[Survey Corps Report] Training on Breeze


Greetings ACP,

Today the ACP Survey Corps had a problematic Training Session on our capital server Breeze!. CP wasn’t working for the first ten minutes, but otherwise we did a fantastic job! The server was a 1 bar and we were able to max 18 troops and averaged 15 throughout the whole event! Good job today, ACP! Please comment below to earn your 3 medals for attending. Remember to attend the Spring Showdown Battle against the Dark Warriors! Alb, Slippy and myself all lead this event!. :mrgreen:

  • Size [7.5/10]: Our sizes were good!, started out with around 15 soon we shoot up to around 18, and floated around there for the remainder of the event.
  • Tactics [10/10]: Our tactics were perfect today! All of Purple’s Training has payed off! :mrgreen:
  • Chat [8.5/10]: Our chat was great today, we had around 20 throughout the event. A lot of people were repeating the tactics on chat which helped a lot, so today was a great team-effort! Well-done!
                                       Now onto the Pictures!



ACP 3rd in Command



18 Responses

  1. I was there.

  2. I came!! I now have 14 medals!!!

  3. I came 😛

  4. lol ACP. LT are declaring war on us!

  5. I was there

  6. I was there. Not that it matters seeing as I am ignored.

  7. Made it but was late

  8. I was there!!

  9. I was there

  10. I came :*

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