[UK Division] Training Down The Zipline


Hai ACP,

It’s Kingfunks4 here reporting on the training session we had today and I am pleased to see we did fairly well, with sizes maxing 25+. The tactics were great at times, but sometimes we could’ve been a tad more focused. However, considering the recent happenings and Sercan not being able to attend the battle – we did fairly well. This event was also led by Skyfish and moderators Buckley and Ahmed, so well done to you guys. Click “Read More” for the rest of the pictures after the one bellow and also make sure you comment if you came to the event.

Comment if you came to this Training session!

-Kingfunks4 Retired ACP Leader

9 Responses

  1. Made it for last 5 mins, so i think it counts

  2. Good job today ACP! I made it.

  3. We had 40 and perfect tactics where’d the pics go?

  4. no more editing right?

  5. I went.

    Once ACP, always ACP.

  6. A leader retiring, allegations and scandals surfacing and ACP is still number 1.

  7. Below* Funks, stop making this error or the ACP Grammar Department will be forced to take action.

  8. I made it

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