Hello ACP, tonight we had a PB against the Rebel Penguin Federation. This was by no way our worst event we had, but it was not good compared to our most recent ones. We logged on to the server Breeze, which was a 1-bar as always to have a PB with RPF. Conflicts arose however, because somebody scheduled the event for 7 pm EST on the ACP site; whereas RPF said it was at 8 pm EST the entire time. This resulted in us losing the practice battle. This is not the first time it happened either, and as a result of this time change numerous people had to leave chat, leading to our poor performance and eventual loss during the event. In any case, we maxed 17 and averaged 12. Also a happy Easter to you all from Teigan!

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Club Penguin Puffle April 2014 Party Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  The highly anticipated Puffle Party has finally arrived, and boy has the team proven themselves once again. Last week, Rockhopper brought cat and dog puffles to the island so in celebration PH the Puffle Handler has thrown a party to commemorate this historic event.  Remember to scroll down below for more helpful cheats and whatnot.



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[Survey Corps Report] Practice Battle with Golds!


Today at the usual time of 8:00 PM GMT, we had a practice battle with the Golds. The Golds have been close allies with us recently, and it was great to have a battle with them for fun and to test each others strength in our Euro squad. As you will see, ACP won!

We started off well getting around 20+, but nearer the end of the battle things started getting hot! We reached sizes of 28-30! With perfect Tactics! Never the less, it was a very fun battle to be part of! Kingfunks4, Purpleslime, Lum and myself all lead this epic battle. Today was a tough battle and all together we had a great time battling our allies. As it was a practice battle, no-one was a winner, but I think this time we are allowed to have the bragging rights this time! 😀

An impressive “X” formation with E+8 Spit

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[Gendarmerie Report] AUSIA Practice Battle with PR Results! (VICTORY!!)

GendarmerieACPGreetings, ACP!

Today the ACP Gendarmerie (AUSIA Division) logged on for a practice battle against the PR! They maxed 6~7 troops while we maxed 26 and averaged 21 troops in total! Great job to those who attended! Three medals will be given out to those who attended and comment on this post! :mrgreen: Let’s keep this up guys! See you at the battle tomorrow! (The event was on Sleet1-bar)

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 8.04.25 PM Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 8.04.31 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 8.19.19 PM

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