An End, Once And For All

Hey, ACP! I know this might be coming too soon, however, all good things must come to an end at one point…

I’ve been in armies for around 4 years now, and ACP was my first army, it’s been an amazing experience and If I had to describe it, all I would say is: Wow, just wow. I will now tell you guys a bit about myself. The first official army I’ve joined was the Army of Club Penguin, before that, I’ve been a rogue for about 3-4 months, I knew of the site, of the chat, and everything, but I just didn’t join until 14th March, 2010. I hadn’t realised, but my 4 years anniversary was just a few weeks ago! Basically, if I had to describe my army career, I would divide it in two parts. The first part would consist of my leadership in the Golden Troops. I was ACP 4ic and GT leader in the same time. I eventually retired from ACP to concentrate on Golden Troops, where, with a lot of work, it managed to reach first on the CPAC Top Ten while ACP was still a world power, I believe it was the first time ACP lost it’s first spot in a really long time at that point. You can see the post here. It was the first army I led and the first time an army got first, it was an amazing day that I won’t forget easily, a great realisation in my CP Army career. I’ve had a lot of fun there, and I’ve made a bunch of friends! After this, there was a long period of absence for me, I left for around 2 years, came back in July 2013, ACP’s fall was something new for me and quite shocking, I decided coming back with one purpose: to restore ACP’s glory. I quickly rose up on ranks, from mid mod to 4ic in only a couple of months. In August, I dominated in a 3ic election in the ACP. I had way more votes than the other 2 competitors combined.  Oh that reminds me, until now, I’ve been in a bunch of elections, and I’ve never lost any of them. After some time, I got leader, in late november, it was really amazing, for a long time becoming ACP leader seemed an impossible dream, but I eventually achieved it. Now, the harder part started, ACP was in a mess, the US division couldn’t max more than 10, which is why I convinced a great friend of mine, Jerry, to come join ACP and help me fix it. Through my leadership, the UK division maxed 60+ on it’s own and had multiple events with 50+. We have gained a solid #1 spot that we’ve held for 5 weeks now. In the last months, we haven’t been 1st only 2 times, when DCP got it.(that was when I had chickenpox and Flip was gone to exams too, as I can remember) There it is, everything seemed beautiful, ACP is once again the biggest army out there, our glory restored, and everything is great! I believe I’ve done my job here as ACP leader, and now I face greater problems in the real life.

That was a really short history of mine, I could make it much longer, as I’ve experienced so many beautiful things in armies and I will never forget some things I’ve done around. I’ve met amazing people, people that were nice and helped me whatever the situation I’m in, and I’ve met cowards as well, who pretend being friends just to take advantage of your trust and back-stab you. All soldiers in ACP, remember what I’ll tell you right now: choose your friends carefully, choose who you trust carefully. It is very important to do so.

My retirement is because of real life issues, it is not due to the CPAC articles. Nothing was going to happen to me, I actually wanted to stay a bit more so I can clean the mistake I’ve done, but I cannot do that. I apologise for those mistakes, but hey, everyone does wrong things sometimes, it’s part of our life. But yeah, I can’t stay, there’s something that has popped up in real life, and also a sudden realisation.

I will now continue with a list of my friends, I hope I won’t forget too many people, but if I did, please forgive me as I’m rushing this retirement, and it’s impossible remembering everyone I’ve been friends with in the past 4 years. I’ll start with my Golden Troops friends, since they’re the oldest friends I have.

Golden Troops:

