story of the ACP. My story in the ACP from the high to the low. The extreme lows, in some cases.

As I have already said, I joined the ACP (my first army) on the date of February 10th 2010 and have not quit sice. I have been in the army for over three years and have always stuck with it. I even quit CPAC in the end for ACP 2ic. The ACP was always at my heart and I stuck with every single leader. I was also loyal to the leader, understanding how hard it must be and I stayed loyal to them and never created a fuss. I got moderator in just over a years time and it was a great feeling. I can’t remember much as an ACP moderator, except the fact that I was pretty active, but still didn’t fight for the ACP in CPAC tournaments because of the fact I was CPAC head. When I got 3ic, there were concerns about why I got it and some people said I was only 3ic because of my influence with CPAC. I ignored them and Ken/Flipper, the leaders at the time, reassured me that I was going to do fine. I guess my favorite time at ACP was when I was 2ic and 3ic, as I could lead but I didn’t have to make the crucial decisions.

Then, the roller coaster really did get high and low. I got leader on the date of July 31st when Mchappy retired earlier than planned. Looking back, Mchappy and I agree with each other that he probably retired too early and it didn’t help my situation but that is what happened. I was really active and eager to lead in the first week, as anyone probably would be, but I soon fell ill and was away for just under a week. That would have probably been OK, but this was followed by my anual two week holiday and that was just too much. I was away from the army for 2-3 weeks and Boomer had no choice but to coup me. The ACP needed a strong leader and, although I was very annoyed at first saying “I don’t want your cruddy Co-Leader rank” to Ek, I took the Head General spot. I enjoyed that rank under Ek, as I didn’t have to do the major decisions but could post and lead. I was that rank for a month or two and then Ek retired. I knew it was time to try and redeem myself.

I was promoted with Ant to the leader position and we created the “Fanta” leadership. This didn’t get anywhere, in truth. Ant didn’t last very long either and lasted about 1 month and a bit. The day after Ant retired, we maxed 40 on CP. Ant did had an effect on this size and we were slowly building something. 

This was the highlight of Fanta, even though Ant had already retired. I am still not sure if Ant was actually ill, but I am probably swaying to the not ill due to the fact he left and joined AR only a few days later after saying he couldn’t be in armies for months. After saying Ant couldn’t get leader back, he left us for the Army Republic. The army in which he is still at. Then, after a few weeks of leading by my own, people demanded that someone was made the US leader of the ACP. I picked Swimmer and then things started to happen. The rise started to begin a week into the leadership. In the second week, we had 35+, followed by 40+ and then two weeks of 45+. Here are pics from each event:

If you are wondering why I am posting these pictures, it is because I want to remember the good times. You can see why I wanted to get out of this war with the Nachos. These times came when we were not in war, while our recent times of depression came when we were in wars. We wanted to get out of the war to be in the good times and the Nachos were and are being unreasonable. My time in the ACP ended in a controversial lie and I regret it. I regret EVERYTHING that we did in this past week and I wish we didn’t do it. I guess I was going to retire soon anyway, but I didn’t want to leave in this way. The ACP, I found out, was full of many troops trying to get what they wanted when sometimes it wasn’t the best for the army and there was often divisions. In most other armies, people realize they have to be in it together to rise but that is oblivious to some. I also get annoyed at many retired people who complain at everything. This is my ACP story, a story that I enjoyed a lot of the time but hated sometimes. If I hate times as leader, why would I stay in something that is supposed to be fun?

Now that I have done my long list of armies and organisations I have been in, I will now do my long list of people who I would like to thank. For without these people I would either not have got the position I wanted or have enjoyed it. I thank those people who have assisted me. If you haven’t noticed, they are split into the armies/organisations I was in.

Floppy/Jake – You have always been in my memory of CP armies and will never leave that. You recruited my from Heatblast’s chat and we were in the PW together for a long time. Without you, I wouldn’t have got any of the achievements that I did get. I miss the recent times when you are hardly on and I hope you see this because you were the greatest of friends.

 photo oo-1.png

Blossom – I know you wont see this, like many people listed on this, but I had to put you in it because you were just awesome. You were never the best CP army leader, but you were a great friend to everyone in the army and kept us glued together. You were fantastic (remember our little romance? ;))

JJ – Now this is a person and character I haven’t seen in years. We were like brothers in the PW and it was great to talk to you. We had some good ol’ British talk, but we had to let Floppy into the convosation :(. Haha, only joking, but you were great. Miss you lots.


