[Awesome] Survey Corps Training Session


Hey ACP, Purp here! I have returned from my 11 day long holiday and even though we, the ACP, have been through some huge bumps in this period of time, it seems like we’ve been pulling off some excellent events recently. Great! So today at 8:30pm UK (we had to postpone it) there was a European force training session that was lead by me, Stromae and Lumarnati. We logged on Alaska which was 3 bars. It was a great turnout – we averaged 20-25+ and had a maximum of 32 on CP. We performed some splendid tactics mainly in the town and ice berg. 3 medals to everyone who attended!

Read more for pics taken by Lumarnati and Lionzluver (thanks, guys!)


-Alaska 3 bar-

Comment if you came for promotion credit!


10 Responses

  1. I came

  2. I was there.

  3. 28 at the berg yep totally!

  4. I didn’t. 😦

  5. Fantastic Job!

  6. I came

  7. I came! ❀

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