Promotion Day! [April Promotions] NEW 3RD IN COMMANDS!

Greetings, ACP! It’s time for the end-of-the-month promotions! ūüėÄ We promoted anyone we feel deserves a promotion, but there’s a possibility that we either didn’t catch your name on the ranks so if you feel that’s the case please feel free to comment a complaint below!

After Purple and I deliberated and discussed for a while, we were able to decide¬†on two new 3rd in Commands for the USA division! Those two people are…

Albaro Lord and Mikester!

Congratulations to both!

Albaro Lord and Mikester have both been in the ACP for some time now and are very skilled at leading events;¬†not to mention that they’re really experienced as well! :mrgreen: I’m sure that they will both be very good 3rd in Commands, and to the newly promoted 3rd in Commands‚Äďgood luck! ūüėÄ

We will be postponing the inauguration of a new UK 3rd in Command since we still cannot decide on who to choose. So, to the high UK moderators‚Äďstep up¬†now! The following weeks will be very important for you!

As for a new AUSIA 3rd in Command, we are not sure whether another AUSIA owner is required or not, so we will not be promoting anybody for the time being.

Now, let’s see who got promoted!

Those who were promoted are in bold, while those who were demoted are italicized.


Blue = UK/EUR, Red= USA/CA, Green = AUS/Asia

leaderCommander in Chiefleader

Flipmoo, Purple Slime4

3ic Field Marshal3ic

  Mrtchy, Stromae, Bigmail


Mikester, Albaro Lord,

4icLieutenant General4ic

Adster,  Ahmed 7569, Bjkb1, Dw2608, Lord Allen, Slippykicky, Sonic, Noka8,

5icMajor General5ic

Ajman9011, Lionzlover, Nnpingwin, 

8icBrigadier General8ic

Bam117, Danny9632, Fluffyboy3, Kieranfb, King Mondo, Rogerdoger1, Smsm3, Superoo13, Snaketeja,


Aeropos, Teigan1, Turborobo999, Pufpuf103, Rawkinman [FR], Wenny

7icLieutenant Colonel7ic

 Anna Mcg, Berbatov64, Bunny boy19, Chain, Change, Interwebdude, Jacob, Kenz112, Neonrainbow, Popcorny5555, Rix05, 


78562cool, A-Dawg4, Applebiter, , Axevolution, Baby Flor, B Batman3, Benjamin1878,  Catstew333, Camwoodstock, Clover902, Cody2143, Coff, Da Main Cat, Dj Pingy8, Dpd2000, Dryv, iTrippy, Flamez64, Flappy112, Influenza, Garrett101, Legoboy612, Jacori Lenco, Lilstar, Jayden1092, Jayden3098, Max43810, Mel77114, Mohmd124, Money Guy6,  Monster47345, NicWin100, Nickle37915, Omar586, Pengy38088, Plumckin, Rachie, Redsox209,  Rock71, Samsungw, Sidie9, Selena, Skyfish, Spytex, Starfox9774,Superjay99, Supernavan/Son Nav, Slick,  Toughguy52, Todd951, Wehrly3/Antman, 


Antwerp100, Bird Pingu, Bluey, Brady, Cr223, Fixyyy, Grayrocket, Gulmarg,  Green6017, Gus 6, iTy990, Joshg1, Kerouaz, Kyle75642, Lild, luke21503, Midnightwave, Ming36428, Myma001, Nikunj67, Nuclearpower, Penny91, Percy, Pinguu32, Smarty90000, Snakee, Slimy102, Xhuntercorey, ZacFoxx27, Ziro7,

11icFirst Lieutenant11ic

0cean0reos, 1goblinguy, Amax1, Archita, Apis1914, Ben 92763, Cancel84, CpMaster10123, Cpt Awesome3, Dvddivi, Earthing, Empoleon7667, Freezie(Bobcatninja), Holly8857, Igor1117, Jodominick ,Mcw3, Menchies258, NinjaDude800, Makenzie, Mcpenguin349, Miyls, Patchlop,  percy jacks2, Ryan0047,  Serah1999, Sing as King, Sonicboomesp, Sorceror 365, Troop27, Wicked Wickz, VegetaRocks2, Vio789, Yeasy, zombiekitty4 

12icSecond Lieutenant12ic

123r82, Basloo1,  Bobcatboy20, Brigade3, Carsonjr, Chester747, Color50, Electric4555, Finny90615, Han Solo142, Jere T, Jonty99, Joshg1, Katerina Qt,  Katty, Karate Indi, King Red2921, Influence, MitchellCanadian,  Mr Cookies, Penguin52374, Pirlo100, Pjayo, Rookierock52, Rishron, Sir Justin, StarMeJewel, Shadow9000, Sporty2712, SpriteCP, TondraX, Ypoua, Void, Zoey544