Braveboy – The Pretzels were a great army and it’s a shame that you couldn’t find a way to keep them in the top ten without you actually being fully involved. The truth is that they are too dependent on you, but that shows that you are a great leader and an awesome friend.

Chillie – I guess I could have put you under the PW section, because you were there for a while, but you were linked with Pretzels more recently and I hope you do well there. You are a good leader and poster.

Disco70s – Again, I could have put you as a PW because you came looking for a medium army and made a big difference and helped us get into the top ten. However, your Pretzels achievements are amazing and you played a HUGE part in their success.


Zakdude – Thanks for giving me a chance to lead the WV and I am flattered that you gave me Water Vikings legend. I am annoyed you didn’t stay active in ACP, but I guess that’s your choice and I thank you in helping me in some of the armies that I led.

Bepboy – You are a good leader of the WV and are one of the few people who are dedicated to one army. You are also a good reporter at SMAC and, although you were against my army sometimes, you were always positive towards me.


Bluesockwa2 – You were amazing and I glad we took this high-profile job on together. I loved your posts and we worked together as a team through thick and thin. I always looked up to you and asked for help whenever I needed something I didn’t understand. You joined armies before I did, so I knew who to ask when I needed some advise. 
Iasage – I cannot thank you enough for making me part of the contributor program and then seeing something in me to make me a reporter. You are an amazing person and you are another person I went to for advice, even though you don’t come on very often.
Bluesockwa – Whenever people said “Blue only got secondary head because of his brother” I defended you because you are an amazing reporter and I can see the family relation. I know you can post well, but your attitude has changed my opinion on you. You need to tone it down and just do a good job of CPAC. I liked you before, remember that. 
Woton – Woton, Woton, Woton… How can I sum you up in one paragraph? You are a true legend in CP Armies and you taught me how to be a good (I hope I was good…) CPAC Head. I’m glad you are around to see this because I want you to know that I was not upset at you becoming head of site before I did at my first chance. You were the one person I missed the most after their retirement.

Sklooperis – How I miss you after your retirement. You were really funny and entertaining in PC and every day I wish you and Woton came back. You were epic and I thank-you for making me wait for CPAC Head of Site. You are truly a legend and you should have made the legends list. I also thank you for you coming back to help us out.

 photo SkloopsProblems.png
Shaboomboom – I hired you when I was a secondary head under Woton and I never regretted that moment. You are the best philosopher to ever join armies and you are one of my best friends. We weren’t friends until you joined CPAC and I’m glad our friendship tightened as time went on. Sometimes you were a handful, but it was such an amazing handful that I loved it.
Nathancool – We were friends before CPAC, remember the PW/CPU vs NP War? You were Head Reporter when I was a Reporter and I felt guilty after taking your position. I tried to get you back into CPAC because I knew you had some sort of talent in writing but you didn’t stay active. I saw you the other day, so hopefully you see this.
Tomato – I didn’t know you for long and we weren’t best friends but you are a cool person and a good, active writer. I could see you being a Head of Site on day because you are great at writing posts and you get the job that needs to be done, done.

*Some of this was copied from my CPAC retirement post


Ek – Kingek forever! You are my best friend within the ACP of all time and it was great when we were both a high rank and leading the army together, even though we weren’t both leaders. I have so many pictures to include about you because you were awesome. It’s a shame we can’t speak much now, Kingek was epic.

 photo ek.png

 photo ekfail.png

Kenneth –  Before you became a traitor you were funny, epic and amazing. Your leadership quality was the best within my ownership and you had something that most people didn’t have. I liked our talks about the Commonwealth and you were awesome. It’s a shame you left us for the enemy…

Swimmer – I am sorry if I am putting you in an awquad situation but you can always come to me for advise on anything. Swunks will still live in the memory. I know you can get us to what we had before this 2nd dip. You can get us back to the 45+ we were getting only a few weeks ago. Sorry for anything I said to you.

Antant – We led together in the “Fanta” leadership and it is a shame you left when you did because I think we were starting something great. The day after you left we had 40 and this showed me that the leadership was finally starting to work. In truth, I don’t think you were ill but I cannot judge fully because I don’t know you. Good luck in the AR.

Foldez – Your negativity is like, high, but I know you will be a future leader in the ACP. I’m not sure if you’re ready right now, so don’t be disheartened if a USA person gets leader ahead of you with Swimmer. At CPAC, woton got head before me and this helped me become a better head. Just work on backing the owners and being positive and you’ll be good. Also post more, haha. Thanks for the good old South West convosations.

