[Survey Corps Report] Training on Breeze


Greetings ACP,

Today the ACP Survey Corps had a problematic Training Session on our capital server Breeze!. CP wasn’t working for the first ten minutes, but otherwise we did a fantastic job! The server was a 1 bar and we were able to max 18 troops and averaged 15 throughout the whole event! Good job today, ACP! Please comment below to earn your 3 medals for attending. Remember to attend the Spring Showdown Battle against the Dark Warriors! Alb, Slippy and myself all lead this event!. :mrgreen:

  • Size [7.5/10]: Our sizes were good!, started out with around 15 soon we shoot up to around 18, and floated around there for the remainder of the event.
  • Tactics [10/10]: Our tactics were perfect today! All of Purple’s Training has payed off! :mrgreen:
  • Chat [8.5/10]: Our chat was great today, we had around 20 throughout the event. A lot of people were repeating the tactics on chat which helped a lot, so today was a great team-effort! Well-done!
                                       Now onto the Pictures!

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An ACP Recruiting Guide[Click Read More!]

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Promotion Day! [April Promotions] NEW 3RD IN COMMANDS!

Greetings, ACP! It’s time for the end-of-the-month promotions! 😀 We promoted anyone we feel deserves a promotion, but there’s a possibility that we either didn’t catch your name on the ranks so if you feel that’s the case please feel free to comment a complaint below!

After Purple and I deliberated and discussed for a while, we were able to decide on two new 3rd in Commands for the USA division! Those two people are…

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Gendarmerie [AUSIA] White Out Training Results


    Hello ACP!

Today the Gendarmerie logged into White Out (2 bars), our tactics were very good, our sizes were good. We logged on against the lone PR soldier, Earthing. We were able to max 21 and average 20, if you came to the event you get 3 medals. Here are the results:

white out

Australian Western Standard Time

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 8.08.43 PM

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