ACPTR – Now Hiring

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Hello ACP!
Have you ever wanted to become more important? Sure you probably maybe nosomuch have! ACPTR is looking to hire people above the mod line to join our staff. We’re looking for anyone whos willing at this point. We need the most Ausia staff at the moment as we have none. If you want to join just fill out this form here:



Time Zone:


If you’re looking to find a way to get recognized in ACP, make a name for yourself, and stand out from the others when its time for a promotion you should join ACPTR and be a staff member. Of course if you’re a Warrant officer or under you can join ACPTR as a cadet starting May 1st on the ACPTR site.

As a staff member you’re going to teach cadets, make posts following those events you teach, make your own events, and be able to make an impression on lots of new soldiers. You’ll work with cadets and help them get used to the ACP way.

Thats it, its very simple, and very easy. Once you comment I’ll come find you on ACP chat when or if you get hired.


7 Responses

  1. Name: Aeropos

    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    Time Zone: PST

    Experience? I have been in ACP since 2009 and know most of the history of the army. I graduated from ACPTR with an A+ and I am good at being responsible, if I need to come to some last minute event I will do my best to be there. I think that’s enough experience. If I become a ACPTR staff instructor I will teach every cadet the basics of ACP, give them tips on how to become a good leader, and why being in ACP is a benefit to skills that you would use in the real world, leadership and responsibility. I will teach every cadet no matter if its 30 cadets or just 1. Well I hope I get picked so I can help ACP’s future 🙂 .

  2. Name: Kenz112

    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    Time Zone: Ausia

    Experience? I was a part of ACPTR staff a few months ago.

    P.S: I saw in the ACPTR site something about ‘staff to consider hiring’ and my name waas in it. 😉

  3. Name: Popcorny
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    Time Zone: UK
    Experience? I was meant to be uk intern so idk if i could get that again. I have led armies to top of smap and all that and have good leadership skills if that helps in anyway

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