Flipper – You were a great leader and you have probably noticed I idiolise the style of leadership and failed at doing so. I don’t know how you did it, but you were amazing and you are one of my favorite leaders that I’ve served under. I’m slightly annoyed at the amount of moaning you do nowadays, however, but I remember what you did as a leader and forget that.

Tori – Some people say you need to be a stronger owner and I agree to a certain extent. You are great and perfect in the aspect of turning up to lead the events and dont seem to miss any. Things to work on could be things such as not surrendering as much and posting non-event results. Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you do well in the ACP.

Capncook – I guess I have forgiven you for trying to coup me the last time, but I can see now have much of a difference you will make to the ACP ownership. You do the little things well and will help the ACP massively  Please advise Swimmer and make sure the ACP does not do something stupid again, you are the brains and I know you can do it.

Fluffyboy – I told you that you had the potential to become an ACP owner and you have achieved that. We had a good time in PW and Pretzels as well and you seemed to follow me around ;). Keep going in the ACP and aim for leader, I know you can get it because you have mass potential.

Slime – You are so friendly and have the biggest heart I have seen within the army. You care for everyone and seem to have a positive relationship with all of the ACP troops. You are active and could maybe post a bit more, but your leading skills have improved and you are young. You will get leader if you stick at it because of your age.

Superoo – You have already said some strong words to me and I thank you, I thank you for the belief in me and what you have said to me yesterday. You waited for 3ic, a longer time than most people would have waited for and that shows your loyalty to the ACP. Stay with it.

Boomer – Thank you for the advise that you gave me and I really should’ve asked you about this fake coup because I now know you would have probably said that it was a bad idea. You steered me when I needed it and I am sorry if I bugged you too much, but I needed a guide and you are the best.

Mchappy – I appreciate your decision to make me the ACP leader, but we both know that it was too early and the timing was probably the worse that it could have been. It is not your fault and you know that you are one of the best leaders CP armies has ever seen.

Snaily – I know you think that you are hated in the ACP, but you really aren’t. The people in the ACP love you and you were a great owner. Your posts were amazing and you linked with the troops amazingly. You also created many ideas for us to use and led when you could. I missed you from the ACP.

Change, Maxy, Nnpingwin – I see you as my European Helpers and you were very helpful when trying to win UK battles. You were all also good fun to talk to and were great to hang around with. I hope you all do well in the ACP and I thank you for helping me so well.

Twingy – I’m not sure if we were in the ACP at the same time? We probably were but I don’t have memories of that. You gave great advise and I always trusted you to help me in making a decision. I guess you told us not to do the fatal thing we did this month and I should have listened to you. You are the words of wisdom and should have accepted ACP owner.


Ladtom – I will still advise CPAE for you, but certainly will not take a head or secondary head role. I hope you do well in CPAE and I think you should rejoin the ACP. Take that as a personal favour? However, you are impossible to beat at Find 4 and I find myself facedesking when you beat me for the 100th time in a row. United forever!

Ace Fireken – You used to be really friendly, but now I dislike you. I know what you are driven by, you are driven by hate towards whoever you are fighting. You do not seem to care for the PERSON you are talking to but the ARMY they are in. I used to find you great, but now…

Waterkid – You are an interesting person, a dictator and evil person at times, but a great leader and without you the Pirates would not be a strong army. It’s annoying that you beat me to Person of the Year, but I guess you deserve it for the amount of controvosy you caused.

I could wright about a lot more people, but here is the list of the people I didn’t cover:

  • Slider
  • Stew
  • Saint
  • Dryvit
  • Bjk – Butter
  • Karakatel
  • Ashley
  • Ana
  • Rawkinman
  • Albert
  • Iceyfeet
  • Cas
  • Supperz
  • Bobcat
  • Shad
  • Twizonez.
  • Milkyway/Wolf
  • Frothe
  • Matre
  • Ming
  • Sercan
  • Lucario
  • Splashy
  • Blake/Flame
  • Flipmoo
  • Jcm
  • Coolto
  • Bunker
  • Buck
  • Tempahh
  • Inter
  • Grillz
  • Charzard
  • Obama
  • Pengo
  • Doodygirl
  • 122344a
  • Burito
  • Lord Jay
  • Superaalden
  • Olympus
  • Roberto
  • Gistha
  • Shimmy
  • Reece
  • Hedcog
  • Huskers
  • Khimo
  • Rainy
  • Paco
  • Noka
  • Deliburger
  • Galaxie
  • Waffle
  • Wheelo
  • Ioioluk
  • Dj
  • Fiasco
  • Lighton
  • Wwebestfan
  • Mustapha
  • Bam
  • Joker/Jamie
  • Josh
  • Lenco
  • Daleboxtel
  • Qwerty
  • Ivjak
  • Yeasy
  • Teddy
  • Aaron
  • Puckerman
  • Camigirl
  • Ajman
  • Taco
  • Nosey
  • Wenny
  • Orange
  • Aquabluejet
  • Levandoski
  • Alexkeed (A L E X)
  • Alex

