ACP Events [1 April- 6 April]

Purp: I am going to be away from the 4th of april to the 15th/16th since I am going to be on holiday. I am not allowed to go on the computer.

Shab: Slider, come see me on chat next time you’re on





Greetings, ACP!  We’ve now achieved first for months in a row, and we’ve became the strongest and biggest army out there like we always used to be! Now, let’s keep our spot, and for this, we have to work a lot! This weekend we have an important event, a celebration event, make sure to attend!

Comment if you can make them!

[Australia/Asia], [USA], [UK]

Friday, April 4th, 2014.

[AUSIA] Practice Battle with HCP

Server: TBA

Times: 8:00 pm JST // 4:30 pm IST (India) // 11:00 am GMT (UK) // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST //

[UK] Cleansing of Mammoth

Server: Mammoth

Times: 3:00 pm EST // 2:00 pm CST // 1:00 pm MST // 12:00 pm PST // 8:00 pm GMT (UK) //

[USA] ~ Recruiting Session

Server: ~ Big Foot// Room: Forts

Times: ~ 4:00 pm PST// 5:00 pm MST// 6:00 pm CST// 7:00 pm EST// 12:00 pm GMT (UK)//

Saturday, April 5th 2014.

[AUSIA] Defense of Mammoth

Server: Mammoth

Times: 8:00 pm JST // 4:30 pm IST (India) // 12:00 am GMT (UK) // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST //


Server: Mammoth

Times: 3:30 pm EST // 2:30 pm CST // 1:30 pm MST // 12:30 pm PST // 8:30 pm GMT (UK) //


[USA] ~ Practice Battle with RPF

Server: ~ Breeze// Room: Forts

Times: ~ 1:00 pm PST // 2:00 pm MST // 3:00 pm CST // 4:00 pm EST // 9:00 pm GMT (UK) //

Sunday, April 7th 2014. 

[AUSIA] Training Session

Server: TBA

Times: 8:00 pm JST // 4:30 pm IST (India) // 11:00 am GMT (UK) // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST //

[UK] ~

Server: ~

Times: ~

[USA] ~ U lead Session

Server: ~ Big Foot// Room: Forts

Times: ~Times: ~ 2:00 pm PST// 3:00 pm MST// 4:00 pm CST// 5:00 pm EST// 10:00 pm GMT (UK)//

Remember to comment if you can make these events or not!

~The ACP Commandants

28 Responses

  1. All AUSIA events,I’ll try my best to attend the Invasion of Mammoth.

  2. Wow. 1st to comment. And congrats again! To sercan.

  3. I mean 3rd.
    And all ausia yay!

  4. I can attend all UK ones and two AUSIA events

  5. Will there be naked penguins at the celebration event?

  6. I can make all UK events apart from Saturday, I’m going out with friends.

  7. Can make all US

  8. I can make all US events

  9. Will try to make as many UK/US events as I can

  10. i will make all the usa and uk events this is josh51234

  11. ill try to make Uk on Friday but i might be a little late cause i get done school 3:15 and ill try to make Us on Saturday

  12. I will try to make all US events, but why at 4:00 pm pst? I liked 5pm pst *sniff*

  13. I can’t make it to all events because I go to private school and my spring break is already over My Time Zone is PST America BTW

  14. I’ll make most of the Ausia events except for the april 3rd one. the others i can attend unless there is an emergency or my parents suddenly decide to go out

  15. i would like it a lot if i can attend the mammoth celebration. but sadly it is early in the morning here at that time. i will come if i can wake up

  16. I can attend all the ausia events and I think I can attend Us events too. But I surely can’t attend Uk.

  17. I can attend every US event except Saturday’s as well as POSSIBLY Sunday’s UK event, depending on when I get to my house and what time the event is. I can also attend every AUSIA event except Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I’ll have to rush a bit in order to make it on in time, because I get up at about 5 minutes to 6.

  18. I can make every US weekday events

  19. can’t make all of tomorrow’s events unless there is a change in plans. sorry

  20. wat is this server TBA. Pls tell

  21. Made the one today

  22. well I am not in UK but I am wondering if it is just for UK

  23. well i can be in all ausia events and try to be a loyal person to complete an event for a month… jk! i can’t make that… but i f i do … im glad lol 🉐

  24. Can u keep AUSIA events at 2:30 IST? Plz 😉

  25. I can make it to April 5’s event.

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