13ic Sergeant Major13ic

Adamphillies, Ben 66634, Benderbart, Brigade3, BritishGhost, Catstew, Cheedu1, Chito 747, Cooldude3837, Crazy tow, Dancer5118, Flynn12298 Flamearies68, Fred Master3, Gian Lucak, Gordon5360, Jedi4590, Jknight123, Keynikki, Krate Ninja2, Lollymolly22, LongWay1,Malfatto, Mikeboi, Mordecai3362, Nat52, Nikunj67, Nintendo342, P117, Penguina0322, Penguy101, Red10oscar, Redidy,  Rocky24568,Sam21619, Son Nav, Spytex, Tape4444, Tentennyson, Xcam4122, Whitey 312, Zues109, Zeusbrother


You are the rank of Warrant Officer or under? Do you feel like you’re progressing the ranks rather slowly? Well, you can now join the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment. No, it’s not school, it’s pure fun. You have fun in tactics sessions and get to know more about the ACP. It really does help with getting promotions faster. What are you waiting for?, join today!

:!: Click HERE to join between the 1st-15th of each month :!:


14icWarrant Officer14ic

 16Champ1, Abby401, A dawg 4, Ars123, Alexstorm21, Atmosasdf, Brndav, Bowman140, Callum47968, Chongo8, Choomoo1, Chuckybob76, Darkgoodys, Day6606, Emoni Epp, Flipfloper14, Ghost Man, Gtfive, Justinfortsa, Lovelady5, Sonic93293, Nikki, Innkeeper, Jared1103, Jamemi1, Josh51234, Kacey5646, Kdude5, Koloway, Kowalaski6886, Penguin43201, Roboman999, Rockor King, Roggy83, Sam65388, Purple Haste, Remy99, Stringbean03, Stviciouszzz, Oregan619, Paperd,  Swirly7, Waddlina, Wweman236, Zxdfty

15icStaff Sergeant15ic

 Anakin sky20, Army dude4, Bandage23, Barn360, Cookiechoco3, Cpstar, Crazy2329, Darkrose, DhruvChamp, Elwoodblues3, EvilGods, Gagili, Great Alex20, Jaydog617, Lord Callan, MasterTanic/IcySlushHog, Melardark, Moohay1, Ninja41166, Ninja 65889, Jackbeard, Jdwwjd, julianhak, Juicy210, Penguie13580, Petey222, Pikachu624, Police501, Powerpingu19, R15596, Robertw1998, Security75, Sharkworld78, Slicer4854, The Tiger1, Wobble1586,Yoman5103, Zackryder117


22bruno1,  Agent roby1, Atzelvwow1, Bobo714, Boey87, Bradopingu84, Bryanbo, clubballmark, Cool Laser C, Dak5th1, Dykgraaf, Falcon1101, Farrez, fawns, Genevah78 , Giralex, Goldie6933, Harrypotty9, Ivypool124, Jakobsen5,  jbd00, Jif 21, Kakarot D, Kabu08, Kenneth1000, Kiven9873, Liamrocks21, Lolzter5177, Louiee, Lucksman, Lumpatron1000, Maxine6589, Megatron4567, Mike72222, Mrgrinch6, Nat52, Nice907, Oregan619, Rayheybro,  Rocky 60026, Panpopopo, Pipewph, ShortNoodles, Sulton123, Telivision,  Walrus999, Weeee12, Winxclub1, Wopers12, Y0christmas, Zackray1,


10sportacus, Aboy223, Agent E13, Agentgreen95, Asaisotaro, 2346q, Bite size402, Bob582, Bolony1235, Burnt Pickle, Chance244, Colddude786, Commandermike, Coolcolin, Cppenguin800, Crazyhead41, Crazy Tran, Cuttie peng, Currington,   Darkgoodys, Dany31873, Erik55444, Explorer 846, Fareeha 456, Flufflers718, Footbalman12, Funnyclown87, General Love, Ginger18111, Hazzax1, Hockeykid765, Icebox207, Jimmy James2, Jfitz0750, KD35beast, Kolokolokool, Mack115, Makulosk, Mastermike9, Millin5, Minky2210, Mini3840, Osheco, pengameya, Pengee1235, Pengoficient, peter9977, Pikituqui, Pipewph, Playvita1, puffle1133, Redfred92439, Sehawksfan37, Sorinias3801, Shuna2001, Sillyhelix, Snow, Spafo, Steven16658, sumir215, Super Brain6, TomChicken, Tsampiko, Umohadus34, Vchgfdytubdy, Veslemooy, Wooglepeng, Zako2008, Zom12649