I am sorry if I missed you out, but as you can see I was trying to remember a lot of people and I wanted to note down everyone who helped me in CP armies or who was a good friend. I tried to remember all of you and if you were left out, that does not mean you were not significant. Everyone who made the little push for me was significant and I like you all. It is a shame that was ruined by the people who have no heart and have no feelings for other people. I also point out that the Nachos do not decide who leads other armies, as I never really did anything wrong to them and they came with antagonism to get rid of me with this war.

My story did not come without controversy. In both CPAC and ACP, things happened that I regretted and I wished I could go back and change what I did in some times. I know that is not possible, and apologize to anyone I have effected or disappointed in what I have done. I hope the ACP UK force continues to stay strong, while we build a great USA force. I hope, with my quit, that this is possible and that I will not be the restraint in the return of the ACP. I ask the HSA and Nachos to spare the army for my mistakes and that I should not be the reason for you to harm this army. Here is a quote that I would aspire to:

The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. He strikes out for himself. It takes nerve, it takes a great lot of grit; but the man that succeeds has both. Anyone can fail. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. These chances are the main things after all. The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized. Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can’t be done.

-C.V. White

This quote means that, to gain success, you must not try your best to gain attention but to do it in quiet. However, it says how it takes a lot effort and bravery and a person who succeeds has both. It also says how you need to take a chance to succeed, but some people fail and that is the risk that people have to take to get success. It also says how that person must expect to be criticized, something that happened to me a lot. Success can be achieved if you put your mind to it and that is what I tried.

There was the bad points of my career, which are really coming out and being summarized in this post. However, then there are the funny parts of CP armies that I loved. For example, there was the classic Lord Pain who I once had to constantly fight off for the ACP.

 photo AA2-3_zps7c41eeff.png

I had a lot of good times with Lord Pain and I’m glad he isn’t interested in trying to kill the ACP anymore, because he didn’t really provide a valid reason for doing so. At least Pain made things fun, by acting like he was the God. There was also some classic moments from Water, who was another ironic and funny character at times.

 photo lol-1.png

The classic Pirates vs ACP wars of 2012 went on for a while. Although the Pirates claimed they won in the end, this was only because they formed this huge alliance as they couldn’t beat us by themselves. Overall, the Pirates surrendered more than the ACP did overall and lost more individual wars. I see that one surrender as a surrender of one in many, with the majority of the surrenders coming from the Pirates. Most of the time, these wars were very competitive and a good challenge with us not being crushed at USA times. Although the Pirates lost, I thank them for the good challenge. 

One of my last acts as leader is to award the bi-monthly Bronze Medal Award to Superoo for his inside operation of the Nachos and for providing crucial information during and out of the battle on the Nachos. Congratulations to Superoo.

I leave with the Nachos and HSA after the ACP, but I ask them with my whole heart to leave the army alone as I have left which is surely what they wanted. The Nachos shouldn’t even be involved in who is leader of another army, unless they are some sort of evil dictator and we all know that this is a power hungry act from the Nachos.  You have made your point, you can beat and are bigger than an army 5th on the top ten. There is no need to go any further than you have already gone. 

Now that that is done, I will now list my main accomplishments:

  • CPAC Head [About 1 year]
  • ACP Leader (2) [Nearly 6 months] 
  • 271 ACP posts
  • WV Leader/Legend
  • Pretzels Leader (3)/Legend
  • PW Creator
  • Person of the Year Runner-Up 2012
  • CPAC Best Staff Member 2011-12 [Summer Awards]
  • Best Army News Head 2011-12 [Summer Awards]
  • Lead CPST to the top 5
  • AR Leader
  • CPAE Head

They are my notable accomplishments and I am happy with all of those listed and what I have done in them. I thank everyone, who has probably already been listed, who gave me the chance to get these accomplishments and hopefully I made them happy with what I did. I leave with many memories, many many friends to remember and an experience which will help me in life to an extent. My english (believe it or not) has improved with CP armies due to my work at CPAC and could that help me in a future of reporting? Possibly this will help with being stronger and making decisions without fear knowing that it could be the best for what is going to happen in the future. 

