An ACP Story: P2

Snow Fort was famous for its bad weather. Nearly all year long theres a blizzard raging. The harsh conditions made for good training in order to get cadets used to bad and harsh conditions. Tom had been in ACPTR for a week. He hadn’t seen Slider since and didn’t expect to see him for a long time. Tom meets for classes with all the instructors everyday and was assigned to the red drill team. Sonic was his drill team leader who he with the other 15 in the drill team meet with everyday for announcements.

Sonic was a tall slim fellow who wore the usual attire for a drill team leader. He dressed in cargo pants and a green t-shirt and was mostly seen smoking a cigar wearing silver aviators. Tom arrived at the classroom in a usual ACP uniform. Hiking boots, a green t-shirt, and cargo pants. He hated it here but knew he had no other place to go and the pay wasn’t bad.

“Everyone up, roll call!” Sonic yelled and the soldiers went into a single form line facing Sonic. ….and Sargent Tom “HERE SIR!”. “Hmmm so thats everyone but Abby. She must be skipping again. We’ll have to have a talk to her later” and with that Sonic dismissed the cadets to their first block. Tom had been sparring with Liam, a cadet he’d become good friends with for about a half hour when he heard an explosion.

Sirens buzzed and the cadets were dismissed to their quarters and told under no circumstances should they leave. Tom had this sinking feeling and right then 3 other explosions went off. The smaller of the 3 skyscrapers that towered above the island had been set on fire and the first of a few helicopters had arrived and paratroopers began their descent. Bigmail and Stormae had been touring the tower doing the usual inspection which occurred every 6 months.

A medic chopper buzzed by and loaded Bigmail inside. He wasn’t breathing. More explosions went off and the helicopters were shot down by an RPG. Tom was running outside to a crate that had just been delivered with Liam. A case of sniper rifles had just been delivered. Slider and Stormae were in a black SUV heading for the intruder.

Stormae was leaning out the window with an assault rifle but the assassin was ready with a bomb strapped to their back. A few more feet and they’d set it off getting rid of more of the leadership and at that moment Tom took the shot and the assassin fell to their feet and bled out.

The assassin was confirmed to be a Nacho and it was in fact Abby. “No wonder she’d been absent from class so much” Slider said. “Right under our nose, the missing weapons, the sneaking out, it all makes sense now” agreed Sonic. Tom and the ACPTR staff were invited to Bigmail’s funeral at Breeze 3 days from now.

They arrived in Breeze the next day. Slider and Sonic had to attend a meeting and then they’d go back to their flats in Breeze. As for Tom, Twingy arrived in a police van to show Tom the city. First was the hall of legends. The place was huge and was originally Oagalthorp’s palace which is now surrounded with skyscrapers and famous stores. The place was massive and had been converted into a museum. The main hall had statues of every ACP leader and smaller statues of their 2ics and 3ics.

At the very center there was a roman helmet made of marble and gold. Known as the legends page. Anyone who did anything in ACP had their name on it and Tom wanted to be one of them.

Other than that there were exhibits and artifacts everywhere. There was the last remaining tank from the early wars with the golds, uniforms from the color wars, etc. One of the greatest and most valuable trinkets was Person’s sombrero. He had lost it in a bet to Boomer a long time ago and was valued at over 10 million coins.

But most importantly it showed that the Nachos could be so easily beaten and symbolized a point where ACP went up a level humiliating the Nachos. Tom had a hard time taking it all in. “I can’t believe all this.” “It’s just old dusty relics” Twingy answered back shrugging it all off.

Twingy was in a green and black military dress uniform. His face was covered in scars and his right hand showed off part of a tattoo that went up his arm. Tom had toured the ACP capital building before being awarded a medal of valor and promoted which was presented by Flipmoo who very rarely was seen and was sent off to sleep in one of the enormous ACP military barracks.

The barracks were newer than the ones at ACPTR but much more crowded despite the size. Each bunk room had capacity for four soldiers. His new roommates were Catstew, Change, and Teigan. He was the newcomer and wouldn’t be there long so he was shunned.

The next morning had been normal. He got dressed in a dark blue suit for the funeral but at that moment bombs were heard and sirens went off. This wasn’t like ACPTR. Hundreds of fighter jets were revving their engines, special force troops were flying in via helicopters and the whole city had gone into lockdown.

Tom quickly put his uniform back on and was pushed out into the hallway and handed an assault rifle. “THIS ISN’T A DRILL YOU MAGGOTS” Noka yelled over the commotion and Tom was rushed into a military truck and driven out to the front lines where a Nacho invasion was starting.

Tom shouted up to the commanding officer “What the hell! I’m not supposed to be fighting I haven’t finished in ACPTR.” “KID YOU’RE A SOLDIER AND WILL ACT LIKE ONE” was the answer he got. The battle lasted for around an hour. Nachos had retreated but taken the lives of thousands of soldiers and more civilians.

Among the dead were Teigan and Stormae. Luma quickly made the call and retired leaving the US division without a leader and the next day the Nachos rallied again against the barriers around Breeze and the walls were put up and defense missiles rained in the sky for 3 days and nights. Tom woke up in a hospital bed but no one was there this time.

