Asian-AUS + UK Recruiting: Results featuring the ACP “Bunny Duck” that accepts all races and ethnicitiys

BREEZE — Our first time testing the water of this new timezone and already we have encountered higher expectations than I ever thought of.  Take note that this event took place at times that were not friendly for the United States.  Everyone except for a few were either from Asia, Australia, or Europe.


Best picture of the event, a “L” shaped line whilst doing E+9.

At most I was expecting fifteen to show up, maybe even ten.  However this… this is just superb!  We maxed around to or close to twenty-three and averaged roughly twenty.  Possibly we might be able to contend as having the best Asian-Australian division right now.  Even our friendly mascot, the “Bunny Duck”, came to visit and help out during the event.  He told me to pass on this secret message: “quack quack quaCCCKk QUACK ckk quack” — I wonder that means.

  • Size [10/10]: I wasn’t expecting this much, and I’m so thrilled that we gathered this many soldiers today.  We were able to circle the town and even make a line at the mine that was as big as the Thursday event.
  • Tactics [8/10]: Tactics were not as great as I’d like them to be, but it’s not much of a big deal as we weren’t in a battle or anything.  Things improved a lot at the mine overall, especially our tactics.  A few people were not listening very intently or doing their own thing.  Please listen throughout all of the event.
  • Chat [9/10]: We had over two chat sizes this time with a few extra people.  That is great for such an early European event.  Seeing as this was our first Asian-Australian event, I’m not sure what to compare the chat sizes to.  Nevertheless it was a great event.
  • Overall [90%]: A fantastic way to end the weekend.  Nothing else to add;  it is what it is, ACP is awesome.

Pictures taken by Zyxwv124 and I.












Decided to chill off from the event and have a dip in the pool. 😆

After the event Electrode 2004 gave me a penguin to giveaway to all of you.  What I am going to do to make this fair is just leave a riddle.  Solve the riddle and you get the penguin.  It is that simple.

i give the earth a lovely glow

i like the rain, i hate the snow

please, oh please, come towards me

i really need you, honeybee

Do you know what it is?  If you do, leave your answer in the comments below.  The first person to get it right will be given the rare penguin.  If my memory serves correct it is over 2,230 days old.


Congratulations to Slowking who won the rare penguin!  The answer to the riddle was flower, which I guess was a little bit too easy.  Sorry about that everybody.  Hopefully we can old more contests like this further down the road.  In the mean time, enjoy your new penguin, Slowking.

Did you come to the event?  Do you know the answer to the riddle?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Leader, Mchappy

25 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. a flower

  3. I came to the event! As for the riddle, I’m still thinking… mind boggling! D:

  4. the sun is the answer to the riddle

  5. It’s a flower.

  6. FLOWERS!!

  7. Sorry I was still sleeping.

  8. I came 😀

  9. omfg y u do this to me. Came though.

  10. I camezies for the beginning but my internet got bezerk so I couldn’t come. Sorry! D:

  11. Oh and uh… flower.. I copied all the other peeps.

  12. I was there, but my adobe started glitching and I couldn’t attend all of it. Sorry 😦

  13. It’s a great performance for such a strange time for an event, but how many people there were actually Australian/Asian?

  14. Seemed liked a normal UK event.

  15. I came and I’m USA so I woke up early just for you guys…

  16. Well, I would’ve come, and it’s pretty friendly to EST, and if you’re up CST.

  17. I was in attendance 😉

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