Remember, the key from this is to treat others how YOU would want to be treated. Would you want to be attacked by everyone, including people who once liked you? No, I think not. This leads to the point that you shouldn’t do it to other people, because you wouldn’t like it yourself. Before this moment, I created a bunch of lies with a few others and, although this was wrong, it was create to try and save the ACP. We wanted to get back to what Swunks was at before, nearly hitting 50 and near the top of the top ten. I knew we had to get out of the war, but I guess I just made things worse. 

Like I say about the treating others how you would want to be treated another sentence would be that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I appreciate that some of you will like my retirement, but I ask that you leave that out of the comments and if you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say anything because it isn’t nice. 

As this is the last paragraph of my retirement post, I say that I might come back to another army or the ACP during the summer for a certain amount of time but I am not sure right now. I just know that I need to focus on my Year 10 exams and also take a break from this chaotic community. I leave knowing that there are some very bad people in CP armies, who are out to harm people. These people know who they are and this includes Ddosers, ‘hackers’, haters and power hungry armies who invade smaller armies. This was meant to be a fun place to be, but many people have turned into a stressful place that is sometimes is a very harsh place to be a part of. I thank you for my time in the ACP.

“If you lead a country like Britain, a strong country, a country which has taken a lead in world affairs in good times and in bad, a country that is always reliable, then you have to have a touch of iron about you.” -Margaret Thatcher
“Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.” -Margaret Thatcher

~Kingfunks4 Retired ACP Leader & Retired CPAC Head


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  9. You were a great leader Funks. Nobody can blame you for never reaching the highest sizes ever.

    You retired at the right time as well, if a week late. The coup wasn’t your finest hour in any way, but it wasn’t as satanical as it was made out to be. Now there’ll be time for someone to come in and have a good shot at summer.

    You did well to stand up for what you believed in, whether it was arguing with Nachos over every little result or sticking up for people in the ACP even when many people wanted them out, because it was the right thing.

    You did all you could at the ACP, and in general were successful. Well done and good luck.


  10. I realized,Funks retired.So is this a birthday present

  11. At least Funkschester United won the BPL! Funks, you are a great person and a great leader. I would like to thank you for leting me serve under your leadership.

    *prepares BMA acceptance speech*

    I wish you good luck in life!


  12. Funks,

    You’ll be missed and I really hope this isn’t the end of you, I wish you hadn’t have gone if you’d have rode it out they’d have left you.

    I feel sad to lose my former CPAC boss, a great leader and also a good friend,

    thanks for the mention


  13. We did have fun in the wars ALTHOUGH I STILL THINK WE WON.

    You were an alright guy, and I want to dedicate this song to you:

  14. Bye funks… Even tho i am not in acp anymore, i still read posts…


  15. Cya Funks. You were a good friend. Thanks for the effort on rebuilding ACP. Good luck in life and I hope you visit chat still.

  16. Tytyty. We still have some BMA stuff to talk about you know dont forget and make sure Swim doesnt either. Before I left ACP I know you were trying your best. A lot of people in the ACP hated you and blamed you for wrong reasons. It wasn’t all your fault. Some soldiers should have been better and more active but as leader you will always be blamed and take responsibility.

  17. omg did i get banned from comment

  18. Funks I’m gonna miss you 😦

  19. Well, the Nachos got what they wanted, in a way. Funks has retired, and I don’t like being at war, but if Nachos and HSA don’t reconsider their declarations, we’re going to fight anyway.

  20. Goodbye Funk, respectable things you have done for ACP. Its a tragic shame that you have to unexpectedly leave to save ACP from war, but have a great retirement, you’ve made me, and most especially ACP proud.
    All for one, and one for all, You will be missed Funks.

  21. Thanks for the advice. It sucks to see you go, really. I hope life treats you well, and it’ll be amazing for you! Be sure to visit chat often, please. Bye Funks and thanks for everything. :mrgreen:

  22. Dear acp

    Can I be next leader? I encourage everyone last battle vs the nachos. I wanted to help by being a leader! I live in the US. I really wanted help you all! Just let me know if its a yes or a no.

