Let’s go, ACP!

Hai ACP,

As you are aware, the amazing triumvirate leadership has ended with the retirements of Jerry and Sercan, who served our army well over the past few months. As shown by yesterdays event, we can still and will push on and make the army even better – because no matter who is incharge that is what our army is about. With the USA division, Bigmail is more than capable of sustaining the success bought by Jerry and we still have the AUSIA division with Flipmoo – who will remain our sensational leader. As for the UK division, I’m sure some of you know that I will be temporarily leading this section of the army for now, alongside Strom and Slime. I’m not sure how long I’ll be temporarily leading the division for, but in this time I will look to sustain what Sercan built and also make sure that Slime will be ready to take over.

However, remember the main aspect of this army is being united as one. If something goes wrong, we don’t say it’s not our fault because AUSIA had a bad week, we take it as an army and move on to try and do better the week after. Sercan and Jerry want us to continue to hold what we control and keep together the new era in the ACP.

-Kingfunks4, Retired ACP Leader & Interim UK Leader

5 Responses

  1. #bigmail4leader
    And nice motivational post. The UK division is going to be great with you

  2. Welcome back! 😀

  3. Coming back in 15 hours or so!!!

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