18icLance Corporal18ic

3agleage, aang soccer, Abdullah936, Agent Ellow, Alessandro, AllStar2890,Aman1432, Andy21441, Anj48lax, APENG1, Apple9753, Big Igloos, Bluechops, blue spaceship3435, Buddd03, ButterGreat, Billybob2717, Cman506, Cookiemaster, Cpworld2001, Crystal43278, David Spar, Dancer358, Dante98101, dell12367, Derpaderpz, Dukey17000, Eljustino2, Elliot, Fehbrize, Fluffyrawr, Funnyboy2, Gabezilla24, Gefy2, Gothki243,Guydue123, Gqoa30, Flaxius, Froffy Face, Harlleequin, Heartsnstars, Hollyhawk, Hollyy7, Im Pink Lol,  jacob68584, Jaimee09, jjjetplane12, jpenguin101, Kacey5646, Kashew1, Kellieblue, Kofiko2, layla1o5, Lealea431,  Lehum Artiam, lolmaster223, Loopey5610, Madline 5, Manny33124, Mason1045, Max Is Rad 7, Marsiline624, Meach810, Mirciuc, Mr Cool0500, Ninjagiscol, Noah Bo, owipopsicle, P218657293, penguin81811, Peppa48, Pepperbutton, Ping Pong Ya, Pink Rules13, Purple1678, Ram8776, rayantamim11, Renee Music, Rhps1, Roboli, Slender61, Spark1256, Toby1470, Treena58147, Troublerosie, Usmaftw, vansh050, voltaire243, Wamad, Waddles9652, Wanda87, Walle552, Wayne175, william14047, Wheelyboy

19ic Private First Class19ic

1 R5 Family, 523 penguin, Adam j4, Alvarito3626, Alden03,  Angle631, ANIKEN4146, Anna125, Anna601, Andrew3943, Andyanand, Arrow Barrow, Atsuko1, Bbygrlce, Beach girl20, Beaver220003, Bebeprincess, Belle5252, Black0236, Blackbluecj, Blackout2918, Blue50364, Blueblue1747, Bluebuddyboo, Bopsy2410, boriquaswaag, Brookie0306, Bubzub23, BugBugHumHum, Captain Z369, Carsguy2, Carter5924, Chichon Bubbl, Club45672, Coco5100, CoolGuy1995, Coolmcnugget, Coolzi1055, Crossroad123, Cudos, Dakotaqqdsl, Doc17, Dounia456, E912, EcoHubert8, Emily44143, Empoleon5668, EpicGuy3721, Etest, Evanluke, Fishyfish196, Flameman111, Flipflop8453, Flipper8976, flyrock123, Gambit105, Geniuspenguin911, Giftshop7, Gmalanyx, Greenboy4848, Gold3214, Goldinator22, hani166, Hazelstripe, HermanHeep, Iceyb1, Iceyiggy, Imposing, Goku10, Golden Stuff, Ice Sonic 1, JackSparrow12, Jordantiger7, Johny706, Jonahmandude, Kade2000, Kewi 16, Kjizzle, Koke05, Legendery128, Lego4068, Mackieboy1, Mario18827, M1nty1, Mr laff1, Lalaohlolcoo, Legaedon123, Lenny369, Natejr1004, Nathanl9, NCRox999, Niceguy09, Nick56701, Ninja 65889, Pelicanfutur, Punkrkr95,  Pcoi, pengu polar, Penguino779, Pengxuinaf2, Pinkers1346, Pinky89226, pinkygirrrl, Pipiey16, Playmaster99, pooper2004,Potatoeater9, ralph104, Ratatatex, reese1235, Rockyspace, Roboo23,  Rosamae6, Roxy93407, Rrtvparty, Samand289, Sanskriti99, Seanbjorn, Secret minto, Secret Paige, Selly Boo101, Shannon4571, Skipper9923, Smango90, Smartsie, smile520girl,  Snaker1128, SnowBall0731, Sock Monkii, Sparkles5385, Speedalash, Stephanieccl, Super57063, Super Audie, Soccer2122, Super Ninja, Super Wolfo, Surfergirl67, SwegSwogSwag, Swimmer505, Taehyun, Tam76295, Tao224, Tare1356, Taylorcamryn, The_condesce, Theweirdonel, tick18200, Tomisslaven11, Tronlegecey1, Trufflocks, Tubbyjake, Tuxux,Waterboy3229, Watergal9, Winkster7087, Wweman236, Yeteru, Yogi8462, Tippytoetoo, Zeroice2174, Zippyawesome, Zippies Zip