All the medics and doctors were needed to tend to those who had worse injuries. He ripped the IV out of his arm and picked up a gun. “I’ll try the door” “Damn locked but… why?”. Then a chopper buzzed the hospital. It was Slider, Flipmoo, Noka, Mikester, and a couple dozen soldiers. “GET THE HELL IN BOY” Flipmoo shouted and Tom leaped forward and took hold of a mounted machine gun. “THEY TOOK OVER THE HOSPITAL AND ARE USING IT AS A PRISON UNTIL THEY KILL THEM OFF” Slider shouted and at that very moment a jet zoomed by and there was an explosion.

It was Ajman! He took out a Nacho jet obviously packing heat and headed to the leadership building. The Nacho jumped out and parachuted into the hall of legends and at that very moment everyone jumped and followed him.

Slider had a chrome and gold ak-47 and Flipmoo was wielding a shotgun. The rest were just using the normal assult rifle. Tom was handed an MG and told to take stand at the front. They made their way to the Nacho exhibit and found Nacho soldiers breaking open the case with Person’s sombrero.

But something wasnt right and they threw it down and turned to march out. Snipers took them out. “HA YOU THINK WE’RE GOING TO LET YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN!?” shouted Superoo hiding inside the legends page and a couple other snipers emerged.

Flipmoo took out a necklace made from emerald and steel and inserted it into the stone medal on the giant statue of Oagalthorp. Purple Slime followed and Slider who held the remaining pieces which once belonged to the other owners now lying out in the sun being trampled on by Nacho soldiers. Oagalthorp’s statue drew a sword and the stone sword flew like an arrow landing in front of Boomer’s statue and the pedestal Shab stood on opened up to an emergency command center.

“This was built not long after ACP built the Romans” Flipmoo relied and they quickly rushed into the command center where ancient tech and futuristic tech was stored away and at the top of the room a supercomputer. “You didnt think we’d be guarding a bunch of old relics did you” Slime told Tom looking surprised.

Flipmoo was typing something into the computer and Slider was putting on some armor when an alarm went off and Flipmoo pressed a button. On the screen it showed the pinpoints to a missile. It was a nuke! Headed straight for Fjord. The Nacho capital exploded in a flash and the Nachos retreated to a backup military base. It wasn’t over but at least now ACP could rebuild.

Tom was lead into the ACP capital building a week later and award a Clover of Courage medal and sent back to finish his training in ACPTR. All the legends who were still alive were there and the remaining ACP leadership.

Tom passed ACPTR with an A+. Unfortunately Liam hadn’t passed on account of being pulled out to help defend Breeze he had gotten badly injured and wouldn’t ever walk right again. He had been put in charge of transporting new cadets to the base and bought a small house on the outskirts of Snow Fort in a small town called Declan and you can probably guess why.

The next day Tom said his goodbyes and packed his bags. Slider was going to meet him there and mentor him per an agreement with Flipmoo. He’d mentor Tom and fill in for the owner’s who were now deceased while Flipmoo made it a priority to find new UK and Ausia owners. Slider could handle the US part of ACP until he got replacement.

“Sonic I’m leaving you in charge of ACPTR. I’m still leader but as far as anyone is concerned you’re leader too understand? Good. Now theres going to be a new batch of cadets coming in by this weekend just do as we’ve always done and ACPTR will be fine.” and with those words of wisdom Slider climbed into the black private jet.

They arrived to Breeze and Tom hadn’t seen much of Slider for a few days. “I was moving into my old office in the leadership building. I’m not going to be able to train you for a while though. I have work to do for ACP and thats why I’ve brought you here”. They watched a jet land on the landing strip and went out to greet the surprise guests. Out sauntered a blonde penguin. The sleeves on his white shirt were rolled up and his black leather loafers were polished.

He walked with a limp and had a gold cane. He took swigs from a scotch bottle. “This is Cassius Brutus… he won’t be your mentor.” (thank god for that Tom thought). Out stepped a penguin in a black and gold suit. “This is Johnny. He used to be a 2ic and he’ll be your mentor in my absence”. “Hi Tom, I’ve heard a lot about you. Sorry about your wife…”. “We’ll talk later” Slider said once Noka had arrived.

With that Slider stepped into the Land Rover. His black and red suit sticking out even through the blackened windows. Noka and Cas joined him. Noka was to be the other US owner and Cas under Slider’s recommendation was to lead the UK division.

Tom and Johnny took a green jeep back to the military base in Breeze. “I’m not going to be here for long am I?” said Tom to Johnny. “No… the breeze base is only for very elite ACP soldiers since defense of Breeze is very important. You’ll be moved to Snow Globe and I’ll join you soon”. “Okay. What about Slider and Noka though?”. “They need to stay here and sort out problems we’re having in ACP and with the EPF and PSA they’re being very annoying with their investigations”. “Why does ACP let them investigate?” “Well its all part of being part of the united islands”. Johnny finished off his sentence and two agents stopped their car.

The driver got out and was pushed up against the car and Tom was put in a PSA suv. Johnny was shouting and swearing at the agents knocking them out when they tried to grab him but he couldn’t catch up to Tom who had already blended into traffic.

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