Results of Practice Battle with WV

Hey ACP,

We sadly have lost this practice battle. Don’t worry it was only for practice. We had an average of 12 on CP the whole time. Our tactics were alright as we still are struggling with them. The only reason we lost was because most of the “ACP haters” helped WV in the practice battle. Still, they had bigger sizes, and tactics, so I admited defeat. Good job WV. ACPRF, this is urgent, please try your best to recruit every day. 3 medals to whoever came, and thank you to the people who came ACP troops.


E+9 Mad Faces for Defense

“Lost Size” Tactic we entered.

E+2 Happy Faces

We had more tactics, but not many people were doing them. Guys, please don’t be gone when an event is in progress. We’ll have tactic sessions soon ACP.

-Bigmail ACP 2ic

5 Responses

  1. I came.

  2. I was there

  3. ME CAME
    (caveman talk)

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