09casillas, 123Faithbaby, 1pinkiegirl1, 1waffelz, 458pinkie, Aalyasecura5, Adam Sandle, Ade720, Agent o1a, Alec99900, Allibear62, Anchor Man, Andregc, Andrew3943, Ariana826, Asia2011, Asdic, Ashleylol200, Axperonza, Babyslade, Batman4902, Beau2315, Beegees1977, Bella51082, Bentenason2, Bentruman, Blizzard296, Blondiera, Bluelove05, Blueshow11, Bluespaceship3435, Bluevang158, Bobbyantonio, Branimir2, Breyerlover7, Bryson438, Bluscluses, Brendn0910, Budderappleo, Buddy5689, Buffmanhuff, BULMA374, Bubbley7878, Budykody, Bull Hour, Bunnie126, Buttons331, Callum Smyth, Camryn1119, Captain Erik, Carasel, Carter Jelly, Champchamp1, Checky Arch4, Chillo21312, Chrimas9r, Christal1435, Claire9371, Coconor, Colay 2005, Cooldude3837, Coolmank, Coop375, Courtny103, Crazy Kewl, Crazytemple, Cutiecutface, Cutegirl2828, Danielcata2, Darkness2742, Dimitriosk, Disney64713, D P King, Dolphin4243, Doodledoo508, Dragnrwratak, Drago529, Duprese, Eagleman2342, Ebby02, Eiddy1, Elisia98282, Erosasaurus, Fab1110, Fandom101, Fanta2003, Farooqpn, Fauna2001, Fawn986, Febrize, Fin1120, Finney Foon, Flameos23, Flowerpeach, freehood8, Frenchy11, Game day2, Gamermark, Gefflolmue, Gena843, Gideontheblu, Gocheeta, Gorbett123, Gracee99, Gracevaleria, Grantalias, Greencross22, Green Luigi5, Hawk2314, Herbot6000, Hooky12345, Islandfairy, Jakepenguini, jakoloony, Janny32, Jedi48296, Jenjen528, Jose Lopez 9, Jazz84000, Jazzele1, Justincmoore, John49760, Josha124, Joshuacool23, Jowill,  Jvfgdc, Halei1234, Hannah35752, Hapy57, Harman singh, Hawk junior9, HiperLink 36, Hoppy peachy, Iceacoll, Ironman2342, Ironman6267, Jws56, Kai1650, Katieekooo, Katilynbff, Kaykay68515, Kevin Bevens, Kkodie, K0nzo, Kellymarie16, KevinDorsey2, Kumar2, Ladykat, Lalaloutsey, Lampfeather, Lava glove, Legoboss6229, Lillucy24, Lilly6590, Lily70433, Lindsey109, Lisa1563, Lkjlkj90, Londo6, Lovly belly, Luckymom4, Lunging laut, Luvyorkies, Love27587, Kameronthejou, Kokmoko5060, m0m0080, Mack8904, Madmonkey42, Mallugirl, Malenirocks, Mariah0615, Mario83054, Master Ha1, Matt, Mattie6302, Maximum4502, Meane2010, Midnight2122, Midnight3919, Mike0524, Mikiez12, Mini Chubby, Minyman18, Missy14117, Mister Bald, Mittenscp, Motobu, Mrs Horran10, Muff 74, Mustache5035, Moazin123, Mobon17, Momohlaing, Monntiseco, Ndubz57210, Neeraj4,  Nicholas5199, Nickstar1095, NikoraPlue, Nuttabutter, Nydeisean99, O1R1I1O1N1, Ohcrazyme, Oliviacake, onyx713, Owen501, Owlly32, P213264123, P214501512/Cp Military, P216360848, P219696706 (Sabryna612), Pantman34, Pablo Person, Paintman988, Papandbuddyb, Paris8426, Pase16, Pathood, Pearl98714, Pengboy1717, Penguin3308, Penguin52345, Pengy7481, Pennie Puppy, Pinga302, PinguiPluff, Pink773, Pinkblue103, Pipiey16, Pikachufoxy,  Piky67486, Pinkie Pienu, Pinky6700, Pixie3108, Poci1900, Polly099, Popstar27231, Preatorion123, prod4gy, Psgc4, Puffle359, Puh4opanda, Punkrockvibe, pupsrule, Purple36, Puzzykitten66, Rachael K, Raecat11, Rachie1616, Rarity0301, Ravensymone0, Raves1, Razor Hawk1, Rick Play4, raiderjake44, Rico51402, Ridhwan124, Rihno9123, Rigby36220, Rockamanrock, Rocket587, Rockstar1819, Rocky1227, Rosamae6, Rosetta1971, Rubylady8, Saba888, Safty Pup123, Scalemore, Setu21, Sherk10, Shrekbaby2, Samva, Samy98172, Satsinghisgood, SIX12573, Skycraft46, Skyrunner122, Smca, Smith387, Snowball3110, Sofia2146, Sonic21657, Sparkels552, Sparkles9732, Sparky8861, Spicyboi, Spidey Ninja, Squwak1, Steelerskid, StrongHeart2, sunandbeach2, Sweets435,  Teemkeep, Teko Teko, Tenzingp, Tessyyh, TheFirstPie, Themurray980, Thinknoodl5, Tinny241 ,  Tinyrosy, Tjb2729, Tjh77777, Tomislaven11, Tommytim, Toritortor, Tux0603, Uvawoo, Valintine529, Violetspear, What what11, Xblackie, Xboxdude02, XSilentPanda, Yash94, Yoda34527, Yoni2232, Zach24563, Zareethan, Zommer2012, Shorty9001, Jake, Zedling, Wigord76, William5553, Z1ppy8,

