[UK Division] Recruiting Session [Results]

Hello, ACP!

Today we’ve had a decent recruiting session on Ice Berg(5 bar) and we were able to have sizes of 35! Congratulations. This is really good!

1 3 Screenshot_10

Congratulations! Comment if you made it. [pictures were taken directly from the lightshot upload thingy, copy pasting it onto the post then resized so people can see that they weren’t touched one bit]

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7 Responses

  1. I made it all the way to the UK for an event and I’m from the US. Double promo in my future

  2. made it

  3. 35? Ohohoho, bold move deciding to say those numbers.

    – Kieran

  4. I was there! Awesome job ACP!

  5. I’ll start of by saying that I unfortunately could not make today’s battle, as I had something going on at the time, and only got on at the end of the battle.

    Also, well done for deleting my comment so quickly, censorship for the win!

    Let’s go with a quote from the article first.
    “we were able to have sizes of 35!”
    http://prntscr.com/38i0c4 relevant photo of sercan claiming that there’s no post of him saying we got 35.

    Sercan was the only person to claim 35. Here’s some soldiers who attended the battle disagreeing with him:


    I’d also like to comment on the fact that you’ve made all the pictures conveniently so small that you can’t count how many attended. I zoomed in, and this was the best I could count:


    So as far as I could see, the highest I counted was 25. Now, I’m sure there will be a detailed comment proving me wrong, because our leader would never lie to us.

    Am I making a big deal about this? Yes. Is it necessary with the current leadership who continue to lie to us? Yes.

    I’d appreciate it if you don’t censor this comment, but of course, if you must hide yourself away, then go ahead.

    – Kieran, ACP Brigadier General

  6. Made it

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