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War Stats: [212] (ACPSWAT)

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[Australia/Asia], [USA], [UK]

This page will show all of the victors for each battle to keep track of the war.


Monday, April 21st 2014.

[USA] Defense of Breeze [ACP VICTORY (Disputed)]

[USA] Defense of White House [ACP VICTORY]


Tuesday, April 22nd 2014.

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of Breeze [ACP VICTORY]

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of White House [ACP VICTORY]

[UK] Invasion of Parka [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Half Pipe [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Snow Globe [ACP VICTORY]


Wednesday, April 23rd 2014.

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of Half Pipe [ACP VICTORY]

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of White House [ACP VICTORY]

[UK] Invasion of Outback [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Caribou [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Snow Fort [ACP VICTORY]


Thursday, April 24th 2014.

[AUSIA] Invasion of Sabertooth [ACP VICTORY]

[AUSIA] Invasion of Koscuiszko [ACP VICTORY]

[UK] Invasion of Cozy [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Brumby [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Fiesta [ACP VICTORY]


Friday, April 25th 2014.

[AUSIA] Invasion of Arctic [ACP VICTORY]

[AUSIA] Invasion of Christmas [ACP VICTORY]

[UK] Reclamation/Cleansing of Caribou  [ACP VICTORY]

[USA] Defense of Sherbet [ACP Defeat]

[USA] Defense of Fog [ACP Defeat]


Saturday, April 26th 2014.

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of Sherbet [ACP VICTORY]

[AUSIA] Reclamation/Re-Invasion of Fog [ACP VICTORY]

[WEEDEND FORCE] Victory Parade

31 Responses

  1. Nice job ACP, keep it up

  2. What the hell are you guys thinking? I’m with SWAT and you’re letting LIT and Mods surrender? AND you’re editing photos? You guys are low.

  3. You’re clearly under a rock, your leaders are surrendering plus, we got spies.

    • So, you admit to having spies? That’s low, even lower than you editing your photos. Alright, cool you explained the photos. At the same time you also didn’t NOT win all 5 battles. You clearly lost the 1st one and the the most recent battle.

      • Spying isn’t low. Spying has been used in countless wars and will continue to be used into the future.

      • We won the first battle bro, check our post, all your owners/leaders raging that we won. (wink)

      • We won every battle because we actually do tactics and we don’t abuse our troops for not doing them. Also I recall SWAT always retreating into town. So you think you are big SWAT? cool, how are your tactics? thought so, take the letter T out of SWAT because right now you don’t have it.

        • Our tactics are just as good as yours, but we don’t edit our photos noob.

          • Are we playing a game to see who can say the most things that happened in the past? SWAT was a crappy army.Oh wait… that still holds true today.

          • If SWAT’s tactics are as good as ACP I dare you to get the best pictures of SWAT doing tactics in this war, I bet you will find none, but ACP has plenty. Don’t be SWAT’s posts are delusion and they are just to scared to hear the truth.

          • We’re scared to hear the truth? You clearly lost SnowGlobe, lol

          • You’re clearly an idiot. Your tactics sucks balls, also we don’t edit photos like the one you faked on the SWAT post. (wink)

          • Oh that? We faked that because that’s what you do! You ask members and like, privates if they surrender and post it. How does it feel?

          • That made no sense Sai. It’s funny that we got pics of your leaders admitting defeat and all you got is a faked soldier that is not even in our army saying this stuff that’s not true. Oh and Sai it feels great to have a undefeated winning streak.

          • In the end it wouldn’t matter if ACP was editing the photos or not. The highest rank on chat during the battle in SWAT surrenders its not even worth disputing. Serc and Jerry edited photos now the entire army does or at least when SWAT loses we do apparently.

      • Even if you claimed to win, you don’t own Breeze. The AUSIA Division cleansed all the servers you guys claimed to of have invaded.

        gg no re.

        • Flipmoo is the only leader that is making sense here, nice job. But we did win snowglobe without a doubt in mind. We also won Halfpipe, the photo we have is just a joke because you seem to do that a lot (not you flipmoo, you’re pretty cool) We also have breeze, tactics wise.

          • Sai that’s what you say “Oh SWAT has perfect tactics” even though leaders post nothing but 1 picture of your army doing no tactics at all, I like you to pick the best picture you have of every battle and compare it to ACP’s, Because ACP wins by a long shot.

          • “Long shot? when you win it’s because of weird times, but there are times when you beat us fair and we admit that. You sound like a butt hurt noob, you did NOT win the snowglobe, you failed in size. I don’t want to talk to a fool. I like talking to leaders. Come back and say stuff when you rank up a little =)

          • You speak as if you’re superior when you have the intelligence and rationale of a 3 year old.
            Don’t speak to our troops in that manner.

          • Then tell your troops to respect me. I’ve been in the armies for 4 years, I doubt he’s even been in for 1. If anything he should stop trying to act like he knows everything.

          • Funny how you say you won tactics wise when half your troops don’t do tactics. Plus our sizes at Snow Globe were good.

          • Look at your own photos, we had bigger size. Tactics only matter if the size is tied.


  5. Hehehehe im in bold

  6. I want to join ACP but I got banned forever because I was SWAT? Am I allowed to join and get unbanned?

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