Creator: Oagalthorp

Advisors: Slider568, Clintos007

If you didn’t get a promotion, and you feel like you deserve one, comment this application below.

1. CP Username

2. ACP Rank

3. Why you deserve a promotion?

~The ACP Commandants~

29 Responses

  1. Congratulations all who received promotions – and welcome our new 3ic’s Mikester and Albaro *clap*

  2. congrats to all who got promo ūüôā

  3. Yay! I went to first lieutenant!

  4. Congrats to everyone who got promoted

  5. 1. Brigade3
    2. 2nd lt
    3. Because Im active and recruit.

  6. Congratulations to Mikester and Albaro on getting 3ic. Also well done to everyone else who got a promotion!

  7. Congratsies EVERYONE!

  8. 1. CP Username: Kenz112
    2. ACP Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    3. Why you deserve a promotion?: Well, as you might know, I only attended around 2 events every week, but I am trying my best to come to the events. There’s also an end-of-semester exam in my school in May and my mom keeps telling me to prepare myslef :p . Sometimes, I can come to an event, but the login process itself takes around… FOREVER (Blame CP for that). And I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want a promo after all I did this month. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse?

  9. 1. CP Username Slider568
    2. ACP Rank
    Well you see thats the problem… despite me joining ACP a month ago I haven’t been added to the ranks.
    3. Why you deserve a promotion? I deserve 4ic in my opinion but others may disagree.

    • I’m active, I recruit, and I’m on chat almost everyday which is more than some of the mods. I lead ACPTR and I contribute to the ACP site.

      • Former: ACP 2ic, IW 4ic, Nachos 3ic (if you count those 2 weeks if not Nachos 4ic), Elites 4ic, and DCP 3ic.

  10. 1. CP Username: Interwebdude

    2. ACP Rank: Major

    3. Why you deserve a promotion? I’m very active and I’m always on the chat ready to log on to CP at any given moment.

  11. Can I know the standards of getting a double promotion?

    Last month Ahmed was the same rank as me and now he is 2 ranks above me. I feel like I was active enough to earn Lieutenant General or Major General.

    A reply would be nice.

  12. Ajman9011
    Major General
    I am on every day and make e majority of events. When I look at who was promoted from my rank I can’t not hide my disappointment and I have some serious thinking to do about my future.

  13. Congrats mike and alb ūüėÄ

  14. Thanks Big for meeting my request of lowering Ahmeds rank.

    May peace stay conserved

  15. 1. Kieranfb

    2. Brigadier general

    3. I’ve attended more USA/Ausia events this month than several USA/Ausia troops, and I’m UK based. I’m on chat most the time and very active, and only inactive due to a holiday in the last week of the month (which I’m still on). I recruit regularly and have been a dedicated troop since I joined in 2009 and since I rejoined this year. Though my official division is UK, I attend most ACP events regardless of time zone.

  16. Stop being negative about me. I attended all UK events and half of the AUSIA events. I request to stop being negative towards me. Thank you.

    • We’re not being negative towards you as a person. We’re just confused on why you got double promoted twice and some of us no promotions at all.

      I have nothing against you – you’re an excellent troop. But the fact that you’re already being considered for 3ic after so short a time is ridiculous.

  17. 3ic, here I come!

  18. Im supposed to get a promotion to 4ic

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