Results of Big Foot Recruiting

Hello ACP,

We did very well in the Big Foot recruiting. One thing for new ACP members, is to make sure to do tactics, because they affect on our whole performance. We lost some of the pictures, due to Lumarnara’s computer crashing. We had sizes from 18-23, which is very good. Everyone who made it gets 3 medals, thanks for attending troops!


E+G Game Sticks, see we must improve, this was after Luma crashed, and we moved to Forts.

E+L Clovers, not bad, but some weren’t awake to do the tactic.

E+K Cakes, also not bad

E+P Puffles

Size: A

Tactics: B

Overall Performance: B

We had many more pictures with great tactics, but they were lost. One tip, guys please do the tactics, and don’t be AFK(Away From Keyboard). We’ll practice more on our tactics, since it will help our new troops.

Comment if you made this!

-Bigmail ACP 2ic

9 Responses

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it, times for events changed.

  2. i came

  3. I attended

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