Results of Big Foot Recruiting

Hello ACP,

We did very well in the Big Foot recruiting. One thing for new ACP members, is to make sure to do tactics, because they affect on our whole performance. We lost some of the pictures, due to Lumarnara’s computer crashing. We had sizes from 18-23, which is very good. Everyone who made it gets 3 medals, thanks for attending troops!


E+G Game Sticks, see we must improve, this was after Luma crashed, and we moved to Forts.

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Sorry, everyone.

Hello, everyone!

Well, I suppose everyone knows what happened and has probably read the articles CPAC published about “picture editting” and I believe the time has come to reveal all the secrets that have been partially figured out by the CPAC team.

First of all, I’ll cover the multi-logging scandals. These are not true, the reason being it’s my old account (not old actually, it’s another account I made as a reserve that I used before) that is used by my brother. As you have noticed, 10sportacus is a penguin that comes only sometimes, it’s usually when I tell my brother to log on for us if he has the time to. He’s been on chat for months now and a lot of people have talked to him, you can go see for yourself sometime!

Anyway, this doesn’t matter even a bit, we all know why we were here particularly.. for the picture editing.

Well. Yes, I was one of the people that edited pictures. I edited pictures quite a long time ago. However, I NEVER edited pictures by adding penguins.

Yeah, I have sometimes added a couple of emotes to make the picture good looking, and I admit everything about that.

I am sincerely sorry for my actions, and I realised I was wrong, which is why I stopped doing all that stuff. And I guarantee they will never be repeated.

Another thing: this was an issue that was solved quite a long time ago. There weren’t any edited pictures for at least 2-3 months now, and the only thing we did to the pictures was adding emotes.

Boomer’s Edit: Many of you have been asking me why ACP would tolerate this type of behavior. I am here to assure anyone in question that we do not. It became apparent to Shab and I months ago that this may have been occurring, and we personally investigated the situation ourselves. When we had sufficient evidence that some pictures had emotes added to them, we made sure it was put an end to that very same day. All of the event pictures you see on CPAC were in fact selected and analyzed by me before being leaked long after the issued had been resolved in an attempt to defame Sercan for something he had stopped doing months ago. The fact that the issue was addressed and taken care of immediately back then does not of course undo the fact that it happened. It is surely a black mark on Sercan’s record. But with that being said, we made absolutely certain that it did not continue, and Sercan deserves some credit for responding positively and assuring us it would not happen again. Unlike most (Governor Chris Christie for example), we deal with internal problems before they become front page news. Therefore, to those misguided individuals calling for action against Sercan (to no fault of their own), you’re a few months late. Had he continued to add extra emotes to some UK events, this would of course be a different situation. Alas, that was not the case, so Shab and I will have to get our fix of coup d’etat some other time. If anyone has further questions, they may ask me on chat. 

First Ausia Event of The Week! (Ausia Slushy Training Results)

Hello ACP!

Today the Ausia division logged on to CP to do some training. Our tactics were phenomenal, and our sizes were awesome. We maxed an astonishing 23, and averaged 21. This event was purely awesome! Here are the results. (The event was on Slushy, which was a 2-bar server at the time)


Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 7.47.18 PM

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