Hello ACP!

Today ACPTR is now open to join. ACPTR has been closed for some time now you may have noticed and its with great pleasure that I reopen it myself. I’ve taken over the leadership of ACPTR in hopes to pull it out of the ditch which others have worked it into. If you’d like to get a start in ACPTR and in a month get a promotion that can move you up the ranks more than three positions potentially, then ACPTR is for you!

To join ACPTR you need to make a comment HERE and then we’ll add you to the cadets page. After then you should check the ACPTR site everyday. It helps if you bookmark it. Once you do check it a couple times a day for new posts. Read the new post, comment on it, and come to the events which would be on that post. Just like ACP coming to events earns you medals – each class you come to earns you one medal and if you come to enough classes you’ll be an A+ graduate at the end of May! You must be the rank of Private to Warrant Officer in order to join as a cadet.

Its a great deal. I was once a cadet and so was Kenneth former ACPTR leader along with people like Totojess who made it to 3ic. If you join ACPTR and stay active you’ll get recognized in ACP and start your career off right – getting a huge promotion so you don’t have to wait so long until you’re a mod rank!

3 Responses

  1. i’d join but im above warrant officer since i got promoted…

  2. I would like to join I am a Lance Corparol

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