An ACP Recruiting Guide[Click Read More!]

Hello ACP!

Since everyone seems to be recruiting more I have to assume we’re pulling in more recruits and to those new recruits, Welcome! ACP is a great place to start and hopefully finish your CP army career. For those of you who don’t know recruiting is how we pull in more troops and keep the army alive. If you’re not sure how to recruit or want to recruit better this post will help you out… I think.

1.) CP Recruiting:

First off theres good old CP recruiting. What you’ll need to do first of all is pick a server. It should be a server ACP owns so check them out here. The server should be a 4-5 bar server which means theres going to be more people on it and you should then pick a room. Try the town first and then the town and the plaza. Those are usually the most popular rooms.

Then get recruiting. Put on the ACP uniform and turn green and get to it! Stand somewhere where people are going to notice you and start chanting phrases. These phrases can be simple or complicated as long as you make sure they show on CP. Heres some to get you started:


When you go to recruit its best to do it with some friends. If you can’t find any friends to recruit with try ACP chat and ask people to come join you recruiting, make sure they know the server and the room. The best times to recruit would be during afternoon hours when everyones up and during parties. With parties just go to the main party room for example music jam would probably be the backstage.

2.) Chat Recruiting

Chat recruiting is a great way to recruit too. It’s the second and final way we try to pull in new troops. This way is more personal. You’ll talk to people and have to persuade them to join ACP. Step one would be to choose a chat. It should be a popular CP tracking chat or CP related like

Some of them might be empty during different times but usually during the afternoon hours and especially during a party when theres a CP mascot to track this would be the place. Pick a noob. You can tell whos a noob because they usually aren’t registered and don’t have any powers. You can tell if someones registered because on the right sidebar there will be a star next to their name.

  1. Pick your recruit
  2. PC them, and call them to ACP chat.
  3. PC them again once they come to ACP chat and convince them to join. Tell them they can find whatever CP mascot they’re trying to find at ACP chat

They’re probably going to ask you where the mascot is. When they do tell them they logged off. Make them feel welcome do like what Np does here. Change the subject first off.

Try reverse psychology.

Then get them to join!

After that link them to a beginners guide to ACP and make them feel welcome in ACP. If they don’t want to join and keep refusing just give up and go find a new recruit. Everyone isn’t going to want to join ACP and its uncommon that these people stay active in ACP but its worth a shot. If everyone in ACP recruited one person a day and they stayed in ACP – you’d be looking at ACP double everyday. So thats it. Pretty simple I’d guess now get recruiting!

7 Responses

  1. Dude all them tracking chats are empty and have been for about 2 years.

  2. Not to mention that the bottom two phrases dont show on cp.

    Also, we don’t allow people who arent in the ACPRF to recruit on CP since it may risk their account from being banned.

    If you’d like to join the ACPRF, please
    contact me, Stromae, or Purple.


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