  • Jerry: It’s easy for me to say that you’ve become my best friend in this community, heck, how many things have we done together? (haha not what you guys are thinking, I swear :lol:) All the jokes we’ve done, even if some of them were really immature and inappropriate(insults and whatever else). We’ve always led together, so I believe leaving together is a good thing to do, after all, look at how much we did together. It’s amazing, together, we managed to take ACP’s first spot in 2011, and now, in 2013-2014, restore ACP’s first spot. I’m really glad I met you, you never betrayed me and always had my back and I’m very grateful for having such a great friend like you.
  • Sklooperis: Thank a lot for having to put with me, I think you will never probably read this as you have retired long ago. I really miss you and I know we’ll never end up talking again probably. But I want to let you know that you’ve always inspired me. I hope you have a great life and that you gotta bunch of ca$h, my BFF. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!
  • Ganger: Hah, buddy. We’ve had a couple of fights but we still get along. I remember you defended me a lot in my early career in GT. So, I’ll thank you for that. Thanks! Also, good luck in SWAT, I’m sure you’re doing great. Just don’t leave if it starts falling because that will just kill it, if you stay and do your best it will stop falling and it will start rising instead.
  • Saiyaman: Heyy, I remember we had some fun when you were around at first. At first you didn’t like me but we ended up being good buds. Hah, I still remember beating you at that card jitsu fire game after you bragged being the best fire ninja or something (7-1 or something). Good times, hope you have a good life and I know you won’t be reading this either.
  • Tristin: Hey, lil sister! You probably won’t read this, you barely hang around on xat at all anymore and you especially don’t read CP armies site, but if I see you on chat sometime I would tell you to check this just to read what I said here. I just wasted your time, didn’t I? Hahaha, kidding. So, I remember we used to have a lot of fun in GT and that you were a sith or something in the “Jedi Wars” we had in GT. I hope you have a good life. 😆
  • Sora: Dude, you’re crazy. I remember how you always changed your mood and personality all the time. Nowadays, you seem very serious and act very intelligently, but I remeber you used to be the biggest pervert in GT (after Wenny of course, nobody beat Wenny at that ever).
  • Tap Dancer: You were always that kind of guy that hated ACP and believed in all the conspiracies around, and even created a bunch of conspiracies. I believe you currently work at CPAC currently, posting about parties or something. Hope you do a good job at that, I’ve seen you on xat a couple of times but never managed to talk to you, sorry for that. Good luck, Tap.
  • Wenny: We’ve always got along pretty well from what I can remember. I know you always asked me to do GFX for you, and I recently kept rejecting your offers and I’m sorry for that, but being ACP leader really took most of my free time that I didn’t put into real life stuff. I know you keep bringing CPST back, so if you ever do it again. I wish you good luck. 🙂
  • Albaro: I’m not sure whether or not I should put this on the ACP part or here.. I know you’ve been both under my GT leadership and my ACP leadership. I know you’ve been a good soldier everytime and I’m glad you’ve joined the armies I was leading. You were always an important soldier.
  • All the other Golden Troops: Thank you for being such amazing soldiers, I’ve led you with pride and I will miss leading GT. You guys were amazing.

Army of Club Penguin:

