CPAC Spring Smackdown Tournament Round 2 Part 2 RESULTS [Weekend Force]

Today at 7pm UK, we fought the Golds for the CPAC tournament again. Unfortunately, we lost. There’s just one thing that some of you  need to know about-

  • Do not be AFK. There were around 10-15 AFK people during the event. Solution: Make sure you know what time the event is and if you really need to be AFK put ‘AFK’ in the beginning of your name. Generally, you might as well not be AFK.

So throughout the event we had sizes of around 25+ while the Golds were slightly bigger. However, we pulled off some excellent tactics and bombs! Good job everyone, 4 medals if you came! And good job to Golds, you all surely put up a good fight!

Read more for the one actually took pics, so there’s only two of them.

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CPAC Spring Showdown Round 2 Part 1 Battle VS Metal Warriors RESULTS! [WEEKEND FORCE]

Hey ACP! Purp, your new ACP leader, HERE! Today at 6pm UK, we fought the Metal Warriors for the CPAC Spring Showdown tournament and won. Metal Warriors were a no show. We were only on CP for 15 minutes (we logged on at :50_ yet we managed to blow each others socks off with all the brilliant tactics we performed! We had sizes of 30+, averaging 33 throughout the event even though it was 5 minutes due to MW’s no show. 4 medals to everyone who came – great job, guys!

Read more for the awesome pics taken by Lionz, Sonic and more!

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Aw yisss.

The Purpmoo Leadership [Inauguration of Purple Slime4]


 Needless for me to say, the ACP has been quite tumultuous over the past few weeks. The situation has calmed, compared to before, but our pledge that we once swore to oblige to and preserve has been tarnished. Restoration of our trust and the disencumberment of our notoriety will take time, but it will not cling onto us forever. We will move on–and today we take the first step to a new future.

Purple Slime4 is hereupon promoted to an ACP Leader to lead alongside Flipmoo.

This leadership will be known as the:

Purpmoo Leadership.

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