Defence of Mammoth [Results] The ACP Triumvirate’s Final Event

Hello ACP,

Today, on April 5th 2014 the ACP faced off against the Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.) to defend our most prized server, Mammoth. We had to repel the invasion at all costs and defend our birth server. This battle also happened to be my last battle in armies so a victory would be a wonderful goodbye gift.

As both armies logged on, we could immediately tell that this battle would not be an easy one. As our forces grew to nearly 40 troops, S.W.A.T launched the first offensive attack and was met with an indestructible shield. They retreated to the Forts, where we soon followed. From then on, the S.W.A.T. began to lose size and retreated two more times before calling it quits. Our size combined with nearly perfect tactics created an unbeatable army. S.W.A.T President, Ganger90 officially surrendered, giving the D.R.A.C.P the hard earned victory. Pictures are below!

myzvuf7 Screenshot_5

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(GUIDE) Screenshot

Remember to Attend the Defense of Mammoth!

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Hello ACP!

This might be my only guide or I might have a few more who knows. People have been asking how to take a screenshot(picture) and new member’s want to know too! So Here we go.

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Defense of Mammoth (Ausia Victory)

Hello ACP!

Today the ACP were informed that an army, the PDA were going to invade Mammoth off us. We retaliated with a good force and defeated the single penguin who stood up against us. We successfully defended our newly obtained server, and we will be defending it tomorrow against the SWAT. We maxed 19 and averaged 18. Here are the pictures:


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