To the Troops of the DRACP

Sercan has retired from the Army of Club Penguin. His retirement post can be found here.

Hello ACP,

This is an address to all the present troops of the ACP. It is a rather long post, but our current situation does not allow for a short discussion of the matter at hand.

It has been a tumultuous time for us. In the space of a week, we have seen the retirement of Jerry, followed very closely by the releasing of the results of a CPAC investigation on Sercan’s picture editing and Jerry’s multi-logging, and ending off with Sercan’s retirement. I hardly find it surprising that many of you are confused, demoralized, and suddenly very doubting of the ACP administration.

Many of us now feel that the leadership, one that we had once thought of so favorably, one that we thought had managed to pull ACP out from its greatest fall and put it back once again into a position of dominance, one that was credited with removing a corrupted dictator and declared it would uphold with integrity the highest of principles and orals, has become exactly the opposite of what it had promised. Instead, many of us troops now see an administration of corruption and cheating, dishonesty and dictatorship…is this leadership any better than the Cassius Brutus leadership, the one that it had claimed was so authoritative, lacking in credibility and charity?

Some troops feel the urge to leave. Some have already left. Some is now clearly disillusioned with the leadership that we thought was once so promising and incorruptible. But this is only due to the overriding emotion of the times. Rationality triumphs purely emotional thinking.

Together, let us reconsider the facts, and the situation that we have before us. 

Firstly- let us consider the UK division. Sercan has been accused, and has recently admitted to and apologized for the editing of event pictures. The editing of pictures is viewed as illegal in armies, and it is right that Sercan was reprimanded and warned of this action. However, the only hard evidence of picture editing that Sercan has done is adding in emotes and event pictures in order to make tactics look better. There is still yet no evidence that Sercan is also responsible for the editing of pictures that happened under Cassius Brutus’s leadership and caused a scandalous sensation in armies so long ago which would eventually lead to Cas’s coup d’état. Who edited those pictures I cannot say, but here we must allow Sercan the benefit of the doubt: he is only responsible for the adding of emotes into pictures, and this itself ended months ago. Immoral, and unfair, perhaps, but hardly a matter where its significance has to be overblown into ridiculous proportions. In any case, here the ACP admits its mistake, and this act has already stopped; there has been no more ‘picture editing’ for months. 

Next let us consider the USA divisionJerry, who has just recently gone into retirement, has been accused of, and now admits to, multi-logging. Multi-logging is easily some of the most dishonorable actions you can take in armies, and truly it is not one that anyone should accept. I am not, and will not be an apologist for Jerry’s actions. Whatever his reason, multi-logging is still multi-logging; and there are many who doubt the explanation that this multi-logging was only undertaken for recruiting purposes where event results are not posted. Whether or not this is true I also cannot say; I am hardly familiar with the USA division. What I can say, however, is yes, he was wrong to multi-log and yes, the ACP administration committed another mistake, one which should never be repeated again in its future. Jerry may not have apologized in his post, but I think that even without it written, we know we are sorry for this act.

Is it easier to move on once it is admitted in the open that we did make a mistake, and that we must strive not to do it again? 

So to those who are disillusioned with the administration, and to those who have left or yearn to leave: think. The ACP triumvirate made several mistakes, and now it has admitted to them. Both the members of the triumvirate which committed these acts have left; Sercan and Jerry are now both retired. This leaves only Flipmoo as the last member of the triumvirate still to remain in power. It was Flipmoo who was the driving force behind the coup d’état of Cassius Brutus, and it was he who had written, long ago:

The new leaders of the ACP will defend the ACP troops and restore its prestigious reputation.

Let us consider the AUSIA division, under the leadership of Flipmoo. I myself served for some time under Flipmoo, so I am familiar with the actions of this division. There is yet no evidence that the AUSIA division itself has committed anything illegal under his leadership.The only thing that might tarnish this reputation would be the picture editing of AUSIA’s largest event back during Summer 2013, although that was under the Cassius administration and the circumstances of that editing is largely unknown and would probably remain so. We can conclude with a fair amount of confidence that the AUSIA division’s leadership have constantly upheld its moral standard and honor- and it is the commander of this division, Flipmoo, that will remain with the ACP as the sole remnant of what was the triumvirate, and it will be him who is at the helm of the ACP in the near future.

Hold no misunderstandings: the USA division and UK division are NOT collectively responsible for whatever mistakes their leaders did. In fact, the ACP as a whole is also NOT collectively responsible for what ACP leaders may have done to tarnish its reputation. But it is due to the mistakes of a few that the WHOLE army is now plunged into this uncertainty and disillusionment. It is unfair to regard the ACP as an army without honor and without moral decency, but that is how it is. That’s how the community views us. Life is unfair. All we can do is deal with it.

It will be up to Flipmoo and the remaining owners of the ACP to correct these mistakes and to restore ACP back to its previous prestige. But this is a time of weakness, where two of our leaders will be gone and new ones will have to replace them. These transitions are always when armies are weak; especially so for the ACP, now that the media has struck us, the community hates us, and our entire administration is in doubt by its own troops. Will you abandon this army now, at a time where our honor is lost and our enemies are ready to pounce on us at this moment of weakness? Will you be so disillusioned with the leadership that you will leave your friends in the army, despite the fact that the leaders that you think have done wrong are soon to leave, or have left? Will you not consider that the ACP fully admits to its mistakes, promises not to repeat them and are setting its sights on the restoration of our integrity, our honor, our prestige? 

Let us push through this together. We must not allow for a repeat of the fall of ACP that happened after the disastrous string of defeats back in 2012 and 2013. The hard work that allowed us to regain 1st place will all amount for nothing if we let ourselves lose it now. It is only through the combined efforts of all ACP troops, whether they are member, moderator or owner, that we can retain our position of dominance, and restore our reputation in the army community.

Large sizes are one way to measure the success of an army. Integrity is another. We have been doing well with large sizes, but not well with integrity. To let ourselves fall right now would be to lose our size. Would you rather obtain back our integrity and reputation, but lose our sizes, or take both at the same time?  Hold whatever doubts that may remain in your mind about the ACP leadership, but know that not all the owners have been involved in what many are calling ‘moral indecency’. There remains many people who are willing to uphold morals at all costs. But it is not only them who will be the driving force behind this. You, and every other ACP troop, must also be ready to remain loyal to the army for us to remain dominant in size, and also regain our integrity, our honor, our prestige.

“Defend freedom, preserve justice”. These words once meant something. We can make it mean something again. Fight for our prestige, show the world that we still have integrity. Defend our dominance and our reputation. We’re the best army out there; we will experience success, but only if you’re willing to put in your effort to making it happen.

gfx credit: monsoon

Restore our integrity. Defend our dominance. Show the world what the true ACP is like.


Former ACP Third in Command & Second AUSIA Division Commander. 

12 Responses

  1. *raises slimey fist with righteousness*

  2. You have my help should you require it

  3. Purp 4 leader

  4. Nice speech, Ken.

  5. It is at times like this that ACP requires loyalty. Let’s get together and do this.

  6. What’s the ACP chat? I want to join!

  7. Jerry didn’t really apologize rather than condone what he did and you have to realize just because you said sorry it won’t go away.

    • It won’t go away so make people think better of ACP by doing things that make people think higher of you and not just people in ACP.

  8. Acp will always be my home army. You have my loyalty and trust

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