    From loyal soldier

  23. Funks, I don’t know you too well, but this is sad that you have to go. Good luck in the future. 😉

  24. Adios Funks. Good luck. And where’s my shout-out? xD

  25. I’ll miss you

  26. Well then that means all the old people i remember when i joined are now gone except for Foldez and Purple. Those are the only 2 i can remember that are still here now. Its a shame your leading 😦

  27. The last photo i think i remember… Bye Funks its sad your leaving 😦 now all i can remember now is Foldez and Purple…

  28. You suck. You left me out.

    – Lucius

  29. i have rejoined you acp

  30. See you later, Funks. I didn’t see this coming but you sure achieved quite a lot during your time in CP army warfare. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  31. I’m really going to miss your leadership, kid. It sucks that you weren’t given enough credit when credit was needed. You definitely stuck with ACP through the worst of times and never though about giving up. Your era in this army might be forever known to others as some dark time, but to the people in ACP it will be known as a time of excitement. Hope to see you on the weekends where we can continue to chat. Thank you for all the kind words.

  32. Well then… ASD FOR SUPREME DICTATOR. I know I’ve been on a legit rant against you for about 70 years, but we all know its in good fun. You’ve tried your best, and that’s all we can give. As a leader, I salute you. As a leader, I say farewell to you.

    ~Asdfghjkl888, who will now give you free JuiceBoxes [and censored].

  33. I felt that you were a decent leader.


  35. Funks, I know how you are feeling and it makes me sad. One reason I wish I would have stayed is to be there for you as your personal spy, adviser, and great friend. I’ll always be there for you if you need a true friend to confide in or share joys with and I’ll always treat you with respect and kindness, you deserve it. Perhaps mistakes were made, we all make mistakes, but you have a good heart and great character and personality. You’ve done great things, amazing accomplishments, so focus on those positive things in the coming days of sadness you will experience after posting this. Concentrate on your friends, we are here. Thanks so much for your kind words, it meant a lot. You’re a great friend Funks and best wishes<33 🙂

  36. I started reading it…. and ended up reading it all. Thanks for the including of me 🙂

  37. See you Funks. Most of the hate you got wasn’t deserved, and while people gave you it, you managed to not care and just carry on with life. That, is a thing I respect.

  38. Bai Funks! As ya know, I aint good at writing retirement post comments so.. well.. you were an awesome guy, and I don’t know why we all had to blame stuff on ya. Sorry ’bout all that hate, I know what you’re feeling dere! You were one awesome leader. I remember you as an ACP mod, good times! Oh and I also made a rap of you in 2011.
    Harheho, good times indeedies!

  39. Goodbye funks. It was an honour to serve under you.

  40. Bye Funks, good luck.

  41. But Funks,will you ever be back then?

  42. You were leader, when I was taking my first steps in ACP. Partly thanks to you, a noob from Ice Warriors became conscious soldier, able to help the ACP a little bit.
    I hope you will be still helping ACP as advisor. Your experience is really needed.
    Thank you for these bygone days.

  43. Funks you and I have been distant for quite a while but I’ll always think of you as a good friend and I had fun being in the leadership with you back when you were 3ic. Good luck in life bud.

  44. You were a good leader Funks, better than most.

  45. I apologise for annoying you recently. I guess I was a bit pissed off with some of the choices you made.
    However, when we first met, you were really kind to me and that’s why I kept on giving you those Days, if you remember xD. You’re a cool character when you’re not making stupid decisions and I hope your life goes well for you. I’ll think of you whenever I have a cornish pasty.

    Btw, your grammar has always been, is, and probably always will be, horrendous. I’ll have to sort that out for you.

  46. I am sorry for what my army has done to you. If it is any consolidation, I’ve always thought you were a great leader. Love you <33333333333333333333333333 Good luck with Man Utd losing the title next year.

  47. Ahhh Funks<3
    I always had faith in you as ACP Leader and I did hate when people used to abuse you and tell you you couldn't do it. You are truly an amazing person :'D

  48. the balance of leaders of acp has gone different but acp shall stay strong with or without funks, miss ya funks.

  49. I thought you would stay in ACP for another 2 months, but I guess you couldn’t handle the pressure (fom everyone), not like I could either. You might have not been recognized as the greatest leader, but you were the only one to stay with ACP through their worst times, and I must say I respect you for that. I regret for being part of your problems, but I would always go back to those moments in January-March where we would be cool with each other. Sad to see another go :(.
    Goodbye Funks.

  50. Longest post I have ever read 😛

  51. Bye Funks! Thank you for being such a great friend and teaching me so much stuff. I am going to miss you, but I will never ever forget you. Love you funky monkey ❤

  52. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. The fact I never made a comment on this even though all those nice negative things were mentioned. Also one year on and you are temp uk leader, so much for retirement eh

  54. I smell cocaine

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