  • Flipmoo: The day I met you I knew that we were going to get through a lot. We’ve become really close friends and we had a really successful leadership together. I’m sorry it had to end this way, Flip. I really enjoyed leading with you and it was really amazing. I hope you aren’t angry with me for what I’ve done or something. I really will miss leading with you and I wish you good luck with leading ACP!
  • Boomer: You’ve helped me so much, and I’m really grateful for it. Thanks for supporting me so much and being very friendly with me. I will always respect you, and I will always help you with anything you want if you ever need it since I owe you one. Thanks for being an amazing friend, and I hope you got a great life, Boomer.
  • Ahmed: Hey, dude. You’re an amazing soldier, very loyal and very active. You’re one of the best soldiers I’ve ever had actually, and I will miss leading an army with people like you in it! Ahmed, you will have a successful career if you keep being hard working and loyal like you are now. Just never give up, you will sometimes end up in bad situations, but don’t give up, just keep going forward.
  • Funks: We’ve been good friends, and I really respect you. You’re a good leader despite what many people say. I hope you’ll take good care of the UK division while I’m gone buddy. I’ve heard you’ll be taking care of my baby for some time, so good luck!
  • Shaboomboom: I know we’ve had quite of a complicated relationship (haha, no guys.. not that way..) but I want to let you know I’ve always respected you very much, since my first days I was a noob until today. I really respect you very much and I may of have said things out of anger that I want to assure you weren’t true. I hope you have a good life, and once again, I can easily consider you one of the people that have inspired me the most and one of the few people that taught me important lessons. Good luck in life, bud!
  • Mchappy: I’ve been a soldier under your leadership and I can honestly say you were amazing. You were a really kind and funny leader that was very well respected. I will always thank you for giving me that 4ic position in ACP. Also, take good care of my sara armor. 😉
  • Bobcatboy: Dude, you’re really amazing. You’re very nice and very experienced, and you’ve really been a great friend. I want to tell you that you’ve really been an amazing leader, and if there are people who say otherwise, they either don’t know well what you did and how amazing your leadership was, or they are just jealous. Don’t take them seriously, man. Good luck in life!
  • Lumarnara: You’re a very loyal owner, and I really like that at you. You care about ACP a lot and I feel very lucky for having such a great 3ic like you. You literally love the army and are very loyal to us, which makes it easy for me to say that you’re a perfect 3ic. I wish you good luck in your ACP career, I’m sure you’ll do great, man.
  • Splasher: You’ve been a great 3ic, Splash. We really had a lot of fun talking about history and thanks for adding me to that history site! I never really got to make a post..I just started one and almost finished it but then, you know, I got ACP leader, and that really consumed most of my free time. Sorry for never posting. Thank you for being a great friend, Splasher!
  • Mrtchy: Hey Mrtchy. I’m really proud of you, as you’ve been doing a fantastic job with our AUSIA division even when Flipmoo was gone. You’ve also attended UK events sometimes, which was really a surprise for me. Thanks for all the help, bud.
  • Cassius Brutus: Hey Cas, I’m not sure whether or not you’re surprised to see yourself here. I wanted to say we did hang out pretty well at first, and that you were a great friend. Sorry it had to end the way it did.
  • Rix: You’ve been a great friend as well, you’re always nice and really supportive. Thank you for being very nice to me and for that nice gift you’re getting me. It’s really appreciated. 🙂
  • Stromae:  You’ve always been very loyal to me, Stromae. You’ve been a great owner and you’ve always done a lot to help me and ACP. Thanks for buying us CSS and providing us with a lot of penguins to give away and use for recruiting! Good luck in life, Strom.
  • Purple Slime: You’re a really young soldier, and really capable of doing many things. I’m sure you’ll do great as leader and if you ever need help with anything, you can always ask, ok?
  • All the other ACP soldiers: Thank you for being amazing. It’s been great leading you and I will miss doing so. You will never be forgotten.

Okay, so that was what I had to say about my friends. Once again, I’m sorry if I missed any of you. I’m in a bit of a rush now, and if I’ve forgotten anyone, please don’t be saddened by this.

I’d now like to show you some pictures of Golden Troops and ACP under my leadership.

Golden Troops:

recruiting06 winksforts


Army of Club Penguin: 

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_71


Now that I spent the time to go check for these amazing pictures, I realise how much work I’ve put into the army and how much I’ve loved both. And I’m very proud to say they were very successful,and hit 1st on the top 10. I’m glad to be known as one of the leaders that restored ACP’s power, from an army that maxed 10 at events and got 1st on SMAC, to what you can see above. If you’d like to see more about how amazing the Triumvirate was, please click here. (take not that I was leader for one more week after that post was made, and we still got 1st)

The results were fantastic, and I’m very proud of them. After the Triumvirate was instated, we’ve had an average of 1.28 in the top 10.(including the last week, since Jerry was still part of the leadership, he is publishing his retirement post these days too)

It brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the amazing moments I’ve had with you guys, it was something really special, a powerful bond between us. We seeked to achieve something together, and we have done it. I’m sure our prosperity will keep living on with the future leaderships, I’m sure all the work I’ve put into the army will not be forgotten. Thank you everyone for everything, it’s been amazing.

So, I suppose, this is the end now. It’s really hard to believe for me, after everything I went through in these armies, it’s now ending.. I feel accomplished for earning ACP leader and making the army so powerful, and restored it’s might.

Now.. for the last time..

Good Bye, ACP!

-Sercan, Retired ACP Leader

65 Responses

  1. Goodbye Sercan. Thank you for all your hard work for ACP.

  2. Yeah uuh Bye Serc

  3. *21 guns salute* Fallen today is a hero lost in the echoes of time…

  4. Goodbye Sercan, I will miss you. Thank you for your hard work. I will miss the triumvirate so much.

  5. Cya Serc, have a good one, and stop watching anime (WARY) Flip suggests it strongly.

  6. Sercan, I don’t know what to say.
    It was a BLAST leading with you and Jerry.
    I felt as if we were close to being invincible at the peak of the triumvirate.
    It’s unfortunate what happened at the end, but I will forever cherish the memories of us leading together for as long as I live.
    I’ll miss you a lot, but hopefully we’ll still keep in touch and talk about anime and stuff on our free time. x)

    Wish me and the other ACP soldiers luck!

    I’ll see ya around buddy.

  7. I’ll miss you old friend. 😥

  8. You still gonna be hanging around chat, Serc? Regardless, I didn’t agree with every decision you made as ACP leader but I still do have tremendous respect for you and the things you did right. Have fun on retirement island! Hopefully, the natives won’t eat you up too quickly.

  9. Sercan, no matter if you are in Survey Corps, I don’t mind. Even if I am Ausia, I like you so much. Thank you so much for your hard work. And please don’t forget me!

  10. Bye serc, I’ll miss you. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to the army. I’m glad I’ve been able to serve by you.

  11. Stromae and Purple Slime for newww ACP Leedurs

  12. im sorry it had to end the way it did Sercan and Jerry.

  13. Bai sir John! I’ve had a fantastic time leading the UK force with you & seeing great sizes of up to 45 plus on CP! Thanksies for leading us to the top 3 on cpac for most of the time, for you and jerry too. @nuclear yeah, sorry it had to end like this. Good luck in the future! 🙂

  14. Goodbye Serc,we’ll miss you so much you were such a great leader D; D:

  15. Goodbye Serc ! ACP will miss u a lot! It may even lose its 1rank on cpac! Goodbye ! * cries*

  16. Serc, You were a great leader (before the multilog stuff) your style of leading is very neat and I will miss ya

  17. Bet y’all didn’t know that sercan is meant to be pronounced ‘sir john’

  18. so what do you want a promotion?

  19. Bye Serc! 😦 Thanks for being a leader, a soldier, and a friend! You did amazing stuff in your career despite the recent news and controversies. You were the one to kick start my idea in having a DRACP role now and I definitely want to thank you for everyone you did for me whether you think you had a part of not! Take care in life man and hopefully you can sometimes visit?

    Didn’t end in the best way but to you Serc I salute.


    • Bye Bob! Thanks for being a great friend, and a good soldier… and a good leader… I will miss you, man. And I’m glad I convinced you with this thing, I really am.
      Yes, it didn’t end in the best way, but it end pretty epic imo.
      I salute you too.

  20. even though I only seen you a little bit serc..I will always remember you

    in the army since sunday this week

  21. Its been great to be in this army!
    Awesome and great!

  22. For the last time, I salute you.

  23. NO NO NO NO NO! Not the Mass effect 3 ending music! OH GOD NO! PLEASE NO WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME SECRAN!?!?!!?! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME? *breaks down crying*


  25. For anyone curious, the music and the title of this post are an OST out of the popular Game Mass Effect 3, which was the conclusion to the trilogy. I love the crap out of these games. This was the final OST to play as you finally beat the enemy you’ve been fighting for 3 games…. my only question now is… WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!?!?!

  26. Feels man…. feels….

  27. Serc good luck wherever life takes you. You did a great job leading ACP despite the problems at the end. Don’t let them deter you.

  28. bye sercan
    good being friends with u

  29. I don’t remember you from the last generation of GT?

  30. Goodbye Sercan! ( If you see this ) I will miss you sooooooooooooooooo much! Even though I’ve only been in ACP for a short time, I feel as though you were a good friend and I will still keep you on my friends list, you’re a great person, I hope you get far in life and enjoy it whilst it lasts… x <<< Yes I put a "x" lol. ;(

  31. It’s a shame you had to leave off on a sour note like this